ADIGI Therapy

ADIGI(ah’dee’gee): a problem solving technique that reveals and heals the hidden emotional issues driving the negative patterns in your life. It’s also an acronym for ‘All Day I Go In’ and when you experience it for yourself, it’ll change the way you look at everything.

If you’re like me, you believe you are an eternal, divine being connected to the source of all life and you long to feel the fullness of that connection as often as you can. In order to experience your divine connection, you practice a variety of spiritual practices.

  • You read inspiring books from great spiritual teachers. (Me, I love to turn the pages of OSHO and Marianne Williamson while latte-sipping!)
  • You meditate or practice mindfulness
  • You try to live in the now
  • You may even seek God in nature or commune with the divine in your journal writing or art

Your spiritual practices work but when it comes to your own personal issues, you sometimes feel stuck.

On a mental level, you know that you are the source of your own misery or happiness but sometimes, when you’re feeling annoyed or depressed or hurt, you can’t quite reach the place within you that is calm, peaceful and happy… no matter how long you sit in lotus pose.

  • Maybe it’s your marriage that is falling apart
  • Or perhaps you can’t meet a partner and you’re tired of being single
  • Or you’re relationship with your children isn’t what you dreamed it would be
  • Or you’re overweight and you know you would be a whole lot happier if you could feel sexy
  • Or money is tight and the stress is killing you
  • Or your body is not as healthy as you want it to be

Whatever the struggle is, it feels like it’s getting between you and peace.

But what if your problems helped you to deepen your spirituality instead of pull you away from it?

  • What if your money challenges led you directly to your inner power instead of making you feel powerless and weak?
  • What if your weight struggle was a gateway to your divine, beautiful self instead of a reminder of how you’re failing?
  • What if your relationship problems lit a path directly to the loving embrace of the divine instead of being a symbol of how you’re unlovable?

This is the heart of ADIGI Therapy

I believe there is one unconditionally loving source of life that runs through and joins absolutely everything in existence. I believe each of us is a part of that source and an individual extension of it. Together with Joyce Schafers, author of Bellwethers Message About God, we stumbled upon a way of connecting to that source that was natural and easy. All it required was simple, thoughtfully directed conversation.

By asking each other the right questions and centering our conversations around one spiritual philosophy, we experienced love, happiness and freedom in a way we had never felt before.

I am taking the process that naturally evolved in our friendship and am now using it with other women who love the idea of using deep and meaningful conversations as a way of unraveling personal problems and experiencing divine, eternal beauty. I believe the very things that are causing you the most discomfort – your heartaches, frustrations, disappointments, your childhood relationship with your mother or the conflicted relationships in your life right now – all of it can each be a doorway to the divine.

The way I, Dana da Ponte, work with people using ADIGI Therapy is in private counseling sessions.


Through understanding your deepest desires, helping you decode your emotions, using loving and gentle conversations, and supporting you every step of the way, my goal is to help you remember who you really are; the perfect mother for your child and the powerful, magnificent, divine, eternal being that you have always been, are right now, and will always be.