EBook: Dare to Dream with the Angels

$14.00 CAD

This 57 page course-book includes:

  • Exercises to help you release the past
  • Unique questions to help you get in touch with how you really feel
  • Activities to help you understand the obstacles in your way and what you really need to move forward
  • A bonus section on Communicating with the Angels in Writing

The exercises and activities included in this book will help you connect to your spirit, see who you really are, what is important to you, where you really want to go and what your most sacred dreams are.


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A Creative Course-Book for Exploring Your Hopes, Passions and Purpose

I created this book because I’ve had many conversations with my angel Cassandra about my dreams and my reasons for being on this magical but heavily burdened earth. At times, I’ve followed my dreams only to land on my broken heart. Other times, I’ve been confused as to who I am and what I want. I was so disconnected from my truth and spirit that I couldn’t tell the difference between what I wanted and who I really was from who I was trying to be to be loved. The odd questions Cassandra would ask me helped me to discover what was really in my heart and showed me how I can move from my small egocentered dreams to my soul’s bigger aspirations for creating a better world.

And so that is my hope for you – that the questions and activities you find in this book help you see what’s been living inside that great big heart of yours all along. I also hope it helps you feel more connected to your spirit and what it longs to do, see and enjoy on this short visit to earth it so bravely signed up for.

This creative course-book is perfect for women who feel it’s time in their lives to dream a new dream. They have important decisions to make about who they want to be and what kind of future they want to create but they’ve been so focused on taking care of everyone else’s needs they are unclear as to where their intuition or their heart is calling them.