Shipping and Purchase Policies for physical products


Your order will be processed & shipped within 2-4 business days from the date of purchase/payment. I charge a flat fee of $10 for shipping and handling and currently only ship to the U.S. and Canada. Please feel free to contact me if you would like express shipping and I will arrange it for you for an additional fee. Please note that we do not have tracking numbers in Canada unless you pay express.

Refunds and Exchanges

I will gladly refund an original painting that is damaged in shipping after the original painting has been returned to me. I will happily replace or exchange prints or other products that are not original paintings that are damaged in shipping after the item has been returned to me or sufficient proof of damage is provided.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact me at and I will be sure to personally answer your concerns as soon as possible.

* In the case of a refund or exchange, shipping to me is to be made at your own expense and shipping back to you will be made at my own expense.

* Returned product must be shipped back to me within 10 days of receipt and with a tracking number only.

Purchase Policies for downloadable products

Refunds and exchanges for downloadable products

My ebooks and other downloadable products are non-refundable due to copyright issues. Thanks for understanding.

Purchase Policies for Retreat Bookings

By completing an on-line reservation/booking and accepting these terms and conditions, you accept these Terms and Conditions as a binding contract between Dana da Ponte on behalf of yourself and any other members of your booking. I cannot accept your booking without a completed online reservation and payment. An emailed confirmation sent to you by Dana da Ponte means I have accepted your booking.

It is vital that I have a valid email address. If you change this you should inform me immediately. I correspond by email. Once your booking has been made and I have received your payment, all further correspondence is by email. I will also email you all of the information that you'll require to get to the retreat location. I also require a mobile phone number as an alternative means of contact.

 I work hard to create a fun and enjoyable experience for you but ultimately I want you to enjoy a deeply rewarding soul journey. For this reason and because I like to offer my retreats in my home where I can create the most homey and nurturing space possible, I can only accept a maximum of 8 retreat guests at a time. This means that every available spot is important to make offering retreats feasible. Cancellations are therefore not encouraged so if you feel even a little bit hesitant, please trust your instincts and don't book at this time. If you feel great about booking but some unforeseeable circumstances stand in the way, the following are my cancellation policies. If you cancel your retreat booking between 8 and 6 weeks before the retreat date you booked, you will receive a 100% refund. If you cancel your booking between 6 weeks and 4 weeks prior to the retreat date you booked, you will be liable for 50% of the retreat booking, and if you cancel less than 2 weeks prior to the retreat date you booked then you will be liable for 100% of the retreat booking.

 Weather conditions can be unpredictable, and can change quickly and significantly. I cannot be made liable for unpleasant or unsuitable weather conditions and no refunds are made for such conditions unless road conditions are deemed unsafe by Alberta Road Reports. If road conditions are deemed unsafe by Alberta Road Reports, you will be given the opportunity to reschedule for a future retreat date. If you cannot find a date that works for you, I will happily refund your payment.

Purchase Policy for Online Courses

My online courses are created as a personal journey therefore I can't really set any guarantees but if you feel this just isn't a perfect fit for you, I will happily refund your money if you email me at BEFORE THE START OF THE SECOND SESSION IN THE PROGRAM.

I try hard to establish a comfortable environment where people can feel safe to open up and share. Commitment and consistently are crucial to creating this atmosphere so no refunds will be given after the second session starts.

Purchase Policy for Intuitive Therapy

To ensure we have the best possible experience working together, it's helpful for us to share the same understanding about how we will work together. I want our time together to be an enriching, positive and inspiring experience. Outlined below are the terms and conditions for my 12 week Intuitive Therapy Programs.

The Intuitive Therapy Program requires a 3 month commitment. During this time, you will receive one 90 minute session and 5 bi-weekly 60 minute sessions, email support throughout the entire program, bi-weekly resource packages (if they pertain to your particular needs), specific-to-you, recommended heart work to be completed before our next session and written feedback from me after each session that captures what we talked about, the realizations you came to and your steps for moving forward.

I will bring myself to our intuitive therapy sessions free from distractions and respectfully request that you do the same. An Intuitive Therapy Session with distractions and background noise is not efficient.

After the initial session, each session is 1 hour in length and takes place over the phone, on video Skype or in person in my home near Bragg Creek, Alberta. I will reach you using phone or Skype at our agreed upon time.

Payments for the program are made online or by email money transfer to

We agree that we will each show up at the mutually scheduled time for our Intuitive Therapy session and if you have to reschedule, you will do so with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Other than in emergency situations, if 24 hours notice is not received, a missed session will not be rescheduled and you will maintain financial responsibility for that session. I certainly understand that emergencies do arise and will accommodate those on a case-by-case basis.

Should you "no-show" for two appointments during our Intuitive Therapy relationship (without notification or rescheduling) we will evaluate whether or not Intuitive Therapy is appropriate for you at this point in time.

I welcome communication between our calls via email at . It is my expectation that you will reach out if you have any questions, you need support completing your assigned heart work or you hit a difficulty in your life that you would like some feedback on.

I also invite you to email me and share the successes that you achieve along the way. Our mind is not usually conditioned to pay attention to and celebrate our successes. We are often more focused on our setbacks, weaknesses or areas that require growth or improvement. Taking the time to email and celebrate with me your Ah-Ha moments, wins, achievements or mind shifts really helps to program your mind with a positive new habit.

I welcome your input and questions along the way. Our relationship is a collaborative one and the more you put into it the more you will get out of it. Ask me questions, share with me your insights and let me know what I can do more or less of to help you make the most of this experience

Purchase Policies for Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings are not to be used in lieu of professional advice and I encourage you to seek such guidance, as needed, for legal, medical, financial, business or other matters.

You must be 18 years or older at the time of reading. By booking and paying for an Intuitive Reading, you certify that you are at least 18 years old.

I will always be respectful of your feelings and your privacy.

You are responsible for your well-being during your Intuitive Reading including your choices and decisions made based on any interpretation of the information you received.  Intuitive Readings are not psychotherapy, nor a substitute for counseling or other mental health care, and you are not to use it in place of any form of professional therapy. Professional counseling referrals will be given if needed.

Cancellations are accepted with 48 hours notice. Other than in emergency situations, if 48 hours notice is not received, a missed session will not be rescheduled and you will maintain financial responsibility for that session. I certainly understand that emergencies do arise and will accommodate those on a case-by-case basis.