Intuitive Therapy with Dana da Ponte

Intuitive Therapy

Let’s bring peace to your problems


Many of the women (and some men) who find me here come with hearts that are big, but heavy.

Some have unhappy marriages or are struggling to cope with divorce or separation. Some are fighting with their children and are frustrated with parenting. Some have deep money worries, debt, addictions. And some are at war with their own bodies, unhappy at their current size, shape or age. The ways we can hurt are many.

You may have found this page because you’re hurting but also because you are so ready for change.

You’ve read the “right” books and done all sorts of “self-work” – meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, life coaching, maybe even medication too… but here you are in the middle of another problem. (Or, like a lot of us, maybe you have a mix of problems…) It’s okay. This is a safe place to be imperfect. And it’s a safe place to figure it out.

You are welcome here.

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$160 for the first session; $125 for 5 subsequent sessions*

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We could be a match made in heaven if:

  • You want to feel light-hearted again
  • You crave a deeper connection to Spirit/Source/The Universe/God/Love/ your own inner wisdom
  • You’d like help getting to the heart of the things that bother you most

My arms are open to you.

I use a unique blend of intuition and an approach to problem solving I created. It’s a special form of counseling that is solution-oriented and modeled after the principles taught in A Course in Miracles.

I believe that emotional pain is a sign of disconnection from our own divinity, that life-changing insight can happen in a heartbeat, and that reaching out for support is sometimes the best way we can help ourselves.


I’m not a registered counselor nor am I a qualified psychologist. My training comes from my many years as a professional intuitive, my devoted study and application of A Course in Miracles, my years developing and teaching my own approach to emotional nutrition, my experience as a messenger for the angels and my years working one-on-one with hundreds of clients.

If you are looking for solid textbook training, I’m not your gal. If you enjoy creative, intuitive paths to healing, you’ll probably really like what I have to offer.

A whole new perspective on my marriage, my emotional well-being, and my life...

Dana da Ponte has given me the gift of a whole new perspective on my marriage, my emotional well-being, and my life. Through great compassion and wisdom, she has helped me understand how I can overcome fears, hurts, and relationship challenges through self-love, effective communication, and a few helpful tools which I now practice daily. It scares me to imagine where I might be- or how I might be feeling today- if it weren't for the support and guidance of Dana. Her warmth and light are a true gift, and I would recommend her counsel to anyone who feels they are in need of UNCONDITIONAL support- regardless of whether it's related to relationships, emotional challenges, deep-seeded fears, etc. I feel so blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from and work with Dana, and feel stronger and more empowered to take on the challenges in my life!

Shannon Van Parys

Should we talk?

My approach to emotional nutrition is a proven and structured form of emotional foundation therapy (I have so many pleased and more-peaceful-feeling clients). More importantly, it feels like an easy conversation with girlfriends – because it is exactly that. A conversation of depth that’s gently guided, leading you back to happiness and a place of clarity.

Therapy is personal, and so, mine isn’t an approach for everyone.


My approach is ideal for you if you:

  • Have problems you haven’t been able to resolve or understand fully despite all your best efforts
  • Are open to examining old wounds but not eternally living in them
  • Aren’t into blame and finger-pointing
  • Would consider yourself to have (or to be seeking) a rich spiritual life
  • Loved Eat, Pray, Love as much as we did! (Isn’t Elizabeth Gilbert’s mantra “God dwells within you, as you” so beautiful?)

I finally just wanted to love my life without it looking the way I thought it was supposed to...

I’m so grateful that Dana came into my life when she did. I had just been through a painful break up and was very much feeling like “what’s the point”? I had worked so hard on myself but felt I was still coming up short, so I was angry and frustrated. I decided to give up on trying to make things happen and finally just wanted to love my life without it looking the way I thought it was supposed to so I started working with Dana. With her loving, compassionate nature she totally helped me see that I had learned all the tools I needed to, but what I hadn’t done was really gotten down into my deepest, core wounds and given myself the compassion that these wounds were crying out for. I knew intellectually all the “right” things to do to supposedly make things happen in my life but I didn’t totally know how to recognize and take care of my own needs with tender, loving care. I was still, unbeknownst to me, getting angry with myself for even HAVING needs and seeing them as if I was acting inappropriately and/or being a burden to others so naturally I was partnering with people who saw it that way too. She helped me understand where my deepest wounds were coming from and why I felt the way I did about them. She also helped me understand that these wounds are not something that I need to hate about myself but rather something I need to observe and offer love to. Her practical tools taught me how to find that love for myself and know that it’s okay to put myself first and actually, it’s necessary. A million thanks Dana!!!

Dr. Kim Gowetor

Ready for the next step?

I have found that my clients enjoy the quickest results when they experience my intuitive therapy privately, with all of my attention directly on them. I do these sessions in person, over the phone or over Skype (your choice) and get right to the heart of the matter, with inspired insight and practical steps forward, bringing peace to your problems. To help you bust through obstacles and express who you really are, I offer intuitive therapy targeted at several different problem areas.



If what you are going through doesn’t fit one of these categories, that’s not a problem. I will customize my approach to suit your needs…

The Full-Care 12 week Intuitive Therapy program includes:


  • One 90 minute session
  • 5 subsequent 60 minute sessions (over the phone and on Skype – your choice)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Specific-to-you, recommended heart work designed to help you apply the concepts we cover to your everyday life
  • At the Heart of the Matter workbook

Ready to book?

$160 for the first session; $125 for 5 subsequent sessions*

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*If you need to book a subsequent session, or if you have further questions, please contact Dana now…