Feminine power

There's a scene in "Eat, Pray, Love" where Elizabeth Gilbert is in her bathroom on her knees asking God for help and to her surprise she hears an answer. It isn't a great big boom or an earth-shattering revelation. It is a simple, firm but quiet instruction to go back to bed. But that simple… More

First Quarter Moon Card Holder

This week, my moon magic art ritual is inspired from an online course I'm taking from Susannah Conway.  The course is called Daily Guidance and at one point Susannah invites us to do a reading with our oracle or tarot cards by choosing three cards based on how the imagery appeals to us in the moment… More

Mother Daughter Quotes 2

I'm a visual learner and as such, I derive a lot of inspiration from the beautiful memes I see on Facebook and social media. I now create some of my own. Some of them are created around quotes I love. Some of them are my own words. Either way, my hope is they inspire, support… More

Weight Loss and My Feminine Power A Reflection on the yin and yang of healthy eating, by Dana da Ponte, danadaponte.com/blog

Those living in cultures that respect the divine feminine have far less of a challenge embracing the wisdom our feminine nature has to offer. But I live in a culture that has taught me to rely almost exclusively on my masculine nature. My masculine nature asks me to be logical, rational and action-oriented. He likes… More