Intuitive Support for Developing Your Intuition

And For Meeting Your Angels or Spirit Guides

I see intuition as the power to be conscious of our inherent connection to each other, our inner wisdom and the love that holds us all together. When our hearts are open and our mind is quiet, we can hear, see, smell and just know things that we wouldn’t otherwise be aware of.

My intuition has been the guiding force in my life.

As a child, it helped me to know the difference between an adult who appeared to be kind and one who actually was. It helped me to talk to and see my angels. It was a tremendous source of comfort when my favorite aunt passed away and I was able to see her spirit one evening in the corner of my room. When I was 25, my intuition became my career and I’ve been using it professionally ever since.

I believe everyone is intuitive. It’s a part of who we are.

Each of us relies on our intuition to a different degree but we all have the power to tune in and receive information that we normally wouldn’t be aware of.

How to tune in and strengthen your intuitive muscle is something I can help you with.

I’ve been teaching others how to connect with their intuition and their spirit guides and angels for years. When you sign up for one of the 3 month options, we will outline your specific intuitive goals and I will tune in to my intuition to create a program specifically for you.

We will also use MAP as a way to clear any fears, beliefs or past conditioning that may be blocking you from fully opening your third eye. MAP trains your brain to heal itself. We will use MAP to clear your intuitive blocks in a gentle, fast and effective way. With MAP there is no hypnosis, tapping or talking necessary. We simply teach the brain how to neutralize memories that are sabotaging your ability to use your intuition. MAP unleashes your brain’s ability to rewire and upgrade itself which makes room for your brain to accept new ideas and beliefs about using your intuition and connecting to Spirit. It’s painless and simple and extremely effective.

The joy of MAP is that although we will be focusing on clearing subconscious blocks to your intuition, the treatment will most likely have a much greater impact in your life. The results will spread in more areas than just your intuition. For example, when I used MAP to clear the anxiety I was feeling around money, my brain ended up just clearing ALL anxiety. I’ve suffered with anxiety most of my life. To be free of it has been life changing. It was such a happy side-effect to my MAP treatment.

*** Especially for healers: The Intuitive Support for Developing Your Intuition program is especially helpful for healers who want to increase their ability to connect to Spirit and the subconscious realm to help their clients. ***

An optional feature: For those of you who are creative, I’ll make sure to tailor your program to include fun, artistic ways to tap into your intuition. You don’t have to be an experienced artist to enjoy this. I can customize your program for the artistically shy as well as I can for the creatively confident.

If you choose to join me on this journey, you will:

  • Pinpoint your particular method of connecting to your inner wisdom (There are many different ways to receive intuitive insight. It’s helpful to explore and learn which methods work best for you.)
  • Identify the memories or past conditioning that is preventing your intuitive abilities from working as well as they could be
  • Remove and clear the subconscious programming that works against your intuitive goals

This 3 month Intuitive Support for Developing Your Intuition program includes:

  • TWO or FOUR 60 minute sessions every month for a minimum of 3 months (depending on which program option you choose)
  • Intuitive Support sessions can be over the phone (if you live in Canada) or online in my private Zoom meeting room – your choice
  • Optional: If you love creative journeys, we can also include spiritual art rituals to support the work we’re doing

Ready to get started?

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2 – 60 min Intuitive Support Sessions every month

$400 CAD/month for a minimum of 3 months

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4 – 60 min Intuitive Support Sessions every month

$680 CAD/month for a minimum of 3 months


*If you need to book a subsequent session, or if you have further questions, please contact Dana