She Embraces Her Subconscious Mind

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She embraces her subconscious mind and feels whole. Scroll down for more description of this painting's symbolism.

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This is a print of an acrylic painting. The girl in this painting is hugging a bear with the fur of the Universe. The bear represents her subconscious mind which she lovingly holds in an embrace because the act of loving herself has become so habitual that is has sunk deep within her subconscious mind. Although her mind entertains thoughts of self-attack and self-judgment, her years of committed effort to train her mind to respond instead in love have begun to pay off. She now enjoys moments where harsh thoughts enter her mind but her mind automatically returns to love without her needing to put any conscious effort in guiding it back.

I created this painting after I noticed my subconscious mind was automatically protecting my brain from attacking itself. After years of learning to treat myself with love it felt like a shift worthy of celebration. Hang this painting anywhere you need a reminder that learning to treat yourself with love takes practice but it will pay off and it does get easier.