highly sensitive mother

Use the energy of the new moon in March to communicate with your Spirit Guides and Angels! The new moon is in Pisces. This is a great time to be in liminal space and connect to Spirit which is why this moon page is about communicating with your Spirit Guides or Angels. We all come… More

Work with the healing power of the lunar cycles in a creative way You have an ancient relationship with the moon. It pulls on your heart and spirit as much as it pulls on the sea. The phase and sign the moon is in at any given time can deeply affect your emotional well-being. You… More

This February 2021 full moon journal page was created to remind you to protect your energy. Most people are already weighed down by the emotional baggage from the past never mind the emotional baggage they continue to accumulate in their everyday lives. This is a problem especially for empaths and highly sensitive people whose nervous… More

Use the energy of the new moon in February to let love rain down on you! I must confess, I felt like this particular journal page came about magically. I had no idea the new moon was in Aquarius when I created this page nor did I know that the sign of Aquarius is known… More

This January 2021 full moon journal page was created to remind you what you can hold onto even in the midst of chaos. I began this moon page as I begin all of my journal pages, with a blank piece of paper. I did not know what I was going to draw on it. I… More


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