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A Vision Board Mandala is more than just a painting. When you order it for yourself, it’s a journey of self-inquiry that helps you to be clear about what it is you really want. When you order it for someone you love, it’s like sending a wish out into the universe and giving them a beautiful painting that captures that wish.

Each Vision Board Mandala comes with a Vision Board Mandala Journey Book to be completed before I begin your painting, a 16 x 16 hand painted mandala capturing your vision and a 10 – 20 page 6 x 8 fine linen hard cover book that sums up your inner journey or your wish and describes the deeper meaning behind each element in the painting (scroll to the bottom to see an example).

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When you purchase a Vision Board Mandala, either for yourself of for someone you love, you will receive a Vision Board Journey Book. Your job is to carve out some uninterrupted, reflective time to delve deep into what it is you really want…or what it is you really want to envision for someone you love. I’ve made this easy for you by asking poignant questions that help you get clear and pull out the kind of details that ensure you are asking for exactly what you want.

Who it is for

Vision Board Mandalas are for anyone with a dream. Whether it’s a vision for your body, family, career or relationship, getting clear and setting intentions is powerful work. Capturing those intentions in a painting that will pull out the feelings associated with your dreams is all the more powerful.

They’re also great to give as a gift.  The painting and the book are sure to become treasured keepsakes.

Vision Board Mandalas for Entrepreneurs

A near and dear to my heart painting is the Vision Board Mandalas for Entrepreneurs. I love to help women entrepreneurs celebrate their business and get clear about what it is they really want.

My Vision Board Mandala 2Creating my own Vision Board Mandala for my business was an amazing experience. When I completed my Vision Board Journey Book, I really hit the core of what I want my business to do and how I ultimately want to serve people, and now whenever I look at my painting those feelings connected with my deepest callings rise to the surface. It still amazes me that it happens every single time I look at it.

It has helped me in ways I hadn’t foreseen. When my inner critic sneaks up and wants to hide, I look up at my painting and those feelings connected with my soul’s calling replace my fears. Most times, this happens without my being consciously aware of it. I don’t make a pointed effort to look at my painting. It’s just there, on my wall above my computer. Whether I’m mindful of it or not, every glance works it’s magic on me. At the onset of my business, it really was like a close friend encouraging me to keep going and now it has become my mission statement.

How Vision Board Mandalas Came to Be

One Christmas, my sister-in-law made me a vision board. It was the classic collage style vision board with pictures and words and trinkets collected and glued to celebrate my dream of going to Europe. Europe was always just a dream for me. It never felt attainable or real. I hung that vision board next to my vanity mirror where it stayed for two years. I never made a conscious practice of looking at it. Mostly because I just didn’t believe going to Europe was a realistic goal at the time.

I treated her vision board for me more like a background decoration but one day I noticed something. I felt differently about my dream. I hadn’t done anything to feel differently about it. I just all of a sudden did.  My dream lost its far-away quality and seemed doable. Actually, it seemed more than doable. It seemed easy and I began to take steps to make it a reality. It wasn’t until I began taking those steps that I realized my sister-in-law’s vision board was the reason why I felt differently. It had worked it’s magic just by being there on my wall.

My sister-in-law opened more than a doorway to Europe with her vision board gift to me. She reminded me of the power of visual cues.

Visual cues work. It’s cliché but true, a picture is worth a thousand words. Every time you look at your Vision Board Mandala, your mind will automatically pull up the feelings you tapped into while filling out your journey book. Without effort, you’ll remember what is important to you, what you are working towards and what the deepest dreams of your heart really are.

It is my intention that when you are finished this journey and you are holding your painting in your hands, you will be able to celebrate who you already are at the same time as imagining all you can be.

Need to know more about what happens after you order? Click here and scroll down to: This is How it Works

Ready to embark this amazing journey? Purchase your Vision Board Mandala here and you will receive the Vision Board Mandala Journey Book in your inbox shortly. As soon as you complete it and return it to me, I will let you know when you can expect your sketch.

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