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Magical Tools to Plan and Vision Success in 2024

Reflecting on the past year and visioning the upcoming one is a great spiritual practice to implement in the autumn months. In this post, I share my favorite magical tools to help me reflect on the past year and vision success in the coming one.

The old year is winding down and the promise of a brand new one is calling me to reflect and chart out my dreams and goals for 2024.

Every fall, I dive deep into my spiritual rituals of releasing the past year and setting intentions for the one to come. This is a spiritual practice I don’t like to rush. It’s a journey I stretch out over a few months. Giving myself the autumn months to plan and vision the year ahead allows my thoughts and feelings to marinate and deepen.

The first step in my planning and visioning for the year ahead is gathering the magical tools and supplies I’ll need.

When you gather your spiritual tools and plan the year ahead with magical techniques, you’re not just setting goals; you’re casting spells for success. By using magical tools—like candles to invoke your spirit allies, tarot or oracle cards to tap into ancient wisdom, pendulums for guidance, art journals for visual manifestation, and day timers to sync with nature’s rhythms and lunar cycles—you create a sacred space where your visions for 2024 can take root, grow, and flourish. So, before you dive headfirst into planning for the new year, let’s get you ready by ensuring you have the supplies you’ll need.

These, of course, are just my suggestions based on the magical supplies I use every year so feel free to cater this list to your unique preferences.


The first thing you’ll need is YOU. I know, it might sound silly but it is worth mentioning because in my line of work I see all too often how whenever someone wants to tap into their intuition and receive guidance from spiritual realms, they forget to trust themselves and their bodies first and foremost. If the spiritual guidance you seek when you plan and vision for the year ahead contradicts what’s in your heart, always choose to go with what your heart is telling you.

The messages you receive from spiritual realms are there to support you, not make the important decisions for you. While they provide valuable insights and perspectives, they should not overshadow or negate your own inner wisdom and heartfelt desires. Your body and heart are intrinsic compasses, uniquely attuned to your personal journey and destiny. Any external guidance, no matter how profound or spiritual, should be weighed against your own innate wisdom. ALWAYS!

You are the magic.

It’s essential to absorb the spiritual messages you receive and reflect on them, but when making decisions, especially those concerning your dreams and goals for the coming year, circle back to your core feelings and instincts. You hold the sovereignty over your life’s path. External guidance from intuitive readers or from your own spiritual tools can offer signposts, but the journey is yours to take and yours alone. Never relinquish that power or let anything external dilute your inner wisdom. You matter most! The guidance is just that – guidance. Take it in and consider it but check in with yourself and your body.

Your body has an especially important role your visioning and planning for the upcoming year. Your body, with its nuanced reactions and wisdom, serves as a barometer, gauging the alignment of your dreams and decisions. When you contemplate a decision or a direction for the coming year, your body offers immediate feedback. Feeling light and buoyant? That’s a positive affirmation. Feeling weighed down, queasy, or overly anxious? That’s your body signaling caution or potential misalignment.

The sensations in your body aren’t random; they’re deeply ingrained responses, guiding you towards well-being and away from potential harm.

For example, when it comes to your year ahead goals, you might start by tuning into your spirit and getting a sense of where it wants to lead you. This is great but your spirit can have big, lofty goals because it might not consider your body’s limitations. It wants to soar. While such dreams reflect your higher aspirations, it’s essential to ground them in the reality of your physical and emotional capacities. If the sheer magnitude of a goal feels overwhelming, causing stress or physical discomfort in your body, it’s a sign to reassess. You don’t have to throw away your dreams but you might have to break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks or adjust the timeline so that your spirit’s desires align with your body’s capabilities.

Your body has lived experiences, memories, and traumas.

As you vision and plan, your dreams and goals for the coming year might inadvertently push against these experiences, leading to physical or emotional resistance. In such situations, it’s crucial to pause, understand and tend to the root of these responses. This is an important part of the work I do in my course “Art Journal with the Moon to Plan and Vision the Year Ahead” because your dreams and goals won’t happen if your inner parts are afraid of the changes you want to see in your life or they don’t like the direction you want to start moving in. We must lovingly and compassionately tend to their fears and memories so that your every part of you is in agreement with your vision for the year ahead.

So to recap, no matter what tools or supplies you use and no matter what guidance they offer, trust your body, your desires and your preferences and your wants and needs.


You matter most.

Yes/No Divination Tools

There are many ways to receive messages and guidance from your spirit allies but sometimes a simple, straightforward “Yes” or “No” is all you really need. While extensive readings and rituals have their place and I do use them to plan and vision the year ahead, there are moments when what I truly seek is a clear, uncomplicated directive. This is where tools like dice, playing cards, and pendulums come into play.

As you sit down to plan and envision the year ahead, these tools can be invaluable. They offer a bridge to your spirit allies, allowing you to seek their guidance on choices big and small. While detailed messages and insights are beneficial, there’s undeniable power in the stark clarity of a “Yes” or “No.” It cuts through the noise, providing direction and assurance, ensuring that each step you take is aligned with both your personal intentions and the wisdom of the spirits guiding you.

I describe each of these tools in more detail in my upcoming free live virtual class “7 Steps to Magically Prepare for Success in 2024”.

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Tarot or Oracles Cards

When planning and envisioning the year ahead, the symbolism and narratives within tarot and oracle cards can offer a deeper understanding that goes beyond the simplicity of yes/no divination. Each card in a tarot or oracle deck is rich with imagery, mythology, and layers of meaning, providing more nuanced answers and guidance.

Plus, while yes/no divination can give direct answers, tarot and oracle readings invite introspection, allowing for a broader exploration of the energies, challenges, and opportunities surrounding the year ahead. Often, when I’m in my magical space planning and visioning the year ahead, the insight from the cards isn’t as important as the insight I receive from sitting with the images and messages they offer me. The way they trigger my memories or pull up feelings help me see what is going on in my inner world which is helpful because I am often a mystery to myself.

Truly tapping into your innermost thoughts and feelings can be hard to do. Other people’s expectations, ingrained beliefs that aren’t even yours and conditioned thinking passed down to you or even your own defense mechanisms can prevent you from seeing what’s true for you. This is where spiritual tools like tarot and oracle cards come into play. These cards, rich in symbolism and wisdom, act as mirrors, reflecting our internal landscapes back to us. They provide a framework for deep self-reflection, enabling you to bypass surface-level distractions and dive into the depths of your own psyche. By laying out these cards and meditating on their meanings, you get a clearer vision of your true desires, and the path your soul yearns to tread in the coming year.

Cleansing Tools

An important step of planning and visioning success in the year ahead is releasing what is no longer needed and letting go what you do not want to carry into the new year. Cleansing or clearing past energies is akin to wiping the slate clean, ensuring that you don’t carry old burdens, stagnant energies, or unresolved issues into your fresh start. This opens up space for new opportunities and ensures your vision for the coming year isn’t muddied by the residues of the past.

Everyone has their own cleansing and clearing rituals. There are smoke cleanses, singing bowls, tuning forks, bells, moon water, essentials oils, salt bowls and so many more, each with their unique attributes. Choosing between these tools often comes down to personal preference or resonance and the specific nature of the energies you’re working with. While some might find the act of a smoke cleanse incredibly grounding, others might connect more profoundly with the way singing bowls or tuning forks can create vibrations that dispel negativity while bringing harmony and alignment. The key is to listen to your intuition and opt for the tool that feels most aligned with your cleansing needs and personal spiritual practices and/or your body’s sensitivities.

If you don’t know what your favorite cleansing tool or ritual is yet, no worries, I talk more about this step in my free live virtual class “7 Steps to Magically Prepare for Success in 2024”.

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I’ll share my favorite cleansing rituals which are catered specifically to my highly sensitive needs and there are some that I created specifically to be performed in my art journal – which is my favorite place to work my magic and plan and vision for success in the coming year. If you’re a highly sensitive healer or artist, you might really enjoy my creative approach to cleansing and clearing.

Brain Rewiring Tools

When I plan and vision for success in the coming year, I don’t just stop at cleansing and clearing energy from the past year. I also work with my subconscious mind to clear out old, unhelpful memories and beliefs that might hold me back in the coming year. That’s what the MAP Method does. It’s like a special clean-up crew for your mind.

By tapping into how our brain can change and adapt (that’s the fancy term “neuroplasticity”), the MAP Method helps rewrite memories that aren’t serving you anymore. Think of it as tidying up the clutter in your mind, making space for fresh, positive thoughts. When you hold onto limiting beliefs or fears from the past, it’s like trying to drive forward while constantly looking in the rearview mirror and stepping on the brakes. It can hinder your progress and cloud your vision. But with MAP, you can clear out that rearview mirror, allowing you to focus fully on the road ahead. Now, add in the power of the moon—a symbol of cycles, renewal, and growth—and you’ve got a recipe for truly transformative planning. As you plan and dream for the coming year, using MAP in sync with the moon’s phases ensures you’re not just setting goals but also creating the right mental environment to achieve them.

Make sure your mind is your best ally when you’re chasing your dreams in 2024.

There are several modalities out there that aim to achieve similar results. The brain, with its incredible adaptability, can be approached and nurtured in various ways. Some might resonate deeply with one method, while others might find great results in another. What’s important is finding what speaks to you and aligns with your personal journey.

As you stand on the threshold of a new year, ready to set your intentions and manifest your dreams, remember to prioritize this mental housekeeping. Whether it’s through MAP or another technique, clearing out old, limiting beliefs and fears is a critical step. Think of it as laying the foundation for a house; the stronger the foundation, the more stable and grand the house can be. Explore, discover, and embrace the method that feels right for you. Just ensure that as you prepare for success in the coming year, you give your mind the attention and care it deserves.

Calendar or Day Timer

I confess. I’m old school. I will not give up my physical day timer and that’s because it has become a major part of my year ahead magic.

When getting ready for the year ahead, something as basic as a calendar or day timer can be your magic wand. I perform most of my year ahead magic in my day timer. It’s the map of my everyday life after all. By painting, doodling, casting spells and noting down my plans and visions in my day timer, especially when aligned with the lunar cycle, I bring a sprinkle of magic to my year. It’s obviously not just about jotting down appointments or to-dos for me; it’s about infusing the entire year with purpose and intention.

In fact, in my course, “Art Journal with the Moon to Plan and Vision the Year Ahead”, there’s a whole section where we dive deep into the magic of using a day timer. By placing your dreams, goals, and even little magical reminders in it, you not only set our intentions but also get daily nudges from them throughout the year. After all, most of us check our calendars daily, right? Each time you glance at it, those words and images whisper to your inner self, keeping you connected to your dreams and ensuring you stay on track. It’s like having a little magical guidebook you carry around, always reminding you of the path you’ve set for yourself.

Plus, for artists, healers, intuitives and creators, the mind often dances to its own rhythm, wandering through a myriad of ideas, inspirations, and dreams. While this is a beautiful gift, allowing for healing, magic and creation, it can sometimes mean that maintaining focus becomes a challenging task. The world inside a creative person’s mind is vast and vivid, and it’s all too easy to get lost in it, especially when there’s a new idea at every turn.

Having a tangible tool, like planning and visioning in a day timer, provides a grounding anchor. It’s a constant, physical reminder of the goals and intentions set for the year. When distractions arise or when the allure of a new project tempts you away, your day timer serves as a gentle nudge, drawing you back to your core focus.

For those who find their attention drifting easily, this kind of daily, visual reminder can be invaluable.

Moreover, having your visions and goals artistically expressed in a place you frequently check amplifies their presence in your daily life. It’s not just a list or a note—it’s an artistically crafted piece of motivation, colored with your dreams and aspirations. Every glance at it becomes a reaffirmation of your path. For artists and creatives who sometimes need that extra scaffolding to stay on course, merging their planning, visioning, and daily tasks into a singular, creative space is a powerful way to ensure that their dreams don’t just stay dreams but evolve into tangible realities.

Art Journal

And my absolute favorite magical tool to help me prepare for success in the coming year?  Why my art journal of course!

Imagine having a special book, like a magic diary, where you can scribble down all your hopes, dreams, and wild ideas. That’s what an art journal is! Except it’s not just any old notebook; it’s a space where your imagination can run free. In planning for the year ahead, your art journal becomes your best friend. It lets you dream big, doodling out ideas that might seem too crazy elsewhere but feel just right in the magical pages of that special book. By letting your hand move freely, drawing or writing, you can often discover things about yourself and your goals that you didn’t even realize before. Plus, when you need a bit of healing or a moment to reflect on something heavy in your heart, your art journal is there for you. It’s a safe spot to pour out emotions and then work through them, using colors, shapes, or words. And the best part? All the magic, the dreams, the plans you’ve put into this journal, stay with you. Anytime you feel lost or need a reminder of your big dreams, just flip it open. It’s like a personal roadmap sprinkled with starlight, showing you the way all year long with colors, shapes and images that speak directly to your soul.

What’s Next

I’ve just given you a sneak peek into 7 magical tools that can set you up for a fabulous year ahead. But guess what? That’s just the tip of the iceberg! I’ve got a treasure trove of magical tidbits and I’m eager to share them with you in my free live virtual class titled “7 Steps to Magically Prepare for Success in 2024“. This isn’t your typical planning session. It’s about weaving your intentions with a sprinkle of wonder and charm and tuning into those invisible forces around you that give your plans that extra magical boost.

I’ll walk you through blending your sensitive, intuitive side with magical planning to truly shine in 2024.

Fancy joining me?

It’s a free ride but you’ll need to register. Can’t wait to see you there! Sign up and let’s embark on this magical journey together.

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with love,

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