Free Moon Mapping Group Session Application

Welcome to the free Moon Mapping group sessions!

In the comfort of our virtual circle within my private Zoom room, these 90-minute sessions are a sanctuary for both newcomers and seasoned users of the MAP Method. Whether you’re dipping your toes into this transformative practice or yearning to delve deeper, this space is for you.

As the moon waxes and wanes, we align with lunar cycles and the soothing rhythms of nature to do our healing work. We’ll focus on a variety of themes, all aimed at unlocking the doors to your subconscious, allowing you to gently release blocks, calm the echoes of stressful memories, and step back from the edge of anxiety and self-sabotaging behaviors.

These gatherings are my gift to the community—a space where you can experience the MAP Method’s magic and witness the way it beautifully blends with the moon’s energy. These sessions aren’t a regular offering so keep a watchful eye on my Facebook page, our Art Journal with the Moon Facebook community, and the Friday announcements in your inbox to learn when they are happening. Remember, the sessions are complimentary, but an application is your key to entry.

Don’t let this chance to map your inner landscape with the moon slip away. Apply below.

The next free group Moon Mapping session is on Sunday, November 19th at noon – 1:30 pm MT

This week’s theme…

This week, in our Free Moon Mapping Group Session, we’re delving into a topic that touches the heart of our aspirations and the confusion that often surrounds them: Clearing Subconscious Blocks to Planning and Visioning the Year Ahead. Many of us grapple with knowing where to begin or how to incorporate planning for the year ahead as part of our spiritual journey.

The obstacles can seem daunting: feelings of being overwhelmed by choices, doubts about our ability to manifest our dreams, a lack of resources or knowledge to guide our spiritual practices, and the sheer weight of global issues that can dim our personal hopes and goals. How do we stay motivated to plan and dream when the world is grappling with war, inequality, and oppressive systems?

During our upcoming session, we’ll gently explore these challenges. My intention is to create a supportive space to acknowledge these challenges and explore them together while working with the MAP Method to allow your subconscious mind to do the inner work of sorting your thoughts and feelings. By recognizing and working through these challenges, we aim to open pathways to clarity and confidence, empowering you to approach the coming year with a sense of purpose and possibility, aligned with your deepest intentions and supported by the wisdom of the moon.

Join us as we use the MAP Method to untangle these complex feelings and lay down stepping stones toward a future you can greet with open arms and a hopeful heart.