December 18-24 2023

Art Journal with the Moon for December 18-24 2023


This is a summary of the moon’s energy for the upcoming week and the inner work and magic you can do in your art journal to make the most of the opportunities the cosmos is gifting us with.

Every week the emotional and magical opportunities the moon is sending you are different because the energy she is drawing down from the planets and stars changes moment to moment. Planets and stars and moon phases and moon signs each carry their own unique energy. This is my weekly update of the moon’s comings and goings to support you in aligning with her energy.

Get your art journal or a scrap of paper you see lying around, your art supplies or those pencil crayons you have hidden away somewhere and have fun. Spend 10 – 20 minutes focusing on the themes the moon is supporting you to explore that day while you play with colors and shapes and watch what happens over time.

It’s amazing what a little consistent creative time can do.

Honoring the Winter Solstice and Yule

This week we greet the winter solstice.

The winter solstice, which usually happens around December 21st as it does this year, marks the time when the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Capricorn. This is seen as a turning point, where the shortest day and longest night occur, symbolizing a time of reflection, endurance, and preparation for the future – and you know how much I like to plan and prep for the future even though it’s unpredictable and will always throw me for a loop!

Capricorn, represented by the mountain goat (the sea goat in earlier times) and the Crone archetype, is all about determination, responsibility, and practicality. This sign’s energy during the solstice speaks to the need for structure, discipline, and setting long-term goals as we enter a new cycle.

For those who follow the Wheel of the Year, this time aligns with the festival of Yule. Yule is an ancient celebration that marks the rebirth of the Sun, a turning point where the days start to grow longer again. It’s a time of hope, renewal, and celebrating the return of the light. It’s also a time to pay homage to nature and the spirits, asking for blessings for the coming year. I LOVE the idea of celebrating the return of the Sun. It just makes me feel warm and happy and setting aside time to pay homage to nature is my kind of spirituality.

Yule traditions include things like lighting candles, burning the Yule log, and celebrating the resilience of life even in the darkest of times. Yule is deeply intertwined with the themes of rebirth and resilience, mirroring the Capricorn qualities of endurance and strength.

The basic idea of Yule is all about celebrating the return of the light after a long, dark winter. Yule was a time when people believed the Sun stood still for twelve days, and they worried it wouldn’t start moving again, leaving the world in perpetual darkness. To encourage the Sun to shine once more, people lit bonfires and candles. They believed this light would give the Sun the strength to rise again.

I like to think of Yule and the Winter Solstice as symbols for those moments in life when things feel dark and challenging. Just like how the Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year, we all go through times when our problems seem to overshadow everything else, and it feels like we’re stuck in a never-ending night.

The story of Yule, with its focus on the return of the light, reminds us that no matter how dark it gets, there’s always hope for a new beginning. Just like the Sun eventually returns after the longest night, we too can find our way back to brighter days.

This week, as you celebrate the holidays in whatever way feels sacred to you and if you live in the northern hemisphere, dedicate some time and energy to celebrating the return of the sun. If you live in the Southern hemisphere, get ready to say good bye to celebrate the height of the sun and all the spiritual symbolism that comes with that.

For those of you who are in the northern hemisphere, you might enjoy the gift I’m sending out to everyone on my mailing list on the winter solstice. Even if you’re not in the northern hemisphere, you might still want to download this free gift and save it for when you greet winter in your part of the world. 

I invite you to join my mailing list and receive my beautiful guidebook on the winter solstice: “Honoring the 12 Days of Yule in Your Art Journal.”

This unique guide isn’t just about spending each day in your art journal; it’s an enriching journey into the sacredness of this time of the year. Even if you choose not to create in your journal every day, simply reading about the significance I plan on bringing to each day can be a source of inspiration. You’ll learn about the traditions, emotions, and spiritual meanings tied to Yule and the winter solstice, enriching your understanding and appreciation of this magical season.

Whether you’re immersing yourself in creative expression or quietly absorbing the beauty and significance of the days between the winter solstice and the New Year, this guide is a beautiful way to add depth, meaning, and a touch of magic to your winter celebrations. By joining my mailing list, you’ll not only receive this heartfelt gift but also join a community that values creativity, magic making, spiritual exploration, and the beauty of artistic expression. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your experience of Yule – sign up now and embrace the enchantment of this special time of year.

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Today the waxing crescent moon is in the sign of Pisces. It is also having a happy relationship with Mercury, Uranus and Venus and a tense relationship with Mars.

Mercury is often associated with communication, not just within our relationships but also with the realm of spirit. Near the winter solstice it’s a powerful time to communicate with your spirit allies. These communications can bring messages of comfort, peace, and support, especially helpful during the holiday season.

In your art journal, create a space to receive and record a message from your spirit allies. Begin by setting the scene with imagery of the moon and Mercury, perhaps showing the moon in a clear night sky and Mercury nearby, symbolizing the flow of communication. You might want to add symbols or elements that represent your spirit allies or the type of messages you’re seeking.

Then, in a quiet, reflective state, ask your spirit allies for a message. This could be a general message of guidance, or you could ask a specific question. Once you feel you’ve received a message, express it creatively in your journal. This could be through words, symbols, drawings, or even abstract art that captures the essence of the message.

Remember, the process of receiving messages in this way can vary – you might get clear words, feelings, images, or just an intuitive sense. Trust whatever comes to you and express it in your journal. This exercise is a beautiful way to deepen your connection with your spirit allies and to tap into the wisdom and support they offer, especially during this meaningful time of the year.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents a message you received from your spirit allies today.


Today the moon is in the first quarter phase and it moves into the sign of Aries. It is also having a happy relationship with Pluto, a tense relationship with Mercury and an intense relationship with Neptune.

The first quarter moon is a phase of action and decision-making, representing the initial steps towards realizing the intentions you set during the new moon. It symbolizes growth, challenge, and the courage to face obstacles as you work towards realizing your creative dreams. This phase is about building momentum and making progress on your goals or projects.

In your art journal, create a page that represents this phase of taking action and overcoming challenges. You might want to start by visually depicting the moon in its first quarter – a half-lit, half-dark moon. I love starting with this imagery in my art journal. Around or on top of this imagery, add elements that symbolize the goals or intentions you are working towards.

Use this space to express any challenges you’re facing and the steps you’re taking to overcome them. This could be through images, words, or even symbolic representations of your obstacles and actions. The colors and textures you use can reflect the dynamic and assertive energy of this moon phase.

Write down or illustrate what actions you need to take next, what might be holding you back, and how you plan to move forward. This part of the exercise is about harnessing the decisive energy of the first quarter moon to propel you forward.

This art journal prompt is a powerful way to use the energetic qualities of the first quarter moon to support your emotional and spiritual growth. It’s a reminder that facing challenges is a natural part of achieving our goals and that each step, no matter how small, is significant in the journey.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents the actions you plan to take to support your new moon intentions.


The first quarter moon is in the sign of Aries. It is also having a happy relationship with Mercury, Mars and the sun and a tense relationship with Pluto.

When the moon is in the sign of Aries, especially around the time of the winter solstice, it brings a unique energy that’s perfect for celebrating your inner light. Aries, being a fire sign, is all about initiative, courage, and enthusiasm. This energy can be harnessed to ignite your inner spark and to boldly express your true self.

In your art journal, let’s work with the magic of the moon in Aries to celebrate your inner light. During the winter solstice, as we experience the longest night of the year, the fiery energy of Aries offers a powerful contrast, reminding us of the light that shines within us, even in the darkest times.

Start by creating a page that reflects the fiery, dynamic energy of Aries. You might want to use warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows to represent this fire sign. Think about ways to visually express courage, passion, and action – these are qualities that Aries embodies.

Then, focus on how this fiery energy can help you celebrate your inner light. This could involve creating a symbolic representation of your inner flame or illustrating activities and actions that make you feel alive and passionate. Use this space to explore and affirm the aspects of your personality and life that reflect your inner strength and resilience.

Recognize and honor the bright, bold part of yourself that is always ready to take on challenges and shine brightly, no matter the darkness around. Let this page in your art journal be a reminder of your inner fire and the light you bring to the world.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents your inner light.


Happy winter solstice.

The first quarter moon moves into the sign of Taurus. It is also having a happy relationship with the sun, Mercury and Mars and a tense relationship with Pluto.

As we celebrate the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, a deeply significant time in the cycle of the year, let’s dive into an art journal prompt that honors this moment. And if you’re on my email list, don’t forget to check your inbox for the free guidebook “Honoring the 12 Days of Yule in Your Art Journal.” This guidebook is a treasure trove of creative and spiritual insights that will help you deepen the sacredness and meaning of the season. It’s designed to guide you through each day of Yule with thoughtful prompts and ideas, enriching your experience of this magical time.

For your art journal, focus on the winter solstice itself – the shortest day and longest night of the year. This is a time to reflect on the balance between light and dark and to celebrate the gradual return of the light. In your journal, create a page that captures the essence of this solstice. You might want to illustrate the contrast between darkness and the returning light or create a scene that embodies the stillness and introspection of this time. Use colors, imagery, and textures that resonate with the quiet power and deep mystery of the winter solstice – which relates to the new moon phase in the lunar cycle.

This prompt, along with the activities in the guidebook, will help you explore and express your personal connection to this ancient festival. It’s a chance to pause, reflect, and find peace in the depth of winter, while also anticipating the brighter days to come. By engaging with these practices in your art journal, you’re not just creating beautiful pages; you’re participating in a timeless tradition that honors the rhythms of the Earth and our place within them.

In your art journal, create a page that celebrates the winter solstice.


The first quarter moon is in the sign of Taurus and is having a happy relationship with Saturn and an intense relationship with Jupiter.

The moon is in the fixed earth sign of Taurus today. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus so the moon is carrying a little bit of that planet’s energy today as well.

Taurus energy is stable and secure. It brings an air of grace, calm, tolerance, tenacity, comfort, pleasure, grounding, safety and security.

When the Moon is in Taurus, it brings themes of comfort, stability, and sensuality to your emotional world. Think of Taurus as the cozy, comfy places in nature you can retreat to. It’s grounded, loves nice things, good food, and relaxation. The moon today might inspire you to relax, enjoy life’s pleasures, and find your stable center. You can find comfort in simple joys and physical pleasures, like enjoying a hearty meal or the warmth of a gentle breeze. 

Spiritually, the Taurus Moon can prompt reflections on what truly makes you feel happy and fulfilled. It can be a time to consider your values and what really matters to you at the core. Ask yourself: What really brings me comfort and peace? What do I value the most in my life? Am I focusing too much on material and physical comforts and neglecting my spiritual well-being? How can I find balance between enjoying life’s pleasures and not overindulging?

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents experiencing comfort and ease in your life.


The gibbous moon is in the sign of Taurus and it’s having a happy relationship with Neptune, an intense relationship with Uranus and an opposing relationship with Venus.

The gibbous phase whispers hints of what’s to come. It’s the moon coming into full power but not being there quite yet.

In this phase, the moon represents a time of reflection, adjustment, and refinement. It’s the period where the initial vision from the New Moon starts taking its near-final shape, brimming with potential and purpose.

Emotionally, the Gibbous phase can stir feelings of anticipation, as if we’re on the cusp of a significant realization or culmination. Energetically, it can feel like energy building up.  Spiritually, it’s an invitation to trust in the process, to have faith in the journey, even if the destination isn’t entirely in view. It’s about refining our intentions, making necessary adjustments, and setting the stage for the grand reveal of the Full Moon. This phase symbolizes the meticulous care in creation, the patience, and perseverance it takes to bring something to fruition.

In the context of the creative process, the gibbous moon mirrors the stages of fine-tuning and honing. Whether you’re crafting a piece of art, nurturing a relationship, or embarking on a personal journey, this phase reminds us of the importance of dedication to our craft or path, the significance of the “almost there” in our endeavors, and the beauty of the process.

In your art journal, start by drawing or painting the gibbous moon, letting its crescent of shadow remind you of the space between idea and result. In the light of the gibbous phase, create an image that celebrates an idea or project you’re working on becoming what you want it to become.

In your art journal, create an image that celebrates an idea or project you’re working on becoming what you want it to become.


The gibbous moon is in the sign of Gemini. It is also having a tense relationship with Saturn and a happy relationship with Pluto.

In ancient astrology, the moon in Gemini carries a depth of connection to Mercury, the fleet-footed messenger of the gods. Mercury had the unique ability to move between the worlds – from the realms of the divine to the earth and even to the underworld. This made him a bridge, a communicator between gods and humans, as well as between the living and the spirits of the departed. When the moon, symbolizing our emotions and intuition, is in Gemini, it illuminates this Mercurial theme of communication and connection across realms.

Emotionally, the moon in Gemini stirs a heightened desire to communicate, not just with the living but also with the unseen – our spirit allies and ancestors. Spiritually, this is a potent time to act as your own messenger, seeking guidance from your ancestors. The energy is ripe for messages to flow more easily, for intuitions to be sharper, and for us to be more attuned to signs or symbols that the ancestors might have to offer us in this season.

To harness this energy in your art journal, consider creating a dedicated space or page for dialogue with your ancestors. Start by setting an intention to connect with a specific ancestor. Use imagery that reminds you of them. Write down questions you’d like answers to or simply allow your hand to move freely, channeling any messages that might come through. Let your art journal act as the sacred space where you and your ancestors can meet during this holiday season. Remember, this is a personal journey, and whatever emerges on the page is meant for you. Let the moon in Gemini inspire you to bridge the worlds and find clarity through connection.

In your art journal, create an image that represents a message you received today from your ancestors.

Have fun with your art journal and the moon this week.

with love,

Dana da Ponte



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