This morning I awoke with an anxious knot in my belly. I wasn’t aware of what was bothering me but my tummy was showing me there was indeed something I was upset about. I spent my morning meditation attempting to unravel the knot. I focused on my breath. I sunk as deep into relaxation as… More

I recently lost a friend. I didn’t lose her as in she died. I lost her as in we completely mismanaged our relationship and now our once close and intimate bond is a scarred and broken mass of awkward conversations and distance. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever lost someone who was… More

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This is the one and only time this program will be offered for 50% off the regular price and there are only 6 more spots available so I encourage you to enroll today. Register Here Do you fight with your daughter more often than you’d like to? Do you worry you’re a bad mother? Do… More

True Love and The Question Mark, Leaving Space in Your Relationship for Hesitation and Confusion. Blog post by Dana da Ponte, danadaponte.com

We are so deathly afraid of it. Whether we’re the one questioning the relationship or the one who has to deal with a confused partner, the situation is a ticking time bomb. When a question mark shows up in our relationship, we sit in limbo, suspended in anticipation of where things are going. But if… More

A Morning Conversation With My Angel, by Dana da Ponte danadaponte.com

Early this morning, I sat with my angel in a room in my mind. She was sitting in front of a candle and she asked me to come sit down and stare at the flame with her. As it flickered and glowed, I saw the many busy thoughts buzzing in my mind. The more I… More