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Dana’s Weekly Moon Updates

Do you struggle to find time to live with magic and intention?

Do you remember how fun childhood activity books were?

What if you could enjoy a beautiful activity book while weaving magic into your family and business?

Every month, I create a beautiful, hand drawn workbook with activities that are thoughtfully designed to help healers and creative entrepreneurs live with magic and intention and nurture themselves, their business and their family. This downloadable creative workbook helps you align with the magic of the moon and navigate your emotional and spiritual landscape so you can be the kind of healer, artist and parent you want to be.

Our day-to-day responsibilities often rob us of very important opportunities to tune into to each other and our own hearts and Spirits. Without a regular practice, such as the ones provided in this creative workbook, emotional needs are neglected, energy becomes depleted, tension in relationships rise and it becomes difficult knowing what you need or how to fix the problems that arise in your business and family. Your monthly subscription ensures a regular practice of tending to the emotional and spiritual well-being of your own heart and Spirit, the precious hearts in your family and the creative heart of your business.

Oriana’s Monthly Moonside Companion is simple and easy to enjoy.

The carefully considered pages instruct you on what to do and when to do it.

Each workbook includes:

  • a new moon activity to start the moon cycle with clarity and focus
  • a full moon activity to release what no longer serves your relationships or business
  • an outline of the upcoming moon phases with details of how to use each phase to heal, accomplish your goals and experience deeper connection
  • a list of plants and animals associated with the current season and a description of their magical properties
  • reflection pages to help you tune into your heart and what it needs
  • a magic activity to support family harmony or business success
  • myths, stories or information to inspire and motivate
  • a resource page to invite further exploration

Kids from baby to teenager can also enjoy the magic these beautiful pages inspire. Special instructions on how to enjoy the activities with children of different ages are also included.

Each workbook is hand drawn in black ink which makes it easy and convenient to download and print. This is not a physical book. Every New Moon, you will receive a link to download the file in your email. Simply load the file, print and start filling out the carefully crafted pages. Easy!

I’m imagining that right now, as you read this, Divine Mother, your spirit guides and angels and all the stewards of love in the Universe have flown into the room where you are sitting. They greet each other, affectionately.

I imagine their conversation with each other to be something like this:

“Hello, good friend. It’s so nice to see you.”

“Yes, I’m glad we’re here with her again. She’s grown so much, hasn’t she? She’s been through a lot but she’s right on track”

“I always knew she could handle it but it’s nice to see her reaching out for help. It’s so hard to watch her try to go it alone sometimes especially when we’re always right here waiting to help, just as we promised her we would be.”

In private sessions, I, Dana da Ponte, channel helpful and loving insight from your angels, spirit guides and Divine MotherOnce the merry reunion has come to an end, I imagine your guides and angels start fussing about, clearing the energy around you, sending you waves of love, tuning into your thoughts and emotions to get a sense of where you are at and discerning what will most help you at this particular time in your life.

When they are done, they take a seat as one by one they present you with a gift. One carries a nugget of wisdom meant to help soothe what’s most been troubling you. Another bears an offering intended to shift your perspective in the area of your life that is causing you pain and conflict. Yet another guide steps forward and presents you with insight that helps you understand what your dreams have been trying to communicate to you. Lastly, Divine Mother slowly makes her way toward you and places her hand upon your heart and asks if she may help you remove your obstacles to love.

I imagine it this way because that is usually how it unfolds during a channeled reading with me.

I think Divine Mother and the angels and guides work through every channel a little differently. We each have our unique flavor.

pebblesMe, I’m not psychic.

I can’t give you the winning lottery numbers. I don’t predict the future and I can’t tell you when your soul-mate is going to walk through the door. But, together with Divine Mother and the guides and angels that show up during your reading, I can help you see what’s blocking you – what’s keeping you stuck in certain areas of your life.

  • I can help you shift things around in your heart and mind and remind you that you are whole and there is no such thing as broken
  • I can help you see that you are important, you matter, you’re safe and you are definitely never alone
  • I can show you how to connect to your spirit guides and angels for yourself.

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The people I work best with:

  • are open and willing to trust the process
  • want to know why certain patterns keep repeating in their lives
  • believe the answers to many of their problems lie within themselves and they appreciate support and assistance discovering what those answers might be
  • value the Divine Feminine and the insight she brings around topics such as intuition, family, motherhood, sexuality, relationships and universal love

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How it works:

  • We meet over video Skype or in my home near Bragg Creek, AB.
  • Readings are one hour in length.
  • We start with a simple prayer/meditation.
  • Once we feel settled and connected, you ask me questions and I close my eyes and tune in to receive the answers. If nothing comes, which happens sometimes, I let you know and we move on to another question. You'll receive my intuitive insight into whatever areas of your life you want to dig a little deeper into.
  • My specialty is receiving messages from the angels.  The angels often start their messages with, "Tell her this...." They then impart some message that is not usually what you had in the forefront of your mind but is what they feel you most need to hear at this particular time in your life. Over the years, I've noticed that their eagle's eye view of our lives is extremely helpful.
  • When we are done, you'll receive a digital recording of your reading via email.

We’re probably not a great fit if:

  • you are skeptical and need some proof that spirit guides and angels are real. There are a lot of great channels out there who can handle that sort of need but I’m not one of them. I work best with people who already believe in their spirit guides and angels.
  • you want to connect with someone who has passed away. This is a lovely request just not one I can guarantee will happen during my channeled readings. I would suggest seeking out a medium. Mediums specialize in connecting with people who have crossed over and there are many gifted ones out there.
  • you want dates, times and yes/no answers. These types of questions are better suited for psychic readings. My channeled readings are more therapeutic in nature.

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If you still have questions, I hope the following list of FAQs helps.

stonesWhat are channeled readings?

Imagine visiting a therapist who knows everything about you; including your thoughts, dreams, desires, disappointments, wishes, hurts, pain, and the events of your past that most influenced you.  Even though you have buried much of this information deep inside you, this particular therapist knows exactly how to reconcile your past, present and future.

Imagine also that this therapist has all the time in the world and can spend as much of it with you as you need and is forever patient, kind and loving.  Not only can she help you when you are in session with her, but since she is all powerful, she guides you in your day to day life and directs you towards the people, books, movies, songs, events and experiences that will further enhance your therapy. You can call on her at any time of the day and she's always available and eager to help you make changes in your life that are right for you.

This is what working with my guides and angels and Divine Mother has been like for me and it is why I’m so passionate about helping others work with them too.

I see channeled readings as sacred time where we allow your spirit guides and angels set the agenda for your healing. We give them the space to communicate what they think you need at this time in your life. They have their own opinions and perspectives and we don’t always have to agree with them but giving them space to share their sage advice can be so healing.

What kind of preparation do you do before we meet?

I start preparing for our reading long before we are scheduled to meet. The session itself may only be 60 minutes but I devote a lot of background care and attention to it beforehand.

intutive-therapy-teaI’ve learned over the years that to be as clear a channel as I can be, which is very important to me, it’s crucial that I prepare my body, heart, mind and the physical space I will be channeling in. I do a variety of things and it’s different every time (I’m a classic Gemini that way) but the intention is to do whatever is required to release anything within me that might be in the way.

I do clearing things like take an Epsom salt infused bath, meditate, clear the space with sage, set a crystal grid in your honor, invite everyone in the spirit realm who is here for your highest and greatest good to get ready to work with us and most importantly, I pray. I might say the prayer from A Course in Miracles that I love that goes something like this:

I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent Love Who sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, because Love Who sent me will direct me.
I am content to be wherever Love wishes, knowing Love goes there with me.
I will be healed as I let Love teach me to heal.

Or I may instead choose a beautiful prayer from Marianne Williamson’s book, Illuminata: A Return to Prayer such as this little gem:

…I see only your perfection.
I see only your love.
I see not your past.
I see not your mistakes.
I see not your disease.
I see not your pain…
You are healed.
You are whole.

Everyone who works with me is different...

So no two sessions are alike just as no two ways that I prepare for the session are alike. On the day of our reading, I tune into your specific needs and ask for help seeing what it is I can do to best serve you with my full-attention and care.

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In order to be the kind of channel I want to be, I also have to live a certain kind of lifestyle.

In private sessions, I, Dana da Ponte, channel helpful and loving insight from your angels, spirit guides and Divine Mother

I have to make taking care of my needs a priority. When I first started channeling, I didn’t know how to lovingly respect my needs or care for myself in a nurturing way. This is unhealthy for anyone but it was also irresponsible for me to do as a professional channel. How can I be a vehicle for love and healing energy when my vessel is depleted and too much in a state of need itself?

I’ve changed so much over the years in this regard and finally know when I am depleted versus when I am in good condition to serve spirit. I no longer do readings if I happen to be in a state of depletion. My intention is to do what best serves you. I’m not afraid to reschedule if I happen to be out of balance. This rarely happens but if it does, I am committed to doing what is in your best interest.

As a channel, your values, beliefs and personal spiritual journey influence your readings.

What spiritual background are you bringing to your readings?

The three things that have influenced my spirituality the most are AdvaitaA Course in Miracles and the teachings of Osho.


Advaita is a nondual philosophy and it means not two. It refers to the mysterious oneness of all existence. Fundamentally there is only one substance of reality that everything is made of and I study Advaita to learn how to be aware of this oneness. Advaita invites my mind to stop being so singularly focused on me, my past and my littleness and helps me to get more of a bird’s eye view of things… a view that encompasses everyone and everything. If you want to learn more, you might like this definition by my mentor, Nirmala.

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles is a channeled book received by Helen Schucman, a professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. Helen believed that an "inner voice", which she identified as Jesus, guided her writing. No book has changed my life to a greater extent than this one. It quite literally caused the foundation of my life to fall apart and rebuild itself, with much happier, healthier results.  My own spiritual coaching approach was created around this philosophy.


I also have a great affinity for the teachings of Osho. He taught me so much but what I love about him most is his sense of humor and his ability to call our bullshit out in a way that makes me laugh out loud. Literally! If I’m in my room reading The Book of Secrets, a book that compiles many of his teachings into one gigantic collection of wisdom, you’ll hear my laughter all the way from the kitchen.  No other spiritual teacher has ever made me laugh my ass off the way he has. Reading his teachings are not just life-changing, they’re as funny as Will Ferrell is when he prays to baby Jesus. Ah… good times.

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If I haven’t covered your particular question, don’t hesitate to email me.