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Custom Art and Spirit Quests for Your Group

Creative journeys designed to bring groups together in meaningful, memorable ways.

Do you wish to offer something creative and witchy for your group?

Are you seeking a unique way to celebrate a significant milestone in your life or the life of a loved one?

Are you planning a retreat or workshop and looking for a group experience that combines creativity with the beauty of nature and the moon, focusing on personal growth and self-discovery?

Welcome to Custom Art and Spirit Quests for Your Group.

This is a personalized experience designed to guide you and your group on a spiritual journey through art.

Don't worry, no prior art experience is needed for the group Art and Spirit Quests. It's absolutely fine if people do not consider themselves artistic or even if they feel they're not good at art. This journey is beginner-friendly, and I'll be there to guide your group every step of the way. Your creativity is a powerful tool to connect with the spirit world. If you can color, cut, paste, or even trace your hand, you have everything you need to go on a spiritual quest with art.

This unique experience is designed to celebrate milestones or take people through a journey to unlock inner wisdom and deepen connection with the spiritual world, all through the powerful medium of art rituals.

What is an art ritual?

An art ritual is a creative process that combines art-making with meaningful, spiritual, practices. It's not just about creating art; it's about using art as a tool for expression, reflection, and connection. In an art ritual, the act of creating – whether it's painting, drawing, collage, or any other form – is infused with intention and purpose.

Why Engage in an Art Ritual?

  1. Celebrate Milestones: Art rituals can be a beautiful way to celebrate important life events or milestones. Whether it's a birthday, a personal achievement, an ending that needs to be grieved and released or a new beginning and important transition, the ritual adds depth and significance to the celebration.
  2. Unlock Inner Wisdom: Engaging in art rituals can help individuals and groups tap into their subconscious, unlocking insights and inner wisdom. This process can be deeply enlightening and empowering.
  3. Deepen Spiritual Connection: For those who feel drawn to spiritual exploration, art rituals offer a pathway to deepen this connection. It's a way to explore and express one's spirituality through a creative medium.
  4. Healing and Processing: Art rituals can be therapeutic, aiding in the healing process or helping individuals and groups process emotions and experiences.

Suitable for a Variety of Circumstances:

Art rituals can be tailored to fit many circumstances – from personal reflection and group bonding to commemorating significant life changes or exploring spiritual paths.

Ideal for Those New to Rituals or ‘Witchy’ Spirituality:

If you're new to the concept of rituals or to the idea of 'witchy' spirituality, think of art rituals as a guided, creative journey.

The Spiritual Side of these Quests

In guiding these art rituals, I draw deeply from my own spiritual beliefs, which are rooted in a 'witchy' or nature-based spirituality. This means that elements of animism, moon alignment, elemental energies, and connections with spirit allies and ancestors are woven into the experience. Here's a bit more about what that involves:

  • Animism: This is the belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a spiritual essence. In our art rituals, we might create art that honors the spirit of a particular animal, place, plant, or natural element.
  • Nature-Based Spirituality: We celebrate and draw inspiration from the natural world. Our rituals might involve creating art outdoors, using natural materials, or reflecting the cycles of nature.
  • Aligning with the Moon: The moon's phases guide our ritual timing and themes. For example, a new moon art ritual might focus on setting intentions and beginnings, while a full moon ritual might center around divination, illumination or release.
  • Calling in the Elements: We may invoke the elements (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit) as part of our ritual, each bringing its unique energy to our creative process.
  • Working with Spirit Allies and Ancestors: We might call upon spirit guides or honor ancestors as part of our ritual, seeking their wisdom and support in our creative journey.

While these practices form the core of the art rituals I create, you don't need to share these beliefs to participate. The rituals are designed to be inclusive and open, providing space for everyone to explore and express their creativity within a spiritually enriched environment. Whether you're deeply spiritual, simply curious, or just seeking a unique group experience, these art rituals offer a chance to connect with something larger – be it nature, community, or your own inner landscape.

Custom Art Rituals Tailored to Your Needs:

As someone who creates and guides these art rituals, I specialize in customizing them to suit your group's interests and needs. Whether your group has a strong interest in art, a budding curiosity in spirituality, or just a desire for a unique, enriching experience, I can craft a ritual that resonates. While there is a degree of 'witchy' spirituality involved – think of it as a connection to nature, the moon, and the creative spirit – it's accessible and can be adapted to different levels of interest and comfort.


My base offering accommodates up to 8 participants for a 2-hour immersive journey in a location of your choice near Calgary, AB with supplies provided at $450.

Each additional guest is warmly welcomed at $100 per person.

For an added touch of serenity and an extra charge to be discussed, you can host your event in my specially designed studio near Bragg Creek, AB.

For larger gatherings or for destinations that require travel, please reach out at support(at)danadaponte(dot)com for a personalized quote tailored to your group’s needs.

Your Guide on This Journey

Hi. I'm Dana da Ponte.

I'm a solitary witch with a deep connection to nature and the lunar cycle. The Art and Spirit Quests I lead are intended to be a celebration of creative, nature-based art rituals, seamlessly blending artistic expression with the gentle rhythms of the seasons and the moon.

During the group rituals, I wear a ceremonial cloak as a symbol of my commitment to the sacred space we're creating.

I understand that spiritual beliefs are diverse and deeply personal. While my Art and Spirit Quests are crafted to be inclusive and respectful of this diversity, they do inherently contain elements of earth-based and moon-aligned practices. If such practices align with your group's openness to explore, you will find a welcoming and enriching experience here.

Whether you come from a specific spiritual path or carry a curiosity for new experiences, my quests offer a space to connect with nature, creativity, and each other in a respectful and harmonious environment. However, for those whose beliefs may not align with nature-based rituals or the symbolic practices of a solitary witch, these quests might not be the right fit.

A little more about me...

I believe in balancing deep emotional work with laughter and a sense of play. A good, deep belly laugh is as valuable to me as a heartfelt cry. My own path has taught me the power of this balance.

I'm highly sensitive, and it's this sensitivity that's shaped my approach to healing and growth. For many years, I struggled with the effects of childhood trauma, chronic anxiety, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and POTS. Through these challenges, I found strength and healing in my magical art practices and aligning with the moon. This journey has given me a deep understanding of navigating high sensitivities while enjoying the intuitive and creative strengths that come with them.

My experience in the spiritual realm spans decades, beginning in my twenties. This journey has shown me all sorts of wonders and mysteries. My spirituality is grounded and practical. I'm all about the 'woo' without being lost in it. From chatting with my angel Cassandra to enjoying a sci-fi movie, from my farm upbringing in Alberta to my love for a good swear word, I don't fit the typical 'spiritual guide' mold – and that's exactly my strength.

I've also honed my skills as an artist, having studied to be an art teacher and now practicing art journaling and moon magic for over a decade. As a solitary witch, I follow my path in a way that feels authentic and meaningful to me, inspired by Druidry, goddess spirituality, astrology, and the natural world. My practice honors the sun, the stars, the trees, and the water, deeply resonating with the ancient practices I imagine my Celtic ancestors did.

Being a white woman in a country that was colonized, I'm committed to learning the impacts of colonialism, white supremacy, and patriarchy. My journey includes learning, unlearning, and relearning – a continuous effort to decolonize my practice and embrace my ancestral magic and spirituality.

If you're looking for a guide who's grounded, practical, and ever-evolving – someone who understands the intertwining of art, magic, and personal healing – then I believe I could be a great guide for your group.

Safety, both emotional and spiritual, is my priority. I strive to ensure that every participant feels comfortable and uplifted. If you have any questions or concerns about the nature of my practices, please feel free to reach out. I am here to create a space that is fulfilling and harmonious for everyone involved.

Important Considerations for Your Quest

To ensure the best experience for everyone during our Art and Spirit Quests, and due to my personal health needs, there are a few important environmental considerations I kindly ask all participants and hosts to respect:

  1. Fragrance-Free Policy: Due to chemical sensitivities, I maintain a strict fragrance-free environment. This means avoiding the use of incense, room scenters, essential oils, and wearing perfumes or heavily scented products during my time with the group. This helps to create a safe space for me to lead effectively.
  2. Quiet and Calm Atmosphere: The nature of my Art and Spirit Quests calls for a peaceful and serene environment. As such, I avoid conducting sessions in noisy or high-energy places. A tranquil setting enhances everyone’s ability to connect deeply with the experience and ensures that the focus remains on personal and group reflection.

Why These Considerations Matter:

  • Health and Comfort: As someone with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and a highly sensitive nature, certain environmental factors like strong scents or loud noises can be detrimental to my health and ability to facilitate the session effectively.
  • Quality of Experience: A scent-free, calm environment helps create a space where all participants can fully immerse themselves in the art ritual without distractions, making the experience more profound and meaningful.

Creating the Right Space:

I strive to create an environment that is not only safe and comfortable for me but also conducive to the reflective and creative nature of our quests. Your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these considerations are deeply appreciated and contribute significantly to a successful and enriching experience for everyone involved.

If this speaks to you, I'd be honored to accompany your group on this journey.

Who These Group Quests Are For

Whether you're marking a major milestone, seeking a deeper connection within your family or community, or simply want to add a soulful touch to your gathering, my quests are tailored to meet your group's needs.

Ideal for:

  • Friends and family: Ideal for friends or families looking to deepen their connections during milestones, getaways, or unique celebrations.
  • Spiritual and Creative Groups: Perfect for circles focused on personal growth, spiritual exploration, or creative expression.
  • Personal Development Coaches and Retreat Organizers: Enhance your programs or retreats with a creative quest that complements your themes of transformation and self-discovery.
  • Special Life Moments: Commemorate significant transitions like milestone birthdays, anniversaries, or even embracing new life chapters after events like divorce or career changes.
  • Support and Healing: For groups navigating through grief, change, or seeking a collective healing experience, these quests offer a space for emotional expression and communal support.

Answers to Important Questions About the Art and Spirit Quest

Is this program suitable for beginners in art or spirituality?

Absolutely! The Art and Spirit Quests are designed to be accessible and enriching for individuals at all levels of artistic and spiritual experience. The journey is tailored to meet your group where you are at, offering guidance and support along the way.

I'm not very spiritual; will my group still enjoy this experience?

Possibly. I can meet your group where they are at but I, of course, bring my witchy ways with me. The Art and Spirit Quests are as much about creativity, personal growth and self-expression as they are about spirituality. Most groups with an affinity for nature and art find value in the creative processes and self-exploration that this experience offers.

What exactly is an Art and Spirit Quest?

An Art and Spirit Quest is a guided group experience that combines creative art activities with elements of nature-based spirituality. It's designed to facilitate personal reflection, spiritual exploration, and group bonding through artistic expression and ritual.

Do participants need to have any artistic skills?

No artistic skills are required. The focus is on the process of expression and exploration, not on the final product. It's suitable for beginners and those who haven't engaged in artistic activities before.

What spiritual elements are involved in the Quest?

The Quest incorporates nature-based and moon-aligned spirituality, including practices like honoring the elements, connecting with natural cycles, and possibly referencing spirit allies and ancestors. These elements are woven into the experience to enrich the creative journey.

Can the Quest be customized for our specific group?

Absolutely! Each Quest is tailored to meet the needs and interests of your group. Whether it's the focus of the ritual, the type of art activities, or the spiritual elements, I work with you to create a unique and meaningful experience.

How long does a Quest typically last?

A standard Quest lasts about 2 hours, but this can be adjusted to fit the schedule and requirements of your group.

What should participants bring to the Quest?

All art materials are provided. Participants should bring an open mind and heart. If the Quest is outdoors, appropriate attire for the weather is recommended.

Are there any environmental or health considerations we should be aware of?

Yes, due to health reasons, I require a fragrance-free environment, meaning no incense, room scenters, essential oils, or perfumes. Also, a quiet and calm atmosphere is essential, so noisy or high-energy locations are not suitable.

How many people can participate in a Quest?

The ideal group size ranges from 4 to 12, but I can discuss accommodating larger or smaller groups.

How much does it cost to book an Art and Spirit Quest?

My base offering accommodates up to 8 participants for a 2-hour immersive journey in a location of your choice near Calgary, AB at $600.

Each additional guest is warmly welcomed at $100 per person.

For an added touch of serenity and an extra charge to be discussed, you can host your event in my specially designed studio near Bragg Creek, AB.

For larger gatherings or for destinations that require more travel, please reach out to me for a personalized quote tailored to your group’s needs.

Pricing depends on the group size, location, and any specific customizations required. Please contact me for a detailed quote based on your group's needs.

How do we book an Art and Spirit Quest?

You can book by contacting me directly through email at support(at)danadaponte(dot)com We'll discuss your group's needs, the preferred date, and any specific requirements or customizations you'd like.

Can the Art and Spirit Quest program be done online?

Yes. I've led many group experiences online. Email me at support(at)danadaponte(dot)com and we can discuss this.

How can I book you for my event?

Contact me at support(at)danadaponte(dot)com and we will book a date and time to connect so I can answer all your questions and ensure I have all necessary details to make your event as special and meaningful as possible.