Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circle near Bragg Creek

A year of magic, art and sisterhood with Dana da Ponte in her studio near Bragg Creek, Alberta

Have you ever wished you were part of a sacred sisterhood?

There’s something magical about women’s circles. It may seem like we just get together to talk but so much more happens, especially in an intentional circle of women who are committed to living a spiritual and awakened life. Dreams are supported, hearts are healed and tired, taxed spirits feel lifted and revitalized.  In a close group of creative women who trust their intuition and gather to celebrate spirit, you feel empowered, loved and cherished.

Without this kind of support you are forced to carve out little moments every day to try and nurture yourself but…

Maybe it’s not more solitude you need. Maybe it’s more sisterhood.


The next evening circle begins on Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 at 6:30 pm MST and meets every other Wednesday evening in my studio until the end of June 2020. There are only 6 spots available.

When you register BEFORE JUNE 1st, you receive 3 BONUS private one hour Intuitive Sessions with me. You can read about my private sessions here and here.

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A commitment to me.

It was two years ago that I came to my first Moon Sisters circle. Sitting there among the women I had committed to meeting every two weeks for a year, I was nervous and excited. I really had no idea what to expect, but I was seeking a place to slow down and reconnect to a sense of myself that I'd somehow lost over the years. At the time, I had a six year old and a three year old and it had been a long time since I had made that kind of commitment, a commitment to me.

The women I spent that year with are each amazing, beautiful souls, and I learned deeply from all of them. Meeting after meeting we showed up, for each other, for ourselves. And we grew stronger, quickly.

The year passed and our circle wound down. At the time I knew I wasn't done this work, that I couldn't yet guarantee to make the space I needed for myself going forward. So I committed to another year of circling with new Moon Sisters.

This practice, and these people, have changed my life. I know how to choose and tend to and love myself in a way that I am not sure I could have learned without coming to Dana's studio every two weeks these past years.

I have learned about community, listening and boundaries I have heard the call of women everywhere, over time and space, and I have felt the wild playfulness and power of what it means to surrender into my wildest dreams and be seen and held there.

Through this process, I am a stronger version of me. I have learned to choose myself, and this has given me the capacity to contribute to the world in a manner I could only dream of a few short years ago. This is the power of Moon Sisters.

If it appeals to you, go. If somewhere deep in your imagination, this seems like a great idea, trust yourself, it is one of the best ideas you'll ever have. ♥

Women Need Support to Thrive

If you had a place you could go where you felt supported and where you could unload, cry, laugh, relax, check in with yourself and figure out what you want and need, you’d be able to release whatever is bothering you, work through any lingering emotional issues and go home feeling clear, grounded and rejuvenated. You’d be better able to take care of everyone else you love because your spiritual and emotional needs were met.

What I’ve learned in my years as an Intuitive Therapist is women need support to thrive. We are natural caregivers. In fact, most of us take care of everyone else’s needs before even sitting down to ask ourselves what we need. We do this without thinking. It becomes second nature to us. But as big and wide as our hearts are, they can become depleted, overworked or stretched too thin.  And fitting in alone time to journal or take a walk outside is helpful but I’ve been lucky enough in my work to witness the miracles, synchronicity and deep healing that happens when women come together to support each other.

It is one thing to pull out your journal and write your tears out and quite another to sit in a circle of soul friends and be witnessed in a way that makes you feel seen and heard.

When you sit in a circle of women who have walked alongside you with Spirit, just walking in the room makes your body relax and your heart heave a sigh of relief.

But developing the kind of intimacy that nurtures you in this way takes time.

I created the Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circle because sisterhood has been a saving grace in my life. So has ritual and art. I wanted to weave the three together in a perfect combination of support, laughter, friendship and healing.  I crave deep, intimate sisterhood where I can connect with my inner wise woman, play with art and my intuition and receive meaningful, loving support when I need it.

I also want to play with magic, Spirit and a lot of great art supplies.

And I know I’m not alone.

This is a unique women’s circle experience. It is a circle that asks you to make a one year commitment because it is for women who are ready to nurture themselves and each other in a deep and meaningful way. Retreats are wonderful. Workshops are fun too but meeting the same group of women consistently over ten months brings a depth and closeness that one time meetings just can’t compare to.


The 2019 Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circle meets every other Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm in my home in Redwood Meadows (a small town near Bragg Creek, Alberta) starting September 4th.

This is a very intimate group. Each group consists of only 6 women. We meet for informal intuitive moon ceremonies and art and healing circles. You don’t have to be familiar with ceremonies or art. We start out very basic and organically create an experience that fits perfectly for the group’s wants and needs. This is your sisterhood and we will tailor it to suit you and your Moon Sisters.

A non-refundable deposit of $180 is required to join and payments of $180/month (+gst) begin in September and continue until June 2020.

When you register BEFORE JUNE 1st, 2018, you receive 3 BONUS private one hour Intuitive Sessions with me. You can read about my private sessions here and here.

Moon Sisters has changed how I show up in the world and how I create

Moon Sisters has completely changed my life, how I show up in the world, how I create, and how I share space with others.
I feel calmer and better equipped to move through life. I am a highly sensitive healer and working with Dana has taught me how important art and ceremony are in my life for my well-being and for processing my thoughts, feelings, traumas and emotions.
Dana has such a magical, calming and strong presence about her. She is able to hold space in such a beautiful, compassionate and kind way, I always felt safe. My feelings, thoughts and emotions, easy or hard were welcome and even encouraged. I always knew I was safe to get out what I needed to with zero judgment and was embraced by all my Moon Sisters with so much love.
Sharing creative and emotional space with a group of women was so empowering and very healing for me. We all did such a beautiful job of lifting each other up or meeting each other where we were at with zero expectations to be anything other than what we needed in that moment.
And a huge bonus I was not expecting is that my art has so much more depth than it ever did before. I am WAY more confident when I create and am less scared to just start!
Thank you Dana and all my Moon Sisters for sharing this beautiful journey with me.
I couldn’t have done it with out all of your love and support! <3

In that first ceremony I knew that the decision to join this group of women was the best decision I had made in a long time and was exactly what I needed.

A year ago I read an ad about Moon Sisters written by Dana. The words she wrote spoke to me. I was lost in a sense, heartbroken, defeated, and stressed out to the nines. I lost myself somewhere along the way, I put everything and everyone before myself.

But in that first meeting with my Moon Sisters a glimmer of hope began to grow. In that first ceremony I knew that the decision to join this group of women was the best decision I had made in a long time and was exactly what I needed.

Each ceremony and each art circle brought tears, laughter, and a connection with each other and to our Spirit Guides and Angels that I am only beginning to explore but already know is magic and amazingly powerful. Each time I was around my Moon Sisters, I was given strength to heighten my awareness of myself.

I learned that I needed to fill the holes in my inner self put there by past relationships, family, even myself, and only I could allow myself to fill them. I was guided on how to deal with what I needed to, to not fear the past or the future and to not let the past shape my future. I learned to stop putting myself down, to start loving myself, and that it's okay, and amazingly refreshing, to feel my emotions.

In the past year, I've been through so much that people have wondered how I wasn't at a breaking point, and I know the answer is my Moon Sisters. They gave me the strength to do things in my life that I never dreamed would happen a year ago. I managed to stand up for myself finally, I moved cities, I managed to land my dream job, and I now look forward to everyday.

A year went by, and it's been crazy, but through all the ups and downs, I had my Moon Sisters. I will never forget them, this year will be favored above all else because they went through it with me.

Lisa Biko


The first gathering is on Wednesday, September 4th at 6:30 pm. Directions and instructions will be emailed to you closer to the date. All other gatherings will continue every other Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm until the end of June 2020.

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If you’d like to learn about the Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circle that meets online, click here.

I want to share with you the letter I sent to call in and attract from the Universe my very first group of Moon Sisters. This letter still applies today. I’m not looking for just anyone. When you read this letter, you’ll know if my sisterhood circle is something you want to learn more about. You’ll feel it in your bones or in the tingle in your arms or the butterflies in your belly or just that deep resonate “YES!” that speaks from your heart.

To my dear soul sisters,

This year I’m on the prowl for miracles. Is that a tall order? I want to make time for magic and my spirit. I want to feel alive. I want to push myself to break open – gently and lovingly, of course. I’m not the type of person who moves with strong focused will and force. I’m more of dreamer with an imagination that wants to believe there is a huge, tremendous force of love that is always following me, watching my stumbling human ways and secretly hugging me every time I fall.

Looking for miracles may be presumptuous but my heart is breaking open. I feel it. I feel ready for some authentic beautiful experiences and I don’t want to experience them alone.

I’ve dreamed about building a conscious sisterhood for a long time and I’ve finally done it. Oh my long lost soul sisters…I’m dreaming up moments for us that move us closer to ourselves and the great big Love I know is waiting for us. I’m dreaming fires and long talks, sitting in stillness together then talking and laughing about how hard it was. I’m dreaming painting feet, carving candles, holding hearts and prayers. I’m dreaming the best of sisterhood…the support, the laughter, the dreamy play and wild abandon. The hugs and pushes, warmth and honesty. I have high hopes and I’m holding them high up to the skies asking to be led to attract the perfect group. Just six earth angels who believe in our wings. That’s all I need. Six goddesses whose hips sway in their dreams longing to remember what it feels like to just. let. go!

I know it will be awkward at first. I know there will be moments where we bumble along but there will be those other moments too…those moments where time slips past us, spirit steps in and takes over, fear falls away, love fills the cracks and we all feel the intangible beauty of God, life, Mother Earth and all the gods and goddesses singing.

I created the Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circles to give spirit a container to pour this particular type of miracle into my life. Not everyone shares my passion for spirit, creativity and ritual. A lot of people hold a lot of opinions about the value of both but I’m not in search of just anyone. I’m in search of my magic sisters. The sisters who dream similar dreams. The sisters who long for me too. I know you’re out there somewhere. I can feel you. I hope you join me.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to have you join us.

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Since group dynamics are such an important part of this experience, I do suggest you take your time to really consider whether or not you are ready to make this kind of commitment. I don’t offer refunds on this service but you can opt out anytime in the first month. The experience can offer you so much but I wouldn’t join lightly. When you register you become part of something beautiful but your magic and your heart will be missed if you leave and your absence will matter. This is a very small group. So take a moment to check in and really see if being part of this group feels right and good for you. If it does, don’t hesitate. There’s magic afoot. 

Together, let’s make this an unforgettable year. 

I'm already thinking that my Moon Sisters group should sign on for a second year - it's been that impactful.

I was hesitant to join Moon Sisters, I wasn't sure I could commit that much time to myself (6.5 hours month over 2 different days). And I have ZERO artistic abilities. I was out for a walk with a friend and out of no where I told her we should join Moon Sisters - that we should gift ourselves the experience because what we were doing wasn't working (trying to keep our sh*t together as busy working moms/wives/friends) - so why not try something totally different.

She said yes and an hour later we were both signed up. I wasn't sure what to expect - but I can tell you that it has more than exceeded my expectations. I'm 3-months in and get excited for my next Moon Sisters gathering... I'm already thinking that my Moon Sisters group should sign on for a second year - it's been that impactful.

It's hard for me to put into words how much I cherish each experience I have with my Moon Sisters - learning about myself, growing, laughing, creating meaning and passion and direction with my life. All while creating the most amazing art pieces (mine never look like how they *should* look but I've released my need to do what I *should* do and am embracing what I *want* to do.) If you're thinking about joining Moon Sisters - do it - you won't regret it!!!

Andrea La Rochelle

What’s included:

  • bi-weekly gatherings with your soul sisters
  • All art supplies
  • Magic lessons
  • Emotional healing
  • Patient and kind art instruction
  • A sacred space full of crystals, incense, candles, angels, message cards and essential oils that nurtures your intuition and creativity
  • Soulful activities that allow you to connect with your inner wise woman and excavate your inner landscape


  • 3 one hour private sessions with me. I suggest using one of your sessions near the beginning of the year, one near January and the last one near May or June. This extra one-on-one time really helps to anchor the shifts you’ll make. You can read about my private sessions here and here.

Ultimately, what’s included in something like this can’t all be itemized.

Try imagining stepping into a living room with dim lights, candles lit, essential oil filling the air and six other women you’ve cried, laughed and experienced magic with. Women you’ve felt safe enough to share your secrets with. Women who’ve known how to lift you up when you lost your way and help you step in your power when you forgot your magnificence.


This kind of experience isn’t for everyone but it is a god-send if you:

  • Prefer small, intimate gatherings
  • Are ready to commit to meeting with the same women bi-weekly for a year
  • Are interested in ritual and art even if you’ve never made time for it before
  • Are excited about the closeness and friendship that develops when you meet with the same women every month for close to a year
  • Don’t mind talking about your emotions and digging deep to heal old wounds
  • Love the idea of sitting in an art studio playing with paper, paint and colors in ways that sets your spirit free and shows you to yourself
  • Love Brave Girls Club, Kelly Rae Roberts, Susannah Conway, Eat, Pray, Love and when watching Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, secretly wanted to be a Ya-Ya too
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A note about ritual and my intuitive way of leading circles:

I know the idea of rituals may seem really out there to some of you but my moon ceremonies are very organic, intuitive and not rooted in any one tradition. This means as a group we get to decide what we feel comfortable doing and we get to create an experience that’s perfectly suited just for us. I have a loose structure I follow but we also co-create the experience. Do we like clearing the space with incense or do we prefer to sit in meditation? Do we want to call in the four elements or does that not really mean anything to us? Our intention is to receive spiritual wisdom and insight and we do so in our own creative, intuitive way. That means different things to different people but you can be sure that your way of doing ceremony and connecting to Spirit will shape our circle and our rituals.

You can be new to ceremony and still deeply benefit from this year long experience but this group isn’t a great fit if you are resistant to ritual and magic. To really enjoy this group, the idea of art, ritual and magic have to excite you and make you feel like you may just have found your kind of people.

Also, because I tune into each person’s individual needs, I can’t list here what content we will cover every month. However, if you love intuitive ways of healing and trust your heart is being considered thoughtfully as I sit to plan our events, you will love this journey.

Some of the topics we’ve covered in the past include:

  • Angel Magic
  • Moon Phases and Archetypes
  • Color Magic
  • Emotional Nutrition
  • Deep Listening
  • Full Moon Magic
  • New Moon Magic
  • Mother Wound Healing
  • Tarot and Oracle Card Magic
  • Candle Magic
  • Highly Sensitive Women and Their Inherent Gifts
  • Sigil Magic

Some of the art techniques and supplies we’ve explored include:

  • Bookmaking
  • Clay sculptures
  • Collage
  • Mixed Media
  • Doodling
  • Printmaking
  • Watercolor
  • Acrylic Inks
  • Drawing
  • Sketching
  • Coloring
  • Painting


Some words from past Moon Sisters:

I feel so empowered whenever I’m around my Moon Sisters. This journey is the best choice I’ve ever made!!! – L.B.

The gift of your heart and soul touches me deeply!!! I am so grateful! – G.B.

Having the scheduled time that I make for myself and leaving the city and enjoying the drive. The drive out here is so peaceful. Making brand new connections has also been helpful. Meeting people who become instant family has been amazing for me. It usually takes me years to get close to people yet here I’ve met people and connected really deeply in a few months. Every month, I look forward to the connection and the creativity and tapping into myself. Connecting with myself this way is something I haven’t done in so long. – L. V.

Dana sets a very solid boundary of safety which has enabled us to be free to be vulnerable. We all had a very clear understanding from the get go that this was sacred, this is safe and you are protected and you are loved. That feeling and the promise that what happens in circle stays in circle has allowed us to open up more freely. – A. D.

Having the ceremony circle AND the art circle is beautiful because they are two different avenues that help us open up and be calm and be in the moment and share. All of it is such a gift; the drive out, the serenity of it all, that safe place to fall and that safe place to heal.

Dana’s skills made this real and possible for us. Without her guiding us we wouldn’t be able to go where we’ve been able to go.

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If you are one of the brave sisters who join me on this crazy adventure, I will make sure you:

  • enjoy soulful art workshops that move your through your emotional and spiritual blocks
  • reconnect with your spirit in powerful moon rituals
  • peel back layers of who you really are
  • receive support from me, an Intuitive Therapist, and your fellow soul sisters ALL YEAR LONG
  • join my private Facebook Moon Sisters group where we’ll keep each other lifted
  • develop your intuition and learn how to hear your inner voice and trust it
  • discover your very own wisdom and way of connecting with Spirit

And honestly, that really isn’t all of it. There’s just too much to list it all here but I know for sure you will also:

  • retreat to the fairy tale forests near Bragg Creek to rejuvenate your spirit
  • learn a super simple approach to solving relationship problems
  • understand how your emotions affect your health and what you can do to master your emotions
  • learn how to have authentic conversations and live from your heart

Are you ready to take the leap and join me for 10 months of brave, soulful living?

Dana couldn't be a better mentor and spiritual guider. She helped me see things about myself I never knew.

I have loved my past year with Dana and my Moon Sisters. She brought us together in such a loving way and the deepness and closeness we felt with each other felt like it was meant to be.

Every time I travel out to Redwood Meadows I feel a calm come over me, a creative spirit awakens and I leave with enough strength to conquer the world.

Dana couldn't be a better mentor and spiritual guider. She helped me see things about myself I never knew. She was a light for me this year that I really needed.

Thank you Dana

Lori Van Gorp

If this sounds like you, I’d love to have you join us. We begin our journey in September and there are only 6 spots available so consider thoughtfully but act quickly.

A non-refundable $180 deposit is required to join and payments of $180/month (+gst) begin in September and continue until June 2020.

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If you don’t live near Calgary or you’d prefer an online sisterhood, click here to learn more about my Moon Sisters group that gathers online.

A word about commitments

I know commitments can feel scary and you only want to invest in things that are truly worth it. I’m trusting that the six women who join will fit perfectly together even if a little adjustment time is required but if you registered and tried it for a month but you feel like it’s just not a great fit, I will gladly stop your monthly payments and invite someone else to fill your spot.

Also remember you receive so much with that one monthly fee…intuitive rituals created for you, soulful workshops with the same powerful women all year long, opportunities to explore your creativity and develop your intuition, membership in the private Facebook group, year long access to me, a skilled and experienced Intuitive Therapist with 20 years experience as a channel for the angels and Spirit and unlimited support and guidance from your wise Moon Sisters to help you move through whatever life, relationship, or parenting challenges or obstacles surface throughout the year.

Still not sure? Call or get in touch. I’m happy to answer any questions before you join.


Come paint and play! Join me in my Art Journaling with the Moon Facebook community! Learn more