Art to Heart Consultations

Art is a wound turned into light. – Georges Braque

The Art to Heart Consultation is a complimentary one hour session where I help you discover your three healing priorities and, using essential oils and art, I create a personalized healing plan AND a personalized art ritual to meet your most pressing emotional and spiritual needs.

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During the consultation, we’ll look at the current issues you’re facing in your life, your relationships and your family and we’ll determine which issues most need love and attention right now. Using the oils, art and ritual, I will tune into Spirit and develop a personalized art ritual just for you. I’ll walk you through the ritual and I’ll set you up with a plan to execute the ritual on your own during the specific days and times Spirit suggested. I’ll also educate you about the magic and effectiveness of plant medicine as found in essential oils and I’ll create a personalized healing plan to address your current spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

The Art to Heart Consultations is a great way to support yourself as you move through the difficult challenges or issues surfacing in your life.

To book a complimentary Art to Heart Consultation with Dana da Ponte, use the calendar below. We can meet online in my private Zoom meeting room or we can meet in person in my Moon Sisters Studio for the Visual and Healing Arts which is near Bragg Creek (directions will be emailed to you).

Book Your Free Appointment

If you have problems with the booking system, email me at or call me at (four zero three) 554 9884 and I’ll help you book your appointment.