DanaDaPonte.com I’m Dana. I work with my intuition and art to help mothers and daughters. I also help men and women turn the challenges they face in relationships, life and parenting into spiritual opportunities.

Intuitive Therapy

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Many of the women (and some men) who find me here come with hearts that are big, but heavy. Some have unhappy marriages or are struggling to cope with divorce or separation. Some are fighting with their children and are frustrated with parenting. Some have deep money worries, debt, addictions. And some are at war with their own bodies, unhappy at their current size, shape or age. The ways we can hurt are many. You may have found this page because you’re hurting but also because you are so ready for change…Click here to learn more about the course, or you can click the pay now button below and pay securely now with PayPal or your credit card. If you have already purchased this course, login here…)