October 2020

This month's journal page was created to help you honor and connect with your ancestors. In the Northern hemisphere, this is the time of year when nature is speaking death and endings. The leaves on the trees are dying and dropping to the ground. Plants are wilting in the frost and the once fertile gardens… More

What does your next transformation look like? The life-death cycle starts with coming into existence on one end and ends with leaving this world behind on the other but so much happens in between and every creature is not the same at the beginning as they are at the end. I came into this world… More

This month's journal page was created to help you explore your inherent worthiness. I associate the full moon with the Mother archetype. One of the aspects of the Mother archetype is the way she cares for others but the wise inner mother also knows the importance of nurturing her own body, heart, mind and spirit… More


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