Shed Your Conditioning and Trust Your Intuition
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An art ritual to shed fears, judgments and past conditioning that prevents you from listening to and trusting your inner wisdom.
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
Suggested Month: Any
  • 2 paper towel rolls
  • white glue and hot glue
  • decorative paper
  • pieces of scrap fabric
  • acrylic paints
  • ribbon of a color light enough you can write on
  • small positive and negative magnets (optional)
  1. Set a sacred space and prepare for ritual.
  2. Take one of the paper towel rolls and cut about a quarter of the paper roll off and squish one end of it down to create the bottom of a pouch.
  3. Cut another piece of cardboard off the paper roll. Cut this piece in a half circle shape to use as a decorative piece to add to the top of your paper roll self-portrait.
  4. If desired, cut strips of decorative paper to create a skirt around my paper roll.
  5. Glue the strips of decorative paper to the base of the uncut paper roll to create a skirt-like shape.
  6. Give the top of the paper roll, the pouch and the half circle shape you cut out a couple coats of paint.
  7. Paint your self-portrait (torso and head) onto the top half of the paper roll.
  8. Insert a piece of decorative paper cut to create a flap that can close over the top of the pouch.
  9. Add a magnet if to the pouch if you like so it easily opens and closes.
  10. In a journal, write out your answers to the questions in the accompanying PDF.
  11. On the ribbon, write all the ways you notice you silence your intuition and/or your parenting instincts.
  12. Decorate your semi circle then cut two small notches at the top of your paper roll self-portrait to insert the semicircle onto. Secure the semicircle into the notches.
  13. Glue the end of your ribbon to the waist of your paper roll self-portrait.
  14. Cut a strip of decorative paper and glue it to the waist to hid the end of the ribbon and the end of all the skirt pieces.
  15. Glue the pouch onto the front of the paper strip you glued around the waist.
  16. Add finishing details.
  17. End with a prayer of gratitude.
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Recipe by Dana da Ponte, Intuitive Readings + Women's Circles | Combining art, ritual & moon magic to help women emotionally and spiritually nourish themselves! at