Art, Crafts and Rituals for Spiritual Women

 Have you ever wanted to gather your friends for a night of moon magic? These are my suggestions for planning a moon party that will hopefully inspire as much creativity and soul connection as it does laughter and healing. I love gathering with a group of friends under the magic of the moon. It's one… More

 There are certain days in the year that align well with your birth moon. On these dates, creating a page in your art journal with the appropriate intentions can be helpful to your healing and magic. Here is a list of my preferred moon dates to consider throughout the year and the kind of healing… More

Art Journaling with the Moon

Work with the healing power of the lunar cycles in a creative way You have an ancient relationship with the moon. It pulls on your heart and spirit as much as it pulls on the sea. The phase and sign the moon is in at any given time can deeply affect your emotional well-being. You… More

 Creativity flows in an atmosphere of support and encouragement but we all have an inner critic that speaks to us in ways that block that flow. Here is a list of things your inner voice can say instead according to your chakra colors. I also made them into pretty cards you can print and keep… More

Tarot Symbols for Self-Love

On the new moon, I started a journey in my art journal to deepen self-love. Every time the moon changes phase, I create a new page in my journal to further explore this theme. Here is a list of symbols I found in my tarot cards to enhance the self-love magic. You might want to… More


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