Intuitive Therapy For Relationships

What do you do when you are drifting away from a friend or your wife or husband suddenly seems like a stranger? How do you enjoy an upcoming family function when being around your loved ones brings up so many unpleasant issues?

Relationships can be challenging but I am FASCINATED by the potential they have to expedite our spiritual and personal growth!

therapy-for-relationships-2Unfortunately, most people perceive the “problems” they face in relationship as reasons to avoid the people they used to love or in the case of marriage, as grounds for divorce. But I believe those very same problems can actually become opportunities to help you overcome your personal issues and ultimately establish a deeply profound and beautifully close relationship with yourself… and with the other person.

Not every relationship is going to last but if there are things you can do to improve the relationships that are near and dear to your heart, don’t you want to try everything you can before giving up?

If a relationship that is important to you makes you feel any one of the following statements, it’s a good time to ask for help:

  • You no longer feel you have anything in common with your partner
  • You feel misunderstood
  • You’re not as intimate as you used to be
  • You feel you speak different languages and as hard as you try, you both have a hard time translating what the other needs and wants
  • You don’t feel close anymore
  • You are frustrated because you don’t know how to change things
  • You don’t quite know what is wrong but you can sense something just doesn’t feel right
  • You no longer feel like you are on the same team
  • You want more
  • You feel like something is missing
  • Your mind wanders to the idea of divorce as an answer to your problems
  • You are unhappy with the way things are

therapy-for-relationships-3Using my intuition and my approach to emotional nutrition, I can help you identify what is going wrong and provide you with a solution specific to you and your relationship.

During our time together you will receive:

  • A kind and understanding shoulder to lean on
  • Insight into the cause of your relationship struggles
  • Practical tips you can start implementing right away to improve the relationship
  • Spiritual techniques you can integrate into your everyday life to relieve suffering and communicate more effectively
  • Intuitive guidance that quickly pinpoints your specific fears, obstacles and/or barriers to love
  • Gentle, comforting conversations that expertly guide you to your truth

This 3 month Intuitive Therapy for Relationships program includes:

  • One 90 minute introductory session
  • 11 subsequent 60 minute sessions (over the phone and online in my private Zoom meeting room – your choice)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Specific-to-you, recommended heart work designed to help you apply the concepts we cover to your everyday life
  • At the Heart of the Matter workbook

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