Classes in the Studio

Join me in my home studio in Redwood Meadows, a storybook town located 5 minutes from Bragg Creek, Alberta for a variety of FREE and paid classes. No previous art experience necessary.

All classes require registration. Email or call (four zero three) 554 – 9884 to register. Location will be emailed upon registration.

When you participate in a class, you will also be entered in a draw to win a prize at the end of the month.

This month’s prize is a bottle of Citrus Bliss essential oil blend.



Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, Clementine and Vanilla come together to create a refreshing blend that’s perfect for morning wake ups or afternoon pick me ups. It’s also referred to as the Invigorating Blend but I like to think of it like the blend for activating creativity. Diffusing this oil gets things moving and unblocks any emotional baggage that’s getting in the way of your creative flow.

This is an essential oil that makes the heart feel happy and optimistic and helps you maintain a positive outlook. I love using this oil in the studio when I’m leading my Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circles because it keeps our creative juices flowing and helps to balance any heavy emotions. The combination of citrus scents inspires the inner child to come out and play, helps us feel motivated, promotes spontaneity and keeps the mood cheerful even through the deep emotional healing work we do.

In art rituals, this blend is great for New Moon rituals or New Year visioning rituals. It inspires a fresh start and helps to stretch the imagination to envision the greatest possibilities of the future. Many of the oils added to this blend also have magical properties of abundance so using this oil during promotion, career or money spells would work well too.

For kids, this is a great oil to diffuse while everyone is having breakfast or getting ready in the morning. It promotes a good mood and starts the day off on a happy note.