Join Dana da Ponte ( in Redwood Meadows, a storybook town located 5 minutes from Bragg Creek, Alberta for a full-day spiritual art retreat where you will get clear about your dreams and your soul’s calling while creating a beautiful vision board that looks like an angel. No previous art experience necessary.

44 Magical Mornings with Your Guardian Angel

Class Begins Friday, November 8, 2019

A spiritual art journey to meet and work with your guardian angel.

Your guardian angel has a unique role in your life. When you develop a close relationship with them and learn how they can help you, magic happens. In this class, I share the wisdom I learned from working with my guardian angel for over twenty years as I guide you step-by-simple-step to communicate with your own guardian angel and create a beautiful painting of angel wings.

no art experience necessary

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Cost is $120

This world can be insensitive, cruel and frightening. We all need a guiding hand when we’ve been stuck in the dark for too long. You have an angel who has been with you the moment you were conceived and who will be with you the moment you take your last breath. This angel is devoted to you. Whether or not you ever hear their name or see the ways they help you does not change the fact that they remain devoted to you. Other Spirit Guides and angels may come and go but your guardian angel is with you from beginning to end.

Getting to know your guardian angel is possible. It just takes a little patience and a mustard seed sized leap of faith.

My guardian angel’s name is Cassandra and I met her over twenty years ago when I was pregnant with my son. You can read the full story here.

Describing my relationship with my guardian angel Cassandra is awkward. It would be much easier had I been writing to a pen pal from another country. I could show you the letters, share her picture, give you her geographical location and describe what a great friend she is in a way you could relate to. Perhaps you would even say, “I have a friend like that” or “She sounds so wise. You are lucky to have met her.” But Cassandra isn’t from another country. She’s from a place only my imagination can grasp.

I don’t wonder whether or not she is real because a long time ago Cassandra explained to me that trying to figure out if guardian angels are real or not is missing the point. She suggested I ask a better question; “Is is helpful or not?” Did I find talking to her helpful? Did it improve my life and my relationships? Did it make me happy? The answer was of course YES! A million times Yes!

Talking to the angels became my profession. I didn’t go to school or take a class to learn how to do the work I do. It just happened. I didn’t have a mentor or a teacher. Cassandra was my teacher and guide. She taught me everything I needed to know and kept me safe. She was also my therapist. I didn’t even know I needed therapy until I started communicating with her. I was so disconnected from my feelings I had no idea how lost and unhappy I actually was. She taught me how to take care of my heart and my Spirit.

This course includes 44 morning emails guiding you on a journey to develop a closer relationship with your guardian angel. I will guide you through exercises to help you meet your guardian angel, discover their name, better understand their role in your life and build a magical relationship with them. I’ll share my journey with Cassandra with you and teach you the same lessons she taught me.

As you learn to communicate with your guardian angel, I will also guide you in a simple step-by-step process to create a beautiful mixed-media painting of angel wings. The painting will include many meaningful moments between you and your guardian angel. It will be rich with meaning, insight, intuitive messages and symbolism. This isn’t just a painting of wings. It’s a way to capture your soulful experiences. It will be an image that speaks specifically to your Spirit. Every time you look at it your connection with your guardian angel will grow stronger.

And don’t worry. I’ve created this process in a way that is good for those of you who are in touch with your inner artist as well as for those of you who are just getting to know her.

We will spend a beautiful 44 mornings together and at the end of those 44 mornings, a downloadable e-book containing all the information covered during the course will be e-mailed to you. This way you will have the lessons we covered as long as you need them.

A note to the creative spirits who’ve attended my retreats in the past: This e-course contains a lot more information and guidance than I am able to provide in my one day retreats. If you’ve attended one of my retreats before, know that this e-course will be different and more in-depth.

Some of the things we will cover in this course include:

  • activities to help you communicate with your guardian angel
  • tips on how to ask your guardian angel for help
  • clarity on what kind of help you can ask your guardian angel for
  • insight into the role your guardian angel plays in your life
  • instructions on how to invite your guardian angel when you need them
  • keys to strengthen your intuition
  • simple step-by-step instructions to create a painting of angel wings
  • the opportunity to ask questions to someone who has been talking to her guardian angel for over 20 years
  • a private facebook group to learn and grow with other spiritual adventurers like you (this is optional. you are not required to join the facebook group to participate in the course.)

This retreat is for you if:

  • you are a soulful person who believes in angels even if you’ve never received any obvious signs or messages (yet!)
  • you are a brave spirit who isn’t afraid to connect to your emotions
  • you are an adventurous soul who doesn’t mind trying something new and isn’t afraid of letting their inner five year old come out to play
  • you’re interested in communicating with your guardian angel
  • you know your angels try to send you messages but you’re ready for a deeper, more meaningful relationship with them
  • you’d like to spend time getting to know your guardian angel and learning how they can help you
  • you like exploring creative ways to develop your intuition

There is actually more of a collage process involved making this course perfect for the experienced artist as well as the creative soul who hasn’t played with a paintbrush since kindergarten.

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What to expect

After you register, an email outlining the supplies you will need will be sent to you. I will include two versions of the supply list. A higher quality kind of list and a money-saving list with easy-to-find supplies and tools. Depending on your budget and/or needs, you can choose which supplies and tools you prefer.

On the morning class begins, you will receive your first email. You will continue to receive an email every morning for 44 mornings. Each email will contain an activity to practice. I suggest setting up a special space where you can retreat to like a table where you can keep your candle and art and writing supplies set up so it’s nice and easy to return to each morning. If you don’t have the space or you don’t like to keep a mess out in the open, I suggest having a container where you keep everything you will need in one spot for the duration of the course. Life gets busy but the experience is a lot more powerful if you can follow along every day. Let’s do everything we can to support you in maintaining that consistency.

If you like to connect with other people in the course and hear their stories of connecting to Spirit, you are welcome to join our private Facebook group. This is an optional addition to the course. You are not required to participate. I will, however, be there to check in, respond and answer any questions for the duration of the course.

On the last day of class, you’ll receive a beautiful e-book you can download with all the lessons you can keep forever.

I cannot guarantee you will connect to your guardian angel in the exact way you want to but I can say that in over 15 years of teaching this class, no one has ever not made a spiritual connection. Whatever happens for you, I know you will learn more about yourself and have a deeper understanding of your relationship with Spirit by the time you are done.

Begins Friday, November 8, 2019

Register Here

Cost is $120



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