May 2016

Welcome to the second Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circle. There’s something magical about women’s circles. It may seem like we just get together to talk but so much more happens, especially in an intentional circle of women who are committed to living a spiritual and awakened life. Dreams are supported, hearts are healed and… More

Well here's two things you don't want to put together too often - your mother and your love life. Am I right? Yeah, me either but you would be surprised how much your childhood relationship with your mother affects your connection to your spouse and your kids. This is because we first learn about deep… More

Escape distractions and create two new stylish crafts - one for your home and one for you! Join me in Redwood Meadows, a storybook town located 5 minutes from Bragg Creek, Alberta for some fun evening art classes where you will create your very own shabby chic Angel Wings or a collection of Power Pendants. No previous art experience necessary and ALL supplies will… More


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