Mothers and Daughters

 This is a list of books to support reparenting the inner child. As a creative, I tend to walk a spiral path in my healing. These books reflect that. They approach inner child healing from varied angles and entry points. If you're a fellow creative, you might appreciate approaching your inner child from these creative… More

Every woman experienced a unique relationship with her mother but not every woman blossomed in that relationship. Many women, despite their mother’s good intentions and well-meaning hearts, endured relationships with their mothers that caused issues that affect them to this day – and this isn’t usually the mother’s fault. The problems we face are bigger… More

Well here's two things you don't want to put together too often - your mother and your love life. Am I right? Yeah, me either but you would be surprised how much your childhood relationship with your mother affects your connection to your spouse and your kids. This is because we first learn about deep… More

Mother Daughter Quotes 2

I'm a visual learner and as such, I derive a lot of inspiration from the beautiful memes I see on Facebook and social media. I now create some of my own. Some of them are created around quotes I love. Some of them are my own words. Either way, my hope is they inspire, support… More

Last month, I sent a questionnaire out to women asking them how their relationships with their mothers affected the holidays. The answers I received were very revealing. When I asked if the holidays were challenging because of their mother, the most popular answer was, "Yes, all the time." The most chosen answer to, How would you… More


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