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Receiving 3 Messages From Spirit About the Upcoming Holidays:

A Free Caring Circle for Sensitive Healers, Creators and Mothers

Art and spiritual coaching for moms,and moms-to-be, to heal unhealthychildhood mother/daughter relationships with Dana da Ponte -

Hi. I’m Dana da Ponte. I use art and magic to help highly sensitive healers, parents and artists navigate their emotions and trust their intuition so they can follow their dreams and enjoy more connection in their business, families and relationships.

December 13, 2018

11:00 am – noon MST

Do the holidays cause you a bit of anxiety?

Are there relationships in your family that trigger your unmet emotional needs?

Would a little emotional and spiritual support be a blessing right now?

Join me for this Creative Caring Circle where we will receive 3 messages from Spirit. These messages will direct us to what Spirit wants us to consider for the upcoming holiday season.

Please bring one or more oracle and/or tarot decks and your journal.

If you know you have some issues getting in the way of enjoying the upcoming holiday season as much as you would like to, please don’t hesitate to join us.

My intentions for the Creative Caring Circles are to offer support to anyone who needs it or who wants to get to know me and my work better.

I lead women’s circles online and in my home studio all the time so I know the power of gathering and using art and intuition to heal and grow. I’m passionate about offering this kind of support at a time on the planet where sensitive hearts could really use all the support and care they can access. I create safe spaces and although everyone is open to come, I will act as a great big mama bear and set firm boundaries if I need to. I have zero tolerance policies around unkind behavior. I tend to attract kind, loving souls who are ready to heal and grow so I’m confident when you join a Creative Caring Circle you will be surrounded by some pretty amazing earth angels.

**You don’t have to interact in the circle if you don’t want to. You can come and simply follow along in your own way. Although the gatherings are held in my private online Zoom meeting room, you do not need to have your camera or mic on. You can simply watch and complete the creative exercises alongside me.**

These gatherings are NOT recorded. You must attend live to participate. 

I host these circles as a way to support sensitive hearts receive the care they deserve in a creative way because I believe the serious business of healing and growing can be done with magic and play.

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