“She Really Gets Me”

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How beautiful would it be to enjoy a deep and meaningful relationship with your daughter for years to come?

she-really-gets-me-dana-da-ponte7I imagine that if you shared a close relationship with your daughter when she’s an adult, you’d be able to whisk her away on a special trip just the two of you. Your days would be easy and fun and your conversations would be kind and sprinkled with laughter. Perhaps at one point during your trip, as you sat across from each other in a quaint café, your daughter would hold your hand, look into your eyes and thank you for the kind of mother you are. In that moment, as her heart overflowed with love for you, you’d realize she really sees you.

She sees that you worked hard to build the kind of relationship the two of you share. Everything you did when she was young brought you to this moment… this perfect moment where you sit hand in hand and soul to soul in a heavenly place where your relationship is exactly as you always hoped it would be.

But maybe as you muddle your way through the stress of your daughter’s younger years you don’t always know if what you’re doing is pulling her closer to you or pushing her away.

she-really-gets-me-dana-da-ponte10You know it’s possible to have a close and intimate relationship with your daughter but knowing what to say and how to say it is confusing. Maybe you end up fighting more often than you’d like. Or you yell more than you want to. Or you’re wondering how to maintain your connection with your daughter through the teen years. Or maybe you’re worried you’re going to recreate the kind of relationship you had with your mother.

You want a close relationship with your daughter but you’re not feeling confident that what you’re doing will get you there.

You’re not alone. Mother and daughter relationships aren’t just hard. They’re complex and layered with generations of unintended mistakes.  If you’re confused about what to do, there’s probably so much your mother couldn’t teach you about building strong and healthy relationships.

But what your mother couldn’t teach you, your daughter needs you to know.

It begins with knowing that the kind of relationship your soul craves doesn’t happen by chance. Deep and meaningful bonds take work. But those kinds of relationships are worth every tear you shed, every argument you have and every break your heart braves.

This is as true for best friends and lovers as it is for daughters and mothers.

I didn’t always know this.


To give you an idea how I came to understand more about mothers and daughters, I’d like to share this picture of my mother and me. I think of this photo as our before photo.

It was taken before I built walls around my heart. It is the memory of a time when I loved my mom and I wasn’t afraid to feel it.

Not long after this photo, life took many unexpected turns and, brick by brick, I started to build a wall between my mother and me. It wasn’t a conscious decision.  That kind of thing rarely is. I didn’t know I was doing it and neither did my mom.

She thought I was becoming independent.
She thought I knew how much she loved me.

As a mother, there are things she could have done to improve our situation but unfortunately, they didn’t teach those kinds of skills back then.  So she did the best she could but our relationship continued to experience challenges and my walls grew.

36 years after this picture was taken those walls finally came crashing down.

I’ve become deeply passionate about helping mothers understand how to prevent their children from building those walls in the first place.

Because despite our best intentions life moves quickly and if you’re not really paying attention, and I mean truly taking the time to be mindful and get curious, seemingly unimportant moments will come one after the other and add up to distance.

Relationships are like that. They are deeply affected by subtle moments and great distances can be created between two people so very slowly over time. It happens to the best of us.

That’s why I created She Really Gets Me: Essential Lessons in Building a Sacred Mother-Daughter Bond

Starts October 21, 2015!

This 12 week online program is for mothers who want to learn a heart-centered spiritual approach to building a strong and intimate relationship with their daughters.

When it comes to your daughter, you shouldn’t have to endure the stress of not knowing what to do. And the fate of your relationship is far too important to just wing it. For years I’ve studied relationships from a spiritual perspective and what I’ve learned is there is a very simple way to navigate them. It isn’t always the easy way but it is definitely what I’ve found to be the simplest, the most profound and the most effective way.

And I’d like to share this simple method with you… for your daughter’s sake.

There are two ways you can enjoy this journey:

The Creative Mama Program
The Fully-Nurtured Creative Mama Program



The Creative Mama Program is for those who enjoy working in a group and don’t need one-on-one attention right now.

she-really-gets-me-dana-da-ponte5Each week, you will receive full-access to all content in the course and to the weekly online meetup.

You’ll also be invited to join our private Facebook group where I will participate on a weekly basis. We’ll meet online, me with a chai latte in hand and you with a cozy blanket on your lap, and delve into the week’s theme. It is in this intimate and private environment where you’ll access the benefits of your fellow soul sisters. Community is a powerful way to deepen the learning and meet like-minded mamas who can relate to you and your personal challenges.


she-really-gets-me-dana-da-ponte9The Fully-Nurtured Mama Program is for those of you want one-on-one support working through any issues that surface.

You will receive full-access to all online course content, weekly online meetup (Wednesdays from 6:30 – 8:00 pm from October 21, 2015 – January 27, 2016; no classes Nov. 4, Dec. 23 or Dec. 30), and enjoy the sisterhood of the private Facebook group led weekly by me.

Plus! 3 Bonus One-on-one Intuitive Therapy Sessions

In the Fully-Nurtured Creative Mama Program I also include 3 one hour Intuitive Therapy Sessions, one-on-one with me, valued at $160 each, to help you make the most of the healing opportunities as they arise.

The kind of soul work we do together in the program invites deep healing.

This is where you have the opportunity to make some really amazing headway. I think you’ll find that three hours of intuitive therapy focused on your unique needs is pattern breaking. The Fully-Nurtured Program is also where you’ll get extra attention or deeper insights into your specific mother-daughter challenges.


  • Access to all course content in a password-protected online classroom
  • 12 essential lessons: These lessons will give you simple, practical knowledge and skills you can use to enhance your relationship with your daughter(s). Most of the lessons work great to enhance other important relationships in your life as well, including your relationships with your son, mother, spouse, in-laws or best friends.
  • 12 online 90 minute classes to help you delve deeper in each week’s theme. This is a live online experience. It is NOT a recorded or downloadable experience. It is only suitable for those who can attend online Wednesday evenings.
  • Bonus online art sessions. These are not a course requirement. The course can be enjoyed with or without the bonus art sessions but if you’d like to take advantage of this course enhancement, sessions will be hosted in an online forum.
  • Weekly support from me, Dana, in the private Facebook forum. Here you can look to me and your fellow conscious mothers to help you overcome any motherhood challenges you may be having. For three whole months you will be surrounded by the most precious kind of sisterhood – women who really get you, have been in your shoes and have amazing wisdom to share. We really weren’t meant to figure these so very important things out on our own and in a group like this, you don’t have to.


To help you master the work we cover together, I’ve designed 12 art projects for you to create.  Each project was deliberately designed to help you get the most out of the program. Think of them as mini-soul journeys. They were also thoughtfully designed so that upon the completion of our time together, you will have a hand-made heartfelt gift to present to your daughter(s). You will not only be learning essential skills to help you build a strong and healthy bond with your daughter, you will also walk away with a truly unique made-by-your-very-hands gift for your daughter(s) that will be infused with so much magic and meaning.

I will also include instructions on how best to present the gift and use it to stimulate soulful conversations with your daughter.

This is a truly one-of-a-kind soul art process and one that I believe will deepen your relationship and become an experience your daughter will treasure for years to come.

she-really-gets-me-dana-da-ponte6Even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush before or you’ve never experienced an online course, I’ve taken extra care to make this easy and gentle for you.

Each week builds on the next and the art instructions are listed step by gentle step in writing and on video. You won’t be rushed or asked to push through anything you’re not ready to meet on your own terms. You will find a safe place here where you can reveal those tender places in your heart. Yes, this is deep work… soul work… but we do it with a sense of lightness and play and we do it together.

If you choose to join me on this journey, you will:

  • deepen your emotional connection with your daughter
  • deepen your spiritual connection with yourself and your daughter
  • see how your childhood relationship with your mother may be affecting you today (maybe without your realizing it)
  • learn what your emotional needs are and how to meet them
  • learn what your daughter’s emotional needs are and how to meet them
  • be at peace with your own relationship with your own mother (whatever its status)
  • learn a simple spiritual technique that will help you handle problems that arise in the relationships in your life

You will also learn a variety of art techniques, such as:

  • creating textured backgrounds
  • working with style guides
  • collage techniques
  • the joy of paper flowers
  • how to make beautiful art with simple doodles
  • how to receive messages from your soul and the divine through art


The Prework

Upon registration, you will receive a detailed list of the materials you will need to complete the bonus art journeys. Budget anywhere from $60 – $150 dollars for art supplies depending on what you already have. In the detailed lists you’ll receive, I’ve included budget friendly art supply options for those on a tighter budget.

  • Bonus Art Journey:  Creating Your Style Guide
Session one: Understanding the unique challenges of the mother-daughter relationship

Identify common strains and learn basic behaviors that create distance and conflict in this very special but complex relationship.

  • Bonus Art Journey:  My Dream For Us
Session two: exploring your childhood mother-daughter relationship

Discover your family’s feminine history and how it may be affecting you today.

  • Bonus Art Journey: Your Heart Tree
Session three: a new way of seeing

Understand how seeking love versus being love affects your relationship.

  • Bonus Art Journey:  My Wish for You
Session four: the Adigi approach – an introduction

Learn a simple solution to relationship problems you can easily apply in your everyday life.

  • Bonus Art Journey:  Your True North
Session five: glimpsing your divinity

Learn why remembering your magnificence can save your relationships.

  • Bonus Art Journey: How I See You
Session six: filling your own cup

Identify your emotional voids and learn how to manage them effectively.

  • Bonus Art Journey: Love Mandala
Session seven: motherhood as a spiritual practice

Identify your unique triggers and learn what to do with them when they surface.

  • Bonus Art Journey: Forgetful Mommy
Session Eight: the five minute practice

Establish a simple but life-changing five minute habit to support your mother-daughter relationship goals.

  • Bonus Art Journey: Visual Meditations
Session nine: asking for help

A reflection on the power of prayer and surrendering to a higher wisdom.

  • Bonus Art Journey: My Divine Helpers
Session ten: communicating heart to heart

Learn how to encourage compassionate conversations that bring you and your daughter closer together.

  • Bonus Art Journey: From My Heart to Yours
Session eleven: passing the torch – part one

Instruction on how to teach your daughter the concepts we covered in the course.

Session twelve: Passing the torch – part two

Further instruction on how to teach your daughter the concepts we covered in the course.

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Further Questions and Ponderings

What do I need to enjoy this journey?

A computer, an email account and access to the internet. If you’d like to connect with like-minded mothers in the course, you will also need a Facebook account.

Those of you interested in The Fully-Nurtured Creative Mama Program will also need a Skype account or a phone number for your private sessions.

If you plan on enjoying the bonus art lessons, you will need the resources to purchase the necessary art supplies. I’ve included some budget friendly options to help with those on a tight budget.

Finally, you’ll need to carve out a few hours each week to complete your art journeys. This can be hard to fit in sometimes but it is so worth it and your daughter will benefit so much from the conversations your art will inspire.

Will I be able to access your feedback and support, Dana?

For those of you choosing the Creative Mama Program, you will be getting to know me through the videos but you will have access to my feedback and support in the Facebook forum where I join in the conversations at least once a week. You’ll also enjoy connecting with your fellow classmates and accessing their innate wisdom and support.

Those in the Fully-Nurtured Creative Mama Program get all this support plus 3 one hour Intuitive Therapy Sessions with me to help you make the most of the healing opportunities as they arise. The kind of soul work we do together in the program invites deep healing. This is where you have the opportunity to make some really amazing headway. I think you’ll find that six hours of intuitive therapy focused on your unique needs is pattern breaking. The Fully-Nurtured Program is also where you’ll get extra attention or deeper insights into your specific mother-daughter challenges.

Are the bonus lessons art therapy?

Sort of but not technically. I’m not a registered art therapist nor am I a qualified psychologist. My training comes from my many years as a professional intuitive, my devoted study and application of A Course in Miracles, my years developing and teaching ADIGI Therapy (the therapy approach I created with Joyce Schafers, author of Bellwether’s Message About God), my own experience as a mother and my years teaching and creating art.

If you are looking for solid textbook training, I’m not your gal. But if you enjoy creative, intuitive paths to healing, you’ll probably really like what I have to offer.

I prefer to pay in three installments. How does that option work?

You will make the first payment manually and one month later the second payment will automatically be withdrawn from the same account. The third payment will be automatically withdrawn one month after the second payment.

Do you have a return policy?

This is a personal journey therefore I can’t really set any guarantees but If after receiving the pre-work you feel this just isn’t a perfect fit for you, I will happily refund your money if you email me at support@danadaponte.com BEFORE THE SECOND SESSION OF THE PROGRAM.

I try hard to establish a comfortable environment where people can feel safe to open up and share. Commitment and consistently are crucial to creating this atmosphere so no refunds will be given after the second session starts.

Join Now! Class starts October 21, 2015

Choose from the Creative Mama program for DIY, self-starters, or the Fully-Nurtured program which includes 3 one-on-one Intuitive Therapy sessions with me, valued at $160 each!


Subscribe to Dana’s emails to be the first to hear when the next class starts. Bonus! You will also receive receive a gift so you can discover your mother-daughter archetype and how it might be shaping you:x: