Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circle for Weight Loss

A Gentle and Loving Year of Exploring Your Personal Journey with Weight Loss

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Do you want to lose weight in a gentle and loving way with a group of women who can support and motivate you?

I’m looking for women who, like me, have 30+ pounds they’d like to lose but are tired of using shame, guilt or fear to motivate them and are willing to try a creative and spiritual way of approaching their journey with weight loss.

To accomplish this, I’m creating a sacred women’s circle where we meet every week online and use art, sisterhood, magic and Spirit to help us explore our personal journey with weight loss.

This unique weight loss journey begins on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 and meets every Wednesday morning from 10:oo am MST – noon in my private online meeting room for a year until January, 2020.

If you are truly ready to make significant strides in your relationship with food, your body and work towards your weight loss goals, I strongly urge you to join us but this group won’t be a great fit for everyone. Please read on to make sure you align with my approach.


A personal note to consider: Before reading further, I want to acknowledge that women have been manipulated into buying things with the promise of weight loss. I do not agree with this. We’ve also been made to feel ashamed of our bodies and it’s neither right nor acceptable. As you read on, know that I am not centering this particular Moon Sister Circle around weight loss because I believe bigger bodies are ugly or unhealthy nor am I promising weight loss. Every woman’s relationship with her body is sacred and personal and no one is allowed to tell her who she should be or how she should look. If she decides she would like to lose weight for her own reasons and in her own time, that is her decision to make. My hope is women see the inherent beauty they already possess and only ever choose weight loss when their desire to do so comes from love not shame.


This is NOT a traditional weight-loss program.

I’m not a weight-loss expert or a dietitian or a personal trainer. The journey I want to take us on looks nothing like anything I’ve seen. Instead of relying on will power, I want to use sisterhood, magic, Spirit, art and our intuition to help us lose weight. I’ve seen the power of sisterhood and the power of regularly meeting the same small dedicated group of women over a year.  Thoughtfully led and divinely inspired sisterhood works and I think it will work wonders for this delicate and complicated topic too.

We’ll use art, ritual, prayer, meditation and our intuition to guide us along our weight loss journey.

We’ll also explore what emotional issues may be blocking us from reaching our goals and I will use a special procedure to clear the subconscious blocks that keep you stuck . This will lead to BIG positive changes that will amaze you and catapult you closer to your weight loss goals. We’ll also learn to listen deeply to our hearts and our intuition and guide our weight loss actions from the guidance we receive. We’ll learn the difference between letting fear and our need to be loved and accepted to motivate us to lose weight versus deeply listening to our body, heart and soul.

The Unpolished Truth

You may lose weight during this year of sisterhood and you may not. Either way, you will definitely be many steps closer to understanding your own personal relationship with weight loss and you will be much more at peace with your heart and your body and the pace they want to go. You will also have cleared so much of what is standing between you and your weight loss goals.

Even on my own weight loss journey, I hold the goal of losing weight gently in my hands knowing the path to healthier living is unique to me just like your path is unique to you.

Sisterhood Works

I believe there are women out there who, like me, want to explore losing weight in a kind and loving way but don’t want to go through it alone. We know we achieve better results when we have gentle and compassionate support holding us accountable and helping us overcome whatever emotional and/or spiritual roadblocks we will face. Taking steps to make changes that have been difficult for us to achieve in the past isn’t easy. We love the idea of being in a sacred circle of women who understand this and are ready to support us in any way they can.

If approaching weight loss in this gentle and loving way feels good to you, I’d love for us to do this together.


This is a unique program. It is a sisterhood that asks you to make a one year commitment because it is for women who are ready to nurture themselves and each other in a deep and meaningful way. Retreats are wonderful. Workshops are fun too but meeting the same group of women consistently over a year brings a depth and closeness that one time meetings just can’t compare to.

The Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circle for Weight Loss meets  every  Wednesday morning online from 10:00 am – noon MST. This is a closed and intimate group. Only 8 women will be accepted into the circle. If you are one of those women, by the time you complete your journey, you will feel soulfully connected to the women in your circle – including yourself. These deep and meaningful connections will be something you carry with you in your heart for the rest of your life. You will also lose weight or be a lot closer to understanding where you are on your weight loss journey and what you need to keep moving forward.

You don’t have to be familiar with ceremonies, ritual or art. We start out very basic and organically create an experience that fits perfectly for the group’s wants and needs. This is your sisterhood and I will do my best to tailor it to suit you.

The first gathering is on Wednesday, January 23 at 10:00 am  – noon pm MST in my private online meeting room. (directions will be emailed to you closer to the date).

The fee is $300/month for 12 months. When you join, your payments will automatically be withdrawn for you until January, 2020. 

I’m ready to join

***The following testimonial is from my first Moon Sister Art and Ceremony Circle near Bragg Creek. It wasn’t centered around the theme of weight loss like this one will be but we did follow similar art rituals and sisterhood discussions.***

In that first ceremony I knew that the decision to join this group of women was the best decision I had made in a long time and was exactly what I needed.

A year ago I read an ad about Moon Sisters written by Dana. The words she wrote spoke to me. I was lost in a sense, heartbroken, defeated, and stressed out to the nines. I lost myself somewhere along the way, I put everything and everyone before myself.

But in that first meeting with my Moon Sisters a glimmer of hope began to grow. In that first ceremony I knew that the decision to join this group of women was the best decision I had made in a long time and was exactly what I needed.

Each ceremony and each art circle brought tears, laughter, and a connection with each other and to our Spirit Guides and Angels that I am only beginning to explore but already know is magic and amazingly powerful. Each time I was around my Moon Sisters, I was given strength to heighten my awareness of myself.

I learned that I needed to fill the holes in my inner self put there by past relationships, family, even myself, and only I could allow myself to fill them. I was guided on how to deal with what I needed to, to not fear the past or the future and to not let the past shape my future. I learned to stop putting myself down, to start loving myself, and that it's okay, and amazingly refreshing, to feel my emotions.

In the past year, I've been through so much that people have wondered how I wasn't at a breaking point, and I know the answer is my Moon Sisters. They gave me the strength to do things in my life that I never dreamed would happen a year ago. I managed to stand up for myself finally, I moved cities, I managed to land my dream job, and I now look forward to everyday.

A year went by, and it's been crazy, but through all the ups and downs, I had my Moon Sisters. I will never forget them, this year will be favored above all else because they went through it with me.

Lisa Biko

This Moon Sister circle is for you if:

  • You have 30+ pounds you’d like to lose
  • You are no longer interested in using force or guilt to lose weight. Instead, you want to learn how to use compassion and curiosity to make positive changes.
  • You are ready to commit to gathering online every Wednesday morning with your like-minded sisters for a year.
  • You are willing to explore how your creativity and intuition can help you lose weight.
  • You are ready to explore the memories, thoughts and beliefs standing between you and your weight loss goals.
  • You like the idea of using simple moon rituals and ceremonies to enhance the healing and learning.

***The following testimonial is from my first Moon Sister Art and Ceremony Circle near Bragg Creek. It wasn’t centered around the theme of weight loss like this one will be but we did follow similar art rituals and sisterhood discussions.***

I'm already thinking that my Moon Sisters group should sign on for a second year - it's been that impactful.

I was hesitant to join Moon Sisters, I wasn't sure I could commit that much time to myself (6.5 hours month over 2 different days). And I have ZERO artistic abilities. I was out for a walk with a friend and out of no where I told her we should join Moon Sisters - that we should gift ourselves the experience because what we were doing wasn't working (trying to keep our sh*t together as busy working moms/wives/friends) - so why not try something totally different.

She said yes and an hour later we were both signed up. I wasn't sure what to expect - but I can tell you that it has more than exceeded my expectations. I'm 3-months in and get excited for my next Moon Sisters gathering... I'm already thinking that my Moon Sisters group should sign on for a second year - it's been that impactful.

It's hard for me to put into words how much I cherish each experience I have with my Moon Sisters - learning about myself, growing, laughing, creating meaning and passion and direction with my life. All while creating the most amazing art pieces (mine never look like how they *should* look but I've released my need to do what I *should* do and am embracing what I *want* to do.) If you're thinking about joining Moon Sisters - do it - you won't regret it!!!

Andrea La Rochelle

What the Year Will Look Like

With all the external noise around bodies and health and weight and eating, the pressure and volume can be too loud. I want to listen to my heart in a circle of women who want to shut out all that noise and listen to their hearts too. I don’t have a set agenda for the year. That’s not how I operate. I’m a listener. I tune into to Spirit and the needs of the group to tailor our curriculum. It’s fluid and ever-changing but I have years of experience tuning in and listening to spirit and people’s needs. I’m an empath, a highly sensitive soul and I channel Divine Mother and the angels. That’s how I create the curriculum. That’s how I sit and figure out what we’re going to focus on when we come together. But I’m also a MAP practitioner and an Intuitive Therapist that has been healing subconscious minds and hearts for 20 years. You are in good hands here.

Working as intuitively as I do, I may not be able to share all the curriculum details upfront but I do know this:

  • You will be heard
  • You will be held in love
  • You will learn how to listen to your heart and intuition
  • We will have fun healing and creating together
  • We will have deep, meaningful conversations that help you gain clarity and move you forward
  • You will feel supported
  • The angels will help us
  • Wherever you are starting is perfect
  • You will see results

Every gathering will be different but you will leave each one feeling refreshed, clear, supported and better able to follow your heart.

From time to time we’ll work in our art journals. From time to time we’ll do a moon ritual. You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy these art rituals. I create them will all levels in mind. You don’t need to currently practice rituals or follow the cycles of the moon. We start at the beginning and learn to work with the magic of the moon and our own natural rhythms together.

Using Inner Child Healing, Subconscious clearing, Mother Wound Healing, Intuitive Therapy, Emotional Intelligence, Angel wisdom, art, ritual and ceremony, I will move you through a year of highly effective soul work.

 Your needs are my compass.

All classes will be recorded for your convenience and will be accessible in my private online classroom.

Since group dynamics are such an important part of this experience, I suggest you take your time to thoughtfully consider whether or not you are ready to make this kind of commitment. I don’t offer refunds after we’ve begun but you can opt out anytime in the first three months and your automatic payments will end as soon as you are no longer part of the circle. The experience can offer you so much but don’t join lightly. When you register you become part of something beautiful but your magic and your heart will be missed if you leave and your absence will matter. This is a very small and intimate group. It is unlike most women’s circles. So take a moment to check in and really see if being part of this group feels right and good for you. If it does, don’t hesitate. There’s magic afoot.

I’m ready to join.

***The following testimonial is from my first Moon Sister Art and Ceremony Circle near Bragg Creek. It wasn’t centered around the theme of weight loss like this one will be but we did follow similar art rituals and sisterhood discussions.***

Dana couldn't be a better mentor and spiritual guider. She helped me see things about myself I never knew.

I have loved my past year with Dana and my Moon Sisters. She brought us together in such a loving way and the deepness and closeness we felt with each other felt like it was meant to be.

Every time I travel out to Redwood Meadows I feel a calm come over me, a creative spirit awakens and I leave with enough strength to conquer the world.

Dana couldn't be a better mentor and spiritual guider. She helped me see things about myself I never knew. She was a light for me this year that I really needed.

Thank you Dana

Lori Van Gorp

Together let’s make this an unforgettable year.

What’s included:

  • Weekly gatherings with Dana where you are guided through spiritual journeys, subconscious healing and exercises that help you explore your personal journey with weight loss
  • A Moon Sister BFF to be your accountability partner
  • Soulful activities that allow you to connect with your inner wise woman
  • Exercises to release and clear the past
  • Regular spiritual guidance
  • Specially created meditations
  • Monthly ceremonies and rituals to ignite major leaps forward in your life
  • Private Facebook group where you can connect and receive support from Dana and your fellow Moon Sisters all year long

This kind of experience isn’t for everyone but it will be pure magic if you:

  • Prefer intimate gatherings (space is limited to 8 women)
  • Are ready to commit to a biweekly circle
  • Are ready to commit to a year of long-lasting change and magic
  • Are interested in ritual, ceremony and art even if you’ve never made time for it before
  • Are excited about the closeness and friendship that develops when you meet with the same women every second week for a year
  • Love The Witches of Eastwick movie and when watching Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, secretly wanted to be a Ya-Ya too

Are you ready to take the leap and join Dana for 12 months of exploring your magical weight-loss journey?


Click here to join

only 8 spots available


I know commitments can feel scary and you only want to invest in things that are truly worth it. I’m trusting that the women who join will fit perfectly together even if a little adjustment time is required but if you registered and tried it for three months and you feel like it’s just not a great fit, I will gladly stop your monthly payments and invite someone else to fill your spot.

You receive so much with that one monthly fee…intuitive ceremonies, soul workshops with the same powerful women all year long, opportunities to explore your creativity and develop your intuition, membership in the private Facebook group, an assigned Moon Sister BFF who will be like your spiritual accountability partner to help you reach your weight-loss goals, year long access to Dana, and unlimited support and guidance from your wise soul sisters to help you move through whatever life, relationship, career or parenting challenges or obstacles surface throughout the year.

Click here to join

Still not sure? Call or get in touch. I’m happy to answer any questions.

Dana da Ponte


Dana is an artist, author, witch and Intuitive Therapist who offers online coursesintuitive therapy programs and retreats to help women transform their relationship, life and parenting challenges into opportunities to heal and awaken. She specializes in helping women heal the mother wound. She’s also been channeling the angels for over 20 years, has co-written two books and co-developed a spiritual approach to emotional healing that now forms the foundation of all her teachings.

She believes weight-loss and healing can be fun.

She also believes that together, with our sisters across the globe and our sisters in the spirit world, we can inspire miracles, collapse time, remove obstacles, clear the past and help each other touch the spark of divinity that is the core of who we really are.

When she’s not helping spiritually dedicated women live consciously, she’s creating artwork that celebrates motherhood and the divine feminine.



Come paint and play! Join me in my Art Journaling with the Moon Facebook community! Learn more