New Moon

What does your next transformation look like? The life-death cycle starts with coming into existence on one end and ends with leaving this world behind on the other but so much happens in between and every creature is not the same at the beginning as they are at the end. I came into this world… More

What dream are you ready to recommit to during this month's new moon? The energy of this particular new moon invites us to set new goals, rebuild and reconnect to our dreams but it's hard to dream when the world feels like its falling apart and that's how our reality sometimes feel, doesn't it? Even… More

Invite the spirit of an animal to protect your inner light with this moon page for the April new moon.  Last month I felt discouraged and weighed down by the events surrounding the covid pandemic. I live near the Rocky Mountains where, on top of dealing with the psychological burdens of living in this time… More

This year is a leap year. I created this new moon ritual with the intention of helping us work with the energy and symbolism of this unique time. Before I delve into the symbolism of a leap year, let's consider the energy that 2020 brings to our dreams and goals. In numerology, 2020 is a… More

The January new moon is the first new moon of 2020. I created a journal page to help you contemplate and visualize the life cycle of a dream you want to grow in your life.  I often compare the new moon phase to a magical moon made of rich black dirt. I imagine planting the… More