How to Achieve Your Goals When You're a Highly Sensitive Person

This one practice will help you stay anchored to your goals. I live in Alberta, Canada and according to the Alberta Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy, the Painted Turtle is the only turtle species native to Alberta. They hang out in ponds, marshes, lakes, ditches and slow-moving streams with soft, sandy or muddy bottoms. Personally, I… More

If you're feeling stuck or stagnant, this will help. In my studio, I have a shelf made of long thick slabs of wood held firm to the wall with some braces and a couple silver chains. I love this shelf. It’s handmade by my husband. He took the time to paint the thick slabs of… More

Based on natural rhythms and lunar cycles, this is a list of times I think it would be great to connect with your angels and spirit guides. Connecting with my angels and spirit guides is something I do on a daily basis but sometimes there are special moments I like to take advantage of because… More

Holiday Spell and Sell

The Moon Sisters Studio for the Visual and Healing Arts is opening its doors on Friday, November 30th to invite anyone who wishes to cast a candle spell of peace and harmony and enjoy an intuitive card reading, an aromatic kinesiology or reiki session while browsing the beautiful jewelry created by Sade of Hawk Lace… More

Welcome to the second Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circle. There’s something magical about women’s circles. It may seem like we just get together to talk but so much more happens, especially in an intentional circle of women who are committed to living a spiritual and awakened life. Dreams are supported, hearts are healed and… More


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