Create an Ancestral Altar in Your Art Journal to Vision Success in 2024

Scorpio season is a season of transformation and reflection, making it an ideal time to look inward and plan for the year ahead. In this post, I share steps and suggestions to create an ancestral altar in your art journal to vision success in 2024.

Scorpio season, falling in the heart of autumn in the northern hemisphere, is a deeply introspective time. As the days grow shorter and nature begins its process of letting go and retreating inward, so do we. It’s a season of transformation and reflection, making it an ideal time to look inward and plan for the year ahead. Just as trees shed their leaves, Scorpio season encourages us to shed what no longer serves us and focus on our deepest desires and aspirations.

This period also has a strong association with the veil between the physical and spiritual realms becoming thinner. I like to use this time to connect with spiritual energies, including my ancestors. These ancestors are not just limited to my biological lineage. Ancestors can also be “soul family” – individuals, whether related by blood or not, who have deeply impacted my journey, inspired me, and whom I deeply respect. They can be mentors, friends, or even historical figures whose work and life resonate with my spirit.

For those who may not know their biological family or have been separated from them for various reasons, Scorpio season offers a comforting message: Connection to ancestors isn’t limited to bloodlines. By reflecting on the qualities, teachings, and values you hold dear, you can identify figures, both from your personal experiences and from the wider world, who resonate with your soul’s journey. By honoring these individuals, learning about them, or simply feeling inspired by their stories, you’re connecting with your soul family.

Connection to ancestors isn’t limited to bloodlines.

Let’s use this beautiful time to create an ancestral altar in your art journal to vision success in 2024.

With our brushes in hand and hope in our hearts, we can reflect on the past, envision the future, and feel the presence and guidance of those who’ve walked before us, be they of blood or spirit. May they offer wisdom, insight, and clarity as we navigate our path into the coming year.

What You Will Need

To create your ancestral altar in your art journal to vision success in 2024, you’ll need to capture two things onto the pages of your art journal:

  1. An honoring of and invitation to your ancestors
  2. Your vision of success in 2024

Let’s start by gathering and collecting the items, words, symbols and images you’ll need for this two-page journal entry.

Gather the Ancestral Elements

I believe that our ancestors from blood or soul lines remain connected to us even after they’ve passed on, acting as guardians, guides, and sources of wisdom from the unseen realms. Since they have lived through challenges, joys, hardships, and celebrations, they possess a wealth of experience and understanding they can share with us. By calling upon your ancestors in a magical way, you tap into this accumulated wisdom and seek their guidance, protection, and blessings. This becomes particularly potent when thinking about the year ahead; with their support, you can navigate challenges, make more informed decisions, and work towards a future that reflects who you truly are.

As you collect elements for your ancestral altar in your art journal, you might find that your vision for the year ahead becomes clearer. Your ancestors, with their broader perspective, can help illuminate paths and opportunities you might not have considered.

Ancestral altars typically contain photographs, mementos, or other symbolic items that represent and remind you of your ancestors.

You can glue or image transfer photographs, draw symbols, or write names of your ancestors. You could also include sketches or images of items they loved, places they lived, or stories they told. Additionally, you might want to add personal reflections on lessons they’ve taught you, their dreams and aspirations, or the qualities you admired in them.

Here’s a list of items you might want to collect before you create your ancestral altar to vision success in 2024 in your art journal:

  1. Photos or Drawings: Images of your ancestors, or representations of them. If you don’t have photos, you can draw symbols or silhouettes that represent them.

  2. Names: Write down the names of your ancestors. If you don’t know them, writing down “unknown” or “forgotten” can still be a powerful acknowledgment.

  3. Maps: Include pieces of maps from places your ancestors hailed from.

  4. Symbols: Any symbols that represent your heritage or familial lineage. This could be crests, animals, or other icons tied to your ancestry or even symbols that represent values your soul family carries.

  5. Personal Artifacts: Sketch or collage images of heirlooms, jewelry, or other artifacts that have been passed down in your family.

  6. Quotes: Words or phrases that are significant to your family history or that have been passed down through generations.

  7. Plants and Herbs: Draw or collage images of plants, flowers, or herbs that are significant to your lineage or that your ancestors may have used for medicinal or spiritual purposes.

  8. Candles: Sketch or stick images of candles to symbolize the light and guidance your ancestors provide.

  9. Offerings: Representations of food, drink, or other offerings traditionally given in your culture to honor the ancestors or representations of food and drink you imagine your ancestors enjoyed when they were living.

  10. Feathers or Stones: Images or drawings of feathers, stones, or crystals that you feel connect you to your ancestral energy.

  11. Ancestral Stories: Short summaries, sketches, or symbols representing stories from your family’s past or stories that capture your soul families’ values and essence.

  12. Cultural Motifs: Elements that are significant to your cultural background, like patterns from textiles or traditional art motifs.

  13. Letters: Write a letter or note to your ancestors, expressing your feelings, asking for guidance, or simply acknowledging them.

  14. Dreams: If you’ve had dreams involving ancestors or ancestral messages, jot down symbols or summaries of these.

By connecting with your roots, you tap into a lineage of strength, resilience, and wisdom. This can act as a grounding force, reminding you of where you come from and the qualities that run deep in your family line or in your spirit family. This serves as a source of inspiration, helping you to envision how you’d like to continue or evolve your family’s legacy in the coming year.

Gather the Elements that Represent Your Vision for 2024

In order to create your ancestral altar to vision success in 2024 in your art journal, you will obviously need to be clear first on what your vision for the coming year is before you can start collecting elements that represent your vision for 2024. If you need help with this step, you may enjoy my free class “7 Steps to Magically Prepare for 2024”

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Once you know what your intentions are for the coming year, you can start collecting items that represent those intentions.

  1. Images: Cut out images, words, and quotes from magazines or the internet that resonate with your goals and aspirations for the year ahead.

  2. Color Themes: Use colors in your drawings and collages that resonate with the feelings you want to evoke or achieve in the coming year.

  3. Personal Affirmations: Write down positive affirmations that align with your goals for 2024.

  4. Symbols of Success: Draw or collage symbols that represent success for you, whether it’s a specific trophy, a mountain peak, or a shining star.

  5. Goal List: Clearly jot down your major goals for the year. By having them visually present, you reinforce their importance.

  6. Timeline or Milestone Chart: Create a visual timeline of your year ahead, marking significant dates or periods when you aim to achieve specific milestones.

  7. Mood Imagery: Collect and include images or drawings that capture the mood or vibe you want to cultivate in the upcoming year.

  8. Inspirational Quotes: Find and incorporate quotes that motivate and inspire you.

  9. Personal Symbols: Maybe you have a personal symbol that has always represented success or motivation for you. Draw or paste that in.

  10. Guiding Words: Single words that encapsulate what you’re aiming for, such as “Growth”, “Achievement”, or “Courage”. You can also include your word of the year if you have one (I include a journey to find your magic word for the coming year in my course Art Journal with the Moon to Plan and Vision the Year Ahead)

  11. Financial Tracker: If part of your vision involves financial goals, sketch a simple tracker to monitor and celebrate your progress.

  12. Support System: Incorporate symbols or names of individuals who support your journey, reminding you that you’re not alone in your aspirations.

  13. Tools of Success: If there are specific tools or skills you’ll need to achieve your goals, represent them visually, be it books, a computer, an instrument, etc.

A Starting Point

Once you’ve gathered your items, it’s time to create the altar in your art journal.

This ancestral altar is a dedicated space within your journal that serves as a focal point for your intentions, hopes, and dreams for the coming year. It combines the visual and symbolic elements of a physical altar with the flexibility and personal touch of a journal.

This is a suggested approach for crafting an ancestral altar within your art journal to envision success in the upcoming year. However, remember that this is merely a suggestion. Your personal connection to your ancestors and your unique creative journey should be your primary guide. Always trust your intuition and creative sparks. What I’ve provided is a starting point, but the magic truly happens when you let your own inspirations lead the way. Feel free to adapt, modify, or entirely reinvent this idea to better resonate with your individual experience and goals.

Let your inspiration guide you.

Create the Altar in Your Art Journal

Choose a Spread: Dedicate a two-page spread in your art journal. This will be the canvas for your altar.

Background Color or Imagery: Start by selecting a color or pattern that resonates with your feelings about the upcoming year. Maybe a calming blue for peace or a fiery red for passion and energy. Paint or collage your background with this color or imagery.

Central Image: Choose an image that represents your core intention or the essence of what you want to achieve. This could be a photo, a drawing, or even a magazine cut-out. Place it in the center of your spread.

Symbols of Success: Think about symbols that represent success for you. It could be a mountain peak, a ladder, or a rising sun. Draw, paint, or collage these symbols around your central image.

Words and Affirmations: Write down powerful words or phrases that resonate with your vision for the year. “Growth”, “Courage”, “Abundance”, or “Balance” might be some examples. These words serve as reminders and affirmations.

Add Personal Touches: Include personal items you collected in the gathering stage such as the items that represent your ancestors and the symbols and elements that represent your vision for 2024.

Interactive Elements: Consider creating pockets in your journal pages where you can tuck in small notes or intentions for the coming year written on paper. Or maybe a flap that reveals a hidden message to yourself.

Dates and Milestones: If there are specific dates or milestones you’re targeting in the coming year, list them. This adds a practical aspect to your altar, merging the spiritual with the tangible.

Visit Regularly: Just like a physical altar, your art journal altar should be visited regularly. Spend time reflecting on it, adding to it, and using it as a grounding point to refocus on your goals.

Your ancestral altar to vision success in the coming year is a powerful visualization tool. It brings together the spiritual and the practical, serving as a daily reminder of where you’re heading and what you’re aspiring to achieve. Every element should resonate with you personally, creating a unique and meaningful space where your intentions for the coming year can be honored and celebrated.

What’s Next

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