New Moon

Use the energy of the new moon in February to let love rain down on you! I must confess, I felt like this particular journal page came about magically. I had no idea the new moon was in Aquarius when I created this page nor did I know that the sign of Aquarius is known… More

Use the energy of the new moon in January to help you trust your path! Many years ago, I printed out and hung on my office wall the words, “I trust my path” or maybe it was “I walk my own path”. I can’t remember exactly but I do know that at the time, I… More

Let's use the new moon in December to practice the art of receiving! We are at a time of year best known as the season of giving. Most of us are comfortable with giving. Giving doesn’t challenge us. It makes us feel good. It sparks a warm feeling in our hearts. It lifts our spirits… More

Let's use the new moon in November to claim our power! This month my mind has been on women and power. Women have a long history of being silenced, oppressed, ignored, dominated and controlled. It doesn't help that children have also been treated this way. Strong, loud, confident women with opinions are still punished or… More

What does your next transformation look like? The life-death cycle starts with coming into existence on one end and ends with leaving this world behind on the other but so much happens in between and every creature is not the same at the beginning as they are at the end. I came into this world… More


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