Art, Crafts and Rituals for Spiritual Women

The November full moon holds helpful energy for closure and resolving issues you no longer need to carry. Some of those issues may center around relationships and how you feel about certain people in your life. Does your heart want to forgive or does it simply need to unburden itself?  I created a journal page… More

The October full moon is a good time to look back over the last twelve months and decide what you do not want to carry forward into the coming year.   I created a couple journal pages for this full moon to help you release the thoughts, emotions and experiences from the year that you are… More

The September 2019 new moon is a great time to dream. The dark night sky invites us to look inward and connect to Spirit. What is it you really want? Is your heart open to receive? The journal pages I created for this new moon inspire you to stretch your imagination so you can better… More

This year, the September full moon is also the harvest moon. The harvest moon is the full moon before the autumn equinox. I created a journal page for this full moon that incorporates a breathing exercise to help you release the emotional, subconscious or energetic blocks it may be time to let go as you… More

This is a great art ritual to enjoy when the new moon is in the sign of Gemini.  A Gemini new moon day is a great time to think about the moments in your life you listened to your inner critic instead of your inner wisdom. Your inner critic isn't your enemy. She usually shows… More