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The 2016 Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circle is Now Online

I’m taking the magic I’ve been experiencing in my local sisterhood and sharing it with my online friends.

That’s right, my Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circle is now available to anyone, anywhere.

From the comfort of your own home, you can join this very unique sisterhood.

I want to share with you the letter I sent to call in and attract from the Universe my very first group of Moon Sisters. This letter still applies today. I’m not looking for just anyone. When you read this letter, you’ll know instantly if my sisterhood circle is something you want to learn more about. You’ll feel it in your bones or in the tingle in your arms or the butterflies in your belly.

To my dear soul sisters,

This year I’m on the prowl for miracles. Is that a tall order? I want to make time for God and my spirit. I want to feel alive. I want to push myself to break open – gently and lovingly, of course. I’m not the type of person who moves with strong focused will and force. I’m more of dreamer, a wannabe gypsy with a heart that longs to be like Buddha and an imagination that wants to believe there is a huge, tremendous force of love that is always following me, watching my stumbling human ways and secretly hugging me every time I fall.

Looking for miracles may be presumptuous but my heart is breaking open. I feel it. I feel different. I feel ready for some authentic beautiful experiences and I don’t want to experience them alone.

I’ve dreamed about building a conscious sisterhood for a long time but this year I decided it was finally time. Oh my long lost soul sisters…I’m dreaming up moments for us that move us closer to ourselves and the great big Love I just know is lurking around. I’m dreaming fires and long talks, sitting in stillness together then talking and laughing about how hard it was. I’m dreaming painting feet, carving candles, holding hearts and prayers. I’m dreaming the best of sisterhood…the support, the laughter, the dreamy play and wild abandon. The hugs and pushes, warmth and honesty. I have high hopes and I’m holding them high up to the skies asking to be led to attract the perfect group. Just ten earth angels who believe in our wings. That’s all I need. Ten goddesses whose hips sway in their dreams longing to remember what it feels like to just. let. go!

I know it will be awkward at first. I know there will be moments where we bumble along but there will be those other moments too…those moments where time slips past us, spirit steps in and takes over, fear falls away, love fills the cracks and we all feel the intangible beauty of God, life, Mother Earth and all the gods and goddesses singing.

I created the Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circle to give spirit a container to pour this particular type of miracle into my life. Not everyone shares my passion for spirit, creativity and ceremony. A lot of people hold a lot of opinions about the value of both but I’m not in search of just anyone. I’m in search of my soul sisters. The sisters who dream similar dreams. The sisters who long for me too. I know you’re out there somewhere. I can feel you. I hope you join me.

Moon Sisters online art and ceremony circle

The Details

This is a unique women’s circle experience. It is a circle that asks you to make a one year commitment because it is for women who are ready to nurture themselves and each other in a deep and meaningful way. Retreats are wonderful. Workshops are fun too but meeting the same group of women consistently over a year brings a depth and closeness that one time meetings just can’t compare to.

The 2016 Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Online Circle meets every second Monday evening online. This is a very intimate group. Each online sisterhood consists of only 10 women. Every second Monday evening of the month (excluding some Canadian statutory holidays) from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm we meet to develop our intuition and deepen our feminine gifts.

You don’t have to be familiar with ceremonies, ritual or art. We start out very basic and organically create an experience that fits perfectly for the group’s wants and needs. This is your sisterhood and we will tailor it to suit you.

The specific dates are:

August 8 & 22, September 12 & 26, October 3 & 17, November 7 & 21, December 5 & 19, January 2017 9 & 23, February 6 & 27, March 13 & 27, April 10 & 24, May 8 & 29, June 12 & 26, July 10 & 24

The Special Surprises

Every month you will receive a homemade package in the mail. This package is personally collected and created by me. It will contain the magical supplies you need to participate in the activities I will guide us through that month. When is the last time you received something that special in the mail? I love the idea of gifting you with surprises each month and if you’re like me, you’ll end up looking forward to your monthly made-with-love bundles and going to the mailbox will put a little spring in your step.

Our first online gathering is on Monday, August 8th at 6:30 pm.

Since group dynamics are such an important part of this experience, I do suggest you take your time to really consider whether or not you are ready to make this kind of commitment. I don’t offer refunds on this service but you can opt out anytime in the first three months. The experience can offer you so much but I wouldn’t join lightly. When you register you become part of something beautiful but your magic and your heart will be missed if you leave and your absence will matter. This is a very small group. So take a moment to check in and really see if being part of this group feels right and good for you. If it does, don’t hesitate. There’s magic afoot. I can feel it.

I’m ready to join

Together let’s make this an unforgettable year.

Moon Sisters Online Art and Ceremony Circle

What’s included:

  • Monthly channeled group reading from Dana
  • Soulful activities that allow you to connect with your inner wise woman and excavate your inner landscape
  • Surprise package mailed to you monthly
  • Exercises to release and clear your emotional body
  • Lessons to develop your intuition and unleash your creativity
  • Regular spiritual guidance
  • Specially created meditations
  • Pretty workbooks and coloring pages to enhance your spiritual and emotional healing
  • Private Facebook group where you can connect and receive support from Dana and your sister’s all year long

This kind of experience isn’t for everyone but it is a god-send if you:

  • Prefer small, intimate gatherings
  • Are ready to commit to a monthly circle
  • Are interested in ritual, ceremony and art even if you’ve never made time for it before
  • Are excited about the closeness and friendship that develops when you meet with the same women every month for a year
  • Love Brave Girls Club, Kelly Rae Roberts, Susannah Conway, Eat, Pray, Love and when watching Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, secretly wanted to be a Ya-Ya too

Are you ready to take the leap and join me for 12 months of brave, soulful living?


I’m ready to join

I know commitments can feel scary and you only want to invest in things that are truly worth it. I’m trusting that the 10 women who join will fit perfectly together even if a little adjustment time is required but if you registered and tried it for three months and you feel like it’s just not a great fit, I will gladly stop your monthly payments and invite someone else to fill your spot.

Also remember you receive so much with that one monthly fee…intuitive ceremonies, soul workshops with the same powerful women all year long, opportunities to explore your creativity and develop your intuition, membership in the private Facebook group, an assigned Moon Sister BFF who will be like your spiritual accountability partner and year long access to me, a skilled and experienced Intuitive Therapist, and unlimited support and guidance from your wise soul sisters to help you move through whatever life, relationship, or parenting challenges or obstacles surface throughout the year.

Still not sure? Call or get in touch. I’m happy to answer any questions before you buy.

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