New Moon

The January new moon is the first new moon of 2020. I created a journal page to help you contemplate and visualize the life cycle of a dream you want to grow in your life.  I often compare the new moon phase to a magical moon made of rich black dirt. I imagine planting the… More

The December new moon is the last new moon of 2019. It's a great time to consider the seeds of intention you want to plant for the new year and for the new decade. Thinking ten years ahead isn't easy. It takes time to ponder what's important to you, how your life has changed and… More

This is a great ritual to enjoy when the moon is in Libra. Libra is a sign that invites reflection on relationships but I like to imagine this includes my relationship with Spirit or the Divine - not just love or family and friend relationships. I consider my relationship with my angels and Spirit Guides… More

Beginner's Guide to Animal Magic

How do you work with animal magic? This is a question I recently asked myself. The first step, for me, was connecting with animal spirits.  This is the story of the spirit of an animal appearing before me and how I figured out the message she wanted to share with me. If you're like me… More

A Pisces new moon activity to help highly sensitive mothers discover a memory or belief standing between them and their dreams or goals There's something tantalizing about mermaid myths. I especially enjoy stories that describe mermaids singing a spell over fishermen and luring them into deep waters. In these myths the waters are dark and… More