2019 Moon Magic for Entrepreneurs

Learn how to use the phases of the moon to help achieve your business goals and create a moon mandala painting to capture your intentions.

Join me at the Moon Sisters Studio near Bragg Creek, AB for a business retreat like no other.  You will learn your personal moon phase and sign, go over the important moon phases for your business, learn how to use moon magic all year long to help grow your business, plan your year and paint a beautiful mandala to capture your future vision for your business . No previous art experience necessary.

 Saturday, October 5, 2019 10 am MST – 4 pm  $145

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Some of the things you can expect from this retreat include:

  • a calendar with the important moon dates highlighted for you
  • a workbook with all the information captured in it so you don’t have to try to remember everything or write anything down when you can relax and enjoy your creative retreat
  • a fun, safe atmosphere where it’s perfectly fine to have never picked up a paintbrush or know anything about the moon
  • a colorful, artsy studio to light your creativity on fire
  • a full day to focus on you, your business and your business vision
  • support to get really clear about the best decisions you can make to move forward in your business.

This is a creative working retreat.

I will be taking you through active, hands-on processes to help you tune into your own Spirit and how she wants to show up in your business. We’ll also tune into the wisdom of the moon and learn how to align with her natural cycles to support your business goals.

This retreat is appropriate for all stages of business and is suitable for all types of entrepreneurs, whether you’re building a service-based practice or product-based company.

A Sneak Peek at the Magic that May Unfold that Day

The day begins promptly at 10:00 am so I’d suggest arriving at 9:45 am.

We will begin with some clearing exercises to release whatever we don’t want to carry into the next year. I’ll go over the rest of the day’s events then we’ll enjoy a deeply relaxing, intention setting meditation.

Once we feel grounded, relaxed and ready for magic, we’ll find your personal moon phase and moon sign and look over the calendar to pinpoint our personally relevant moon dates.

Next, we’ll set our goals and highlight the important monthly goals we want to achieve.

Then we may even have time to tune into Spirit and receive messages about your business in the upcoming months. This is always such a helpful step as our own creative minds can only foresee so much. It’s always insightful to leave room to hear what Spirit wants us to consider for the future of our business.

After lunch, we’ll head over to the studio where I’ll take you through an oh-so-easy step-by-step process to create your own mandala painting that captures your business vision and monthly goals.

I’ve created this process in a way that is good for those of you who are in touch with your inner artist as well as for those of you who are just getting to know her.

The painting you create will be rich with meaning, insight, intuitive messages and symbolism.
This isn’t just a painting.
It’s a way to capture your business vision moving forward.
You’ll be creating more than a decorative work of art.
It will be an image that speaks specifically to you and your business and will help to keep you focused throughout the year.

After the retreat, you will have an artistic representation that captures all the wisdom you receive during our day together and the intentions you want to set for your business in the months ahead.

Where the Magic Happens

This retreat will be held at the delightful Moon Sisters Studio for the Visual and Healing Arts near Bragg Creek, AB (directions will be emailed after registration).

I like to keep things intimate so we can easily get deep and soulful and really get to the heart of things. Register early as the local retreat is limited to 8 creative entrepreneurs.

 Saturday, October 5, 2019 10 am MST – 4 pm $145

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