Moon Sisters Online Art and Ceremony Circle

A year of magic, art and sisterhood with Dana da Ponte

The Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circle is a ten month program created by Dana for women who want to bring about powerful changes in their lives by playing with art, learning about magic and connecting to Spirit.

Dana keeps each circle small and intimate to ensure that everyone makes deep, meaningful connections with each other and themselves. You will learn about the moon and your own special kind of inner magic while you deepen your connection to your creativity and open yourself up to the wisdom of your intuition. You will also be deeply supported as you move through the emotional and spiritual issues that are currently blocking you from stepping into your power and creating the life you really want.

The next circle begins on Tuesday, September 10th, 2019 at 6:30 pm MST and meets every Tuesday evening in my private online gathering room until the end of June 2020.

When you register BEFORE JUNE 1st, you receive 3 BONUS private one hour Intuitive Sessions with me. You can read about my private sessions here and here.

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A quick note: Besides reading the information on this page, a great way to learn more about the sisterhood is to book a FREE Art to Heart Consultation. The Art to Heart Consultation is a complimentary one hour session where I help you discover your three healing priorities and I create a personalized art ritual to meet your most pressing emotional and spiritual needs. You’ll get a feel for what my art rituals look like and have an opportunity to ask me any questions you have about the Moon Sisters Circles while at the same time walking away with a powerful art ritual I created with Spirit just for you. You can book your FREE Art to Heart Consultation here

If you live near Bragg Creek or Calgary, Alberta, you may be interested in Dana’s local Moon Sister Circle. Click here to learn more.

Does spending an entire year with the same small group of women connecting with your soul, your creativity and your deepest wisdom sound divine to you?

Are you ready to heal whatever destructive patterns have been holding you back?

Do you want to connect with your intuitive gifts?

Does strong dependable support sound like something your heart and spirit really needs right now?

Have you ever wished you were part of a sacred sisterhood?

Me too.

There’s something magical about women’s circles. It may seem like we just get together to talk but so much more happens, especially in an intentional circle of women who are committed to living a spiritual and awakened life. Dreams are supported, hearts are healed and tired, taxed spirits feel lifted and revitalized.  In a close group of creative women who trust their intuition and gather to celebrate spirit, you feel empowered, loved and cherished.

Without this kind of support you are forced to carve out little moments every day to try and nurture yourself. You really want to take care of yourself and you know you need to make yourself a priority in your own life but you’re not having much fun doing it on your own.



If you had a place you could go where you felt supported and where you could unload, cry, laugh, relax, check in with yourself and figure out what you want and need, you’d be able to release whatever is bothering you, work through any lingering emotional issues and go home feeling clear, grounded and rejuvenated. You’d be better able to take care of everyone else you love because your spiritual and emotional needs were met.

What I’ve learned in my years as a Professional Intuitive is women need support to thrive. We are natural caregivers. In fact, most of us take care of everyone else’s needs before even sitting down to ask ourselves what we need. We do this without thinking. It becomes second nature to us. But as big and wide as our hearts are, they can become depleted, overworked or stretched too thin.  And fitting in alone time to journal or take a walk outside is helpful but I’ve been lucky enough in my work to witness the magic, synchronicity and deep healing that happens when women come together to support each other.

It is one thing to pull out your journal and write your tears out and quite another to share and release your feelings in a circle of caring women.

When you sit in a circle of women where you feel emotionally safe, just coming together makes your body relax and your spirit heave a sigh of relief.

But developing the kind of intimacy that nurtures you in this way takes time and thoughtful leadership.

I created the Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circle because sisterhood has been a saving grace in my life. So has ceremony and art. I wanted to weave the three together in a perfect combination of support, laughter, friendship and healing.  I crave deep, intimate sisterhood where I can connect with my inner wise woman, play with art and my intuition and receive meaningful, loving support when I need it.

And I know I’m not alone.

This is a unique women’s circle experience. It is a circle that asks you to make a ten month commitment because it is for women who are ready to nurture themselves and each other in deep and meaningful ways. Retreats are wonderful. Workshops are fun too but meeting the same group of women consistently for close to a year brings a depth and closeness that one time meetings just can’t compare to.

There are so many things this sisterhood blessed me with that I can't be more thankful than I am.

I went back over the intentions I wrote during my first gathering with my Moon Sisters. My intention was to reconnect with myself and others and expand my spirituality. And when I read that I thought, “Well hell girl, did you ever!”

My whole being has shifted and I have opened myself to so many new opportunities. My emotional self has found a new level of contentment. I’m increasingly grounded and have the ability to refocus myself when needed. I walk through my days now with a calm awareness and confidence that I have the tools to face whatever may come my way. A quiet strength glows within me knowing I have cultivated these tools, new connections with Spirit, and forged new valued connections with like-minded people.

I’ve been able to set goals and remain committed to them without feeling overwhelmed. I’ve consistently worked towards achieving these goals without feeling nearly as much of the drowning fear of failure I used to get caught up in. I’ve proven to myself that I can depend on me and the fear of my past mental health issues no longer paralyzes me.

In the group, early on, I felt a connection with a particular Moon Sister. I felt my spirit needed to know her. I have since studied Komyo ReikoDo under her, which has been an answer to one of my intentions and I wouldn't have met her had I not joined up.

I wasn’t ready before, to put my earlier Reiki training into practice but this group and the encouragement and support that I received helped me tiptoe forward and now I feel so powerful. I know I have more to do but I can’t even express what it means to me to be able to say that this group has helped me see that I have value, and the strength to take care of myself. I was afraid of being on my own and I’m not afraid anymore.

I think about stuff that’s going on at work and at home and I think about how that was totally crushing me when we first started. And now my mind automatically thinks “Here’s an opportunity. Let’s think about a solution.” I haven’t had the dread and hopelessness I felt before. I can look at challenges in my life with confidence and I’m so proud of myself. There are so many things this sisterhood has blessed me with that I can’t be more thankful than I am.

Leanne Matlow

What I know is Spirit has no interest in you staying bound.

If you feel the call to break free and SHINE, this ten month program is for you.

No more allowing your shadow self to make major decisions along your path to success.

No more allowing your destructive patterns to roar their dragon fire all over your relationships.

No more inviting your wounded self to sit in the driver’s seat of your life.


This year will be different.

You are NOT meant to feel trapped. You are not meant to live your life depleted, numb or lost. You are meant for JOY and PASSION and PURPOSE.

You are also meant to live from your heart and move with your intuitive wisdom. Your intuitive spirit is calling you. She wants to commune with you. She wants you to know her so deeply that you finally let go and trust HER to rewrite your life story.

I feel connected and bonded. I don't feel alone and isolated anymore.

One of the greatest benefits I experienced from Moon Sisters was changing my views in my relationships with women. I used to be all judgey in my head towards other women now I’m all excited and want to connect with other women. Our circle has changed the way I think about and see women friends. As I move forward in my life, I want to be more encouraging and supportive of women instead of pulling away and not giving them a chance.

This sisterhood has also helped me to open up to other people quicker. It used to take me a really long time to cry in front of other people but my Moon Sisters saw me in a snotty mess quite a few times. Usually I hold it in or choose not to open up to other people very often.

I also feel different and more peaceful now. I think this is because of developing my spirituality and feeling like I’m connected to everything and Creator. The group has helped me with that a lot. I feel connected and bonded. I don’t feel all alone and isolated anymore.

And the biggest benefit for me is how I learned to love myself. It affects everything so listening to my Moon Sisters go through their challenges and sharing what I’m struggling with like my worthiness and body image issues has been life-changing and something I’m so grateful for. It’s hard to change your negative self-talk. Like when you go in your closet and you start putting on clothes and you just get pissed off because you realize nothing fits and I’m so uncomfortable and I just want to tear my skin off…I’m not having days like that anymore. It’s turning into, “Well ok. You’re exercising and you’re eating properly and this is healthy for you and you’re beautiful the way you are.” I even wore short shorts the other day and was like, “I don’t give a f#@%. If you don’t like it, you don’t look mother truckers!” Usually I’m always uncomfortable and pulling at my clothes but not anymore. I’m taking better care of myself and putting myself first and it's making a big difference.

Megan Malloy

Retro image of girl in the seaTHE DETAILS

This is a unique program. It is a sisterhood that asks you to make a ten month commitment because it is for women who are ready to nurture themselves and each other in a deep and meaningful way.

The 2019 Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Online Circle meets  every Tuesday online from 6:30 – 8:30 pm MST. This is a closed and intimate group. By the time you complete your journey, you will feel soulfully connected to the women in your circle – including yourself. These deep and meaningful connections will be something you carry with you for the rest of your life.

You don’t have to be familiar with ritual or art. We start out very basic and organically create an experience that fits perfectly for the group’s wants and needs. This is your sisterhood and we will do our best to tailor it to suit you.

When you register BEFORE JUNE 1st, you receive 3 BONUS private one hour Intuitive Sessions with me. You can read about my private sessions here and here.

The first online gathering is on Tuesday, September 10th at 6:30 pm MSTWe will continue to meet every Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm MST until June 30, 2020.

The fee is a non-refundable $180 deposit +  $180/month (+gst) from September 2019 – June 2020. When you join, your payments will automatically be withdrawn for you until June 2020. (You are also free to withdraw within the first month if you find the circle isn’t right for you.)

I’m Ready to Join

I found the courage to face some really difficult challenges.

My Moon Sisters helped me face some really hard things this year. My fears, shame and embarrassment for one.

With my Moon Sisters’ support, I found the courage to face some really difficult challenges that I had been avoiding. I’ve also been able to work on forgiving myself and show myself compassion.

Being creative again has also been amazing. Using tarot and revisiting the spiritual things I used to do has also been so very helpful.

Lynn Thompson



Using Inner Child Healing, Mother Wound Healing, Abandonment Wound Healing, my personally developed Intuitive Therapy, Emotional Intelligence, channeled wisdom from our guides and angels and art, ritual and ceremony, I will move you through ten months of highly effective soul work.

Because of the nature of intuition, this is a flexible curriculum. My priority is to listen to Spirit and tune into your emotional and spiritual needs to create the curriculum. I am as committed to listening and trusting Spirit as I am to teaching a thoughtfully designed curriculum. The most important thing to me is that I do everything in my power to ensure you receive what your heart and spirit needs. That’s what I want the Moon Sister Circle to become for you. That may mean sticking with a plan I create. That may mean veering off plan and tuning into Spirit and addressing whatever issues are popping up in your life. Whether we stick to the plan or go where love guides us, your needs are my compass.

A side note: although I allow room for intuitively led activities, my core approach remains centered on magic, emotions, intuition, inner child healing and creativity. We talk about challenging things like how we feel and our inner wounds. We also do regular moon rituals. This is deep soulful work. If you’re looking for something light and fluffy, this isn’t a good fit. If you’re looking to get to the core of some repeating issues in your life, this is the perfect place for you.

All classes will be recorded for your convenience and will be accessible in my private online classroom.


  • Angel Magic
  • Moon Phases and Archetypes
  • Color Magic
  • Emotional Nutrition
  • Deep Listening
  • Full Moon Magic
  • New Moon Magic
  • Mother Wound Healing
  • Tarot and Oracle Card Magic
  • Candle Magic
  • Highly Sensitive Women and Their Inherent Gifts
  • Sigil Magic


  • Bookmaking
  • Clay sculptures
  • Collage
  • Mixed Media
  • Doodling
  • Printmaking
  • Watercolor
  • Acrylic Inks
  • Drawing
  • Sketching
  • Coloring
  • Painting

When I'm happy, everything else follows.

During my year with Moon Sisters, I experienced a deepening of my faith. Now I’m on the verge of opening something that really makes my heart sing.

I also have a renewed sense of being of service in my family. I went from a really dark place to feeling like the world is in my hands again and I uncovered another layer of my limiting beliefs.

I also realized the best thing I can do for my relationship is to make myself happy. When I'm happy, everything else follows.

Erin Payne

Since group dynamics are such an important part of this experience, I suggest you take your time to thoughtfully consider whether or not you are ready to make this kind of commitment. I don’t offer refunds after we’ve begun but you can opt out anytime in the first month and your automatic payments will end as soon as you are no longer part of the circle. The experience can offer you so much but don’t join lightly. When you register you become part of something beautiful but your magic and your heart will be missed if you leave and your absence will matter. This is a very small and intimate group. It is unlike most online gatherings. So take a moment to check in and really see if being part of this group feels right and good for you. If it does, don’t hesitate. There’s magic afoot.

Together let’s make this an unforgettable year.

Reserve Your Spot Here

What’s included:

  • Weekly online gatherings with Dana where you are guided through spiritual journeys and art exercises that help you  live from your wisest, most powerful self
  • Recordings of all weekly gatherings in case you miss a circle or two
  • Magical rituals to align with the moon and your inner wisdom
  • Soulful activities that allow you to connect with your inner wise woman
  • Exercises to release and clear the past
  • Lessons to develop your intuition and unleash your creativity
  • Regular spiritual guidance
  • Specially created meditations
  • Curriculum that teaches you how to heal the mother wound, navigate the relationships in your life more successfully, communicate with your Spirit Guides and Angels, align with the magic of the moon and develop your intuition
  • Monthly rituals to ignite major leaps forward in your life
  • Pretty workbooks to enhance your spiritual and emotional healing
  • Private Facebook group where you can connect and receive support from Dana and your fellow Moon Sisters all year long

This kind of experience isn’t for everyone but it will be pure magic if you:

  • Prefer intimate gatherings (space is limited to 12 women)
  • Are ready to commit to a weekly circle
  • Are ready to commit to a year of long-lasting change and magic
  • Are interested in ritual, ceremony and art even if you’ve never made time for it before
  • Are excited about the closeness and friendship that develops when you meet with the same women every week for a year
  • Love The Witches of Eastwick movie and when watching Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, secretly wanted to be a Ya-Ya too

Are you ready to take the leap and join Dana for 10 months of healing with the angels?


The next circle begins on Tuesday, September 10th, 2019 at 6:30 pm MST and meets every Tuesday evening in my private online gathering room until the end of June, 2020.

I’m Ready to Join the Sisterhood

Through ritual, prayer, and the creation of art, I felt myself opening up and finding the magic within

When I reflect back on the experiences I have had with Dana this quote rings true for me

Your soul is begging for you to shed all that they said you should be.  Find yourself beneath the frigid face that you present to the world, the face that protects you from rejection and isolation.  Find yourself in the not-knowing.  Find yourself in stillness. Find yourself in the spaces between the inhales and exhales”  from Woman Most Wild by Danielle Dulsky.  

I made the life-changing decision to join an on-line circle facilitated by Dana.  My father had recently passed and my daughters had grown up and moved out.  After having spent a significant amount of time focusing most of my energy caring for my only remaining aging parent, I was feeling rather isolated and disconnected from most of my female friends.   As a deeply spiritual person, I was also struggling to find a belief system that spoke to me, where I could be my own authentic self where women were valued and honored.

I recognized the Wild One, and then She saw me, too.

We waited for the dark to run, and now we come for you.

Meet us on the wild hill where we will light the fires

And burn to ash the ties to will with ripe and raw desires.

We are wild and have come home to see magick in the night.

We are wild and now we roam in darkness and in light.

Unchained we are, and free we’ll stay, so shed your armored skin.

We are women, come what may, and wild we’ve always been. 

from Woman Most Wild by Danielle Dulsky

Dana was able to provide a safe space and a sense of community allowing our moon sisters to connect and uplift each other.  Through ritual, prayer, and the creation of art, I felt myself opening up and finding the magic within the world again and, more importantly, within myself.  Discussions were often deep-seated and emotional, and each of us knew that our challenges would be met with love, support and confidentiality from our moon sisters.

Dana’s knowledge of the moon and her many faces, and phases as well as Dana’s ability to connect with the divine and share that knowledge has been invaluable to me, and to my daughters and my husband.

Dana encourages each Moon Sister to bring their all, and assists each moon sister to see our inner magic, Picasso, Goddess, little girl, sister, witch, maiden, , mother and crone all the while championing each other.  If you are looking for a truly nourishing experience with a women’s support group, I encourage you to join one of Dana’s Moon Sister circles.

I see you now, my Sister-Witch, ear pressed against the door, hearing the call of your wild nature like a gut-born drumbeat.  The pingpat of raindrops. The mother wolf’s howl, the songs of birds you cannot name:  All these things have been nested in your soul since you were a young girl.  Remember now.  Remember the nourishment of nature-aligned rhythm, and insert the ancient, rusted key into the lock.  Remember the electric buzz you felt in your heart when gazing upward at the maternal full moon.  Turn the key, letting it groan like the ancient iron it is.  Hear the sound of your inner Witch waking up with a soft, sultry yawn bellowed from beneath your ribs.  Embodying the rhythms of this strong Earth is your first act of liberation, and it is the most fundamental, center pillar of wild woman spirituality.  Once you have acknowledged the organic power of the world around you as kith and kin to that which lies within you, once that is done, there will be no turning back.

from Woman Most Wild by Danielle Dulsky.

Christine Steele
Hearts Awakening

I definitely got what I asked for...and so much more.

There are so many amazing gifts I received from leading my Moon Sisters Circles that I decided to include my own testimonial.

I started Moon Sisters because I wanted to experience miracles with other women – the kind of loving and spiritually devoted women I knew God and Divine Mother would call into my life. And WOW!! I definitely got what I asked for and so much more. It’s been absolutely AMAZING!!!

When I first dreamed Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circles up, I was inspired by the miracles and shifts in growth I experienced when I set aside the time to enjoy ceremony, ritual and deep, soulful conversations with my spiritually like-minded friends. The effects these rituals and conversations had on my life and my growth were always beautiful and mind-blowing but in my Moon Sister Circles it has been exponentially even more effective.
I attribute this to the fact that instead of trying to fit in spontaneous spiritual meetings with friends, I now meet consistently with the same small group of women over the course of a year. I knew this consistency and intimacy would make a BIG difference in the benefits we each receive and this has proved to be exactly what happens. During a year with my Moon Sisters, we are able to connect in deeper ways because we committed to coming together consistently and regularly. We showed up and fed ourselves emotionally and spiritually consistently over and over again for a year and we developed an intimacy with each other that was deeply transformative.

I began my journey leading Moon Sisters still suffering from my abandonment wound. I had overcome and healed so much of my mother and my abandonment wounds but there was still so much more for me to move through. Over the last two years of leading circles, I have come to such a deep understanding of who I really am and how dramatically my wounds affected my past relationships. I didn’t expect this.

Leading Moon Sister Circles also helped deepen my relationship with Divine Mother. I experienced a life-altering physical healing where Divine Mother took away whatever mystery illness I had endured for over five years. My illness affected not only my physical health but my mental health as well. The pain and suffering that has disappeared as a result of Divine Mother’s healing still makes me cry tears of gratitude. It literally brings me to my altar where I drop to my knees in devotion and service to Divine Mother and the magnificence and holiness she has brought into my life.

The other surprising gift I received as I journeyed with each of my Moon Sister groups has been in the relationship I have with my mother. I had already experienced so much transformation in that relationship from the spiritual therapy approach I developed and used to heal my mother wounds but helping other women heal their mother wounds in my Moon Sister Circles only deepened and amplified this. I LOVE the relationship I now have with my mother. I feel heard, valued, respected, honored, appreciated and so deeply loved. I enjoy our time together. I have boundaries where I never had boundaries in the past. I don’t expect her to meet all my needs. I don’t expect her to change or be someone else. I see her flaws and I love her anyway. She always loved me despite my many flaws but as her daughter I wasn’t always reciprocating that unconditional love. I had gaping emotional voids and I had to heal those before my heart could come to our relationship without resentment and anger.

I don’t always agree with her or the way she lives her life (nor does she with me) and I have to set certain boundaries so my needs are honored (as does she with me) but my heart is now always overflowing with love for her. That is so BIG!!! My heart doesn’t feel closed to the love I naturally have for my mom. My heart feels open and connected to her and that feels sooooo good. I had closed my heart off to her when I was younger and it feels so good to feel the ocean of love finally set free. It’s like breaking apart a dam and watching all this love pour out of my heart.

I know these circles aren’t for everyone but if they call to you, please don’t hesitate to join us. It will be a year like no other and it will be so worth it…probably a hundred times more than you expect it to be. At least that is my wish for you.

Dana da Ponte

My promise to you:

I have practiced art, ritual and ceremony privately and with groups and I am committed to show you how powerful communion with Spirit and the Angels in sisterhood can be.

I promise you this will be a deeply soulful journey that will be every bit worth the time and investment you commit to it.

Through online gatherings, creative art journaling, meditations, sacred circles, spirit signs, angel channelings, moon ceremonies and intuitive guidance, YOU WILL BREAK FREE AND SOAR.

The fee includes a deposit of $180 + a monthly fee of $180/month for 10 months. When you join, your payments will automatically be withdrawn for you until June 2020.

I know commitments can feel scary and you only want to invest in things that are truly worth it. I’m trusting that the right women who join will fit perfectly together even if a little adjustment time is required but if you registered and tried it for one month and you feel like it’s just not a great fit, I will gladly stop your monthly payments and invite someone else to fill your spot.

You receive so much with that one monthly fee…intuitive ceremonies, soul workshops with the same powerful women all year long, opportunities to explore your creativity and develop your intuition, membership in the private Facebook group, year long access to me and unlimited support and guidance from your wise soul sisters to help you move through whatever life, relationship, career or parenting challenges or obstacles surface throughout the year.

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Still not sure? Call or get in touch. I’m happy to answer any questions. 

You can also book a FREE Art to Heart Consultation. The Art to Heart Consultation is a complimentary one hour session where I help you discover your three healing priorities and I create a personalized ritual using essentials oils and art to meet your most pressing emotional and spiritual needs. You’ll get a feel for what my art rituals look like and have an opportunity to ask me any questions you have about the Moon Sisters Circles while at the same time walking away with a powerful ritual I created with Spirit just for you. You can book your FREE Art to Heart Consultation here

Dana da Ponte


Dana is an artist and professional intuitive who offers online coursesintuitive therapy programs and retreats to help women transform their relationship, life and parenting challenges into opportunities to heal and awaken. She specializes in helping highly sensitive women manage their sensitive natures so they can be the parent, healer and business owner they want to be while acknowledging and mastering the spiritual gifts and powers that naturally come with their sensitivities. She also focuses on helping women heal the mother wound. She’s been channeling the angels and Spirit for 20 years, has co-written two books and developed a spiritual approach to emotional healing that now forms the foundation of all her teachings.

She believes healing and awakening can be fun.

She also believes that together, with our sisters across the globe and our sisters in the spirit world, we can inspire miracles, collapse time, remove obstacles, clear the past and help each other touch the spark of divinity that is the core of who we really are.

When she’s not helping highly sensitive women manage their sensitivities and master the gifts that come with it, she’s creating artwork that celebrates motherhood and the divine feminine.

The next circle begins on Tuesday, September 10th, 2019 at 6:30 pm MST and meets every Tuesday evening in my private online gathering room for ten months until June 30, 2020.

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Come paint and play! Join me in my Art Journaling with the Moon Facebook community! Learn more