New Moon

   Every week the emotional and magical opportunities the moon is sending you are different because the energy she is drawing down from the planets and stars changes moment to moment. Planets and stars and moon phases and moon signs each carry their own unique energy. This is my weekly update of the moon's… More

On the new moon, I started a journey in my art journal to deepen self-love. Every time the moon changes phase, I create a new page in my journal to further explore this theme. These are my thoughts for the page I will create during the full moon.  Oh self-love! What a life-long mess that… More

Every moon cycle I dedicate myself to a spiritual goal. On this new moon, I start the journey to clear ancestral money blocks.  I’m going on a spiritual adventure. I’m not sure where it will lead. I don’t have a plan or a map. All I know is I’m feeling called to go where inspiration… More

Use the energy of the new moon in March to communicate with your Spirit Guides and Angels! The new moon is in Pisces. This is a great time to be in liminal space and connect to Spirit which is why this moon page is about communicating with your Spirit Guides or Angels. We all come… More

Use the energy of the new moon in February to let love rain down on you! I must confess, I felt like this particular journal page came about magically. I had no idea the new moon was in Aquarius when I created this page nor did I know that the sign of Aquarius is known… More


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