Intuitive Support for Loving Your Body

Imagine what life would be like if you never felt fat?

therapy-for-loving-your-body-1You’d probably enjoy shopping for clothes more. You’d dream about what outfits to wear and get excited about that upcoming party. You’d pack a swimsuit on your next vacation, allow your partner’s hand to linger on your waist and smile when your best friend pulled out her camera. The next time someone described you as beautiful, you’d believe it. You’d feel sexy and confident and walk around with a happiness so bright you’d glow.

When you feel fat, you worry that everyone is looking at your rolls.

You cringe when your partner’s hands go anywhere near your stomach. You feel unattractive and as a consequence, you don’t initiate sex. You secretly feel guilty for taking up space.  You feel gross and secretly believe that life would be so much better if you were skinnier.

You imagine your inner light is hidden behind layers of goo.

The only thing that seems to stop the suffering is losing weight or thinking about losing weight.

So you monitor what you eat and exercise religiously. When you stay on track, you feel great but as soon as you fall off the wagon, you slip right back into feeling fat and miserable again. If you look back over your life, you realize that it didn’t matter what weight you were, you always felt fat.

You’ve been chronically plagued with feeling fat. It’s been a theme in your life and something you’ve battled with for years and it’s robbed you of some pretty fantastic things.

What I’ve come to learn is I can’t will myself to be different.

It’s not about will power. As hard as I try, I can’t make myself change if there is some underlying unmet emotional need preventing me from achieving success.

So when I feel fat, instead of plotting my next diet or exercise schedule…


I now know I need to PAUSE and take a moment to get curious. I need to ask questions that will lead me inward to the real source of the problem. When I see what’s really going on for me, I no longer feel fat. I feel beautiful… powerful… calm. All tension dissolves and the battle with my body, my eating and my will power falls away.

When I meet my emotional needs, the struggle to stay on track disappears.

I naturally feel motivated to take care of myself AND the negative effects of feeling fat no longer exist. The fire for sex is reignited; I enjoy clothes and shopping again; I feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit; and I don’t shy away from the camera.

My food and exercise choices then naturally flow from a place of harmony and health. I don’t have to force myself. I want to make healthier choices.

My teachings don’t address weight loss.

I rarely struggle with hating my body. I’ve also learned how to love and care for myself with life-enhancing food rather than seeking comfort in foods that make my body sick.

I live the life I thought I’d only live in a skinny body. It took me 10 soul-searching years to get here. I’d love to make your journey to body acceptance and love go much faster.

After this program, you will walk away with:

  • weekly sessions that work with the MAP Method to clear subconscious memories and beliefs that perpetuate the issues you experience with your body and/or eating
  • the unmet emotional needs that are wreaking havoc on your body
  • a better understanding of your relationship with food
  • a simple practical solution that you can start applying right away to begin to unravel the body hate insanity
  • a better sense of who you really are and what it is you really want (hint: it’s not processed sugar or junk food)
  • a kind, loving, compassionate approach to your relationship with food and exercise that ends obsessively praying for more willpower
  • the knowledge of how forgiveness heals body shame

This 3 month Intuitive Support for Loving Your Body program includes:

    • TWO or FOUR (your choice) 60 minute Intuitive Support sessions every month for a minimum of 3 months
    • over the phone (if you live in Canada) and online in my private Zoom meeting room – your choice



2 – 60 min Intuitive Support Sessions every month

$400 CAD/month for a minimum of 3 months


4 – 60 min Intuitive Support Sessions every month

$680 CAD/month for a minimum of 3 months


*If you need to book a subsequent session, or if you have further questions, please contact Dana