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Art Journaling with the Moon for the Week of September 26, 2021

A summary of the phases of the moon for the upcoming week and the inner work and magic you can do in your art journal that corresponds with each phase



The disseminating moon is in the sign of Gemini. Air moon days are great days to journal, paint, dig deep and explore and communicate what you’re truly feeling. It’s also a great day to connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels so you might want to pull out your journal and write a letter to your spiritual team. What would you like to ask them for help with? Is there any gratitude you’d like to express to them?


The disseminating moon is still in the sign of Gemini. It’s a great day to communicate gratitude and share your wisdom and gifts with others. Whether you see it or not, you are a gift to others and the world is a better place with you in it. Create a page in your art journal where you explore what you want to say or reflect on the gifts you have to share with others.


The moon changes phases today and moves into the sign of Cancer. The sign of Cancer pairs great with the moon as both are connected to water and emotions. In your art journal, you can use this nurturing energy to explore your emotional needs. Do you know what your emotional needs are? Which emotional needs have been met lately and which ones have been neglected by yourself and/or others?


The last quarter moon in the sign of Cancer is a great time to think about your inner wild nature and feeling insecure. When you want to go against the grain or make a decision that other people don’t agree with, do you feel confident or do you allow your fears and insecurities take over? In your art journal explore what kind of decisions or choices your inner wild nature would make if they felt free to live how they want to live?


The moon is actually void of course for most of the day. Sometimes it takes some time for the moon to change from one astrological sign to another. When it’s not in any astrological sign the moon is said to be void of course. When the moon is void of course, you might enjoy doing some relaxing or repetitive art in your journal that soothes and comforts you such as filling the page with spirals or doodles.


On Friday the moon is in the fire sign of Leo. Use this time to pamper yourself and create art in your journal that feels good and sweet. What colors, shapes and images make you feel good? What art supplies do you really love using? Squeeze out all the sweetness you can out of today by creating with all your favorite supplies, textures, colors and shapes.


The new moon is near. Use this balsamic moon in Leo to stretch your imagination and allow yourself to see how your dreams are actually possible. In your art journal, explore your wildest dreams. Try your best to capture those dreams you have a hard time imagining because your mind wants to shut them down right away and say they aren’t possible. Stretch your imagination and let your wild self imagine the impossible.

A Little about Me

I started working with lunar cycles because as a highly sensitive person who grew up with trauma around adults who did not know how to emotionally care for themselves or teach me how to manage my own sensitivities I ended up needing a lot more emotional support as an adult than I could afford to access.  Nature became my spiritual and emotional support system and living aligned with the moon phases and signs helped me feed my heart and spirit in ways it just wasn’t getting fed otherwise.

If you like art journaling with the moon, join me in my private Facebook community called ART JOURNALING WITH THE MOON FOR INTUITIVE HEALING. When you apply, you’ll be asked three simple questions and if you’re a good fit, you can join our circle of artists, healers, empaths and highly sensitive spirits.

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