What Daughters Want Most From Their Mothers

The results are in…

Last month, I sent a questionnaire out to women asking them how their relationships with their mothers affected the holidays. The answers I received were very revealing. When I asked if the holidays were challenging because of their mother, the most popular answer was, “Yes, all the time.” The most chosen answer to, How would you describe your relationship with your mother?, was, “Okay. I can spend time with her but I wish we were closer.” The three most common answers to the third question, If you could change one thing about your relationship with your mother, what would it be? were,

  • She would care more about my feelings
  • We would have deeper, more heart-connected conversations
  • She wouldn’t criticize me or my choices

The most interesting answers were to the 5th question which required women to write their own answers. The 5th question was:

If you could wave a magic wand and have your relationship with your mom be exactly how you wanted it to be, what kind of relationship with your mom would you create?
I LOVED the answers so much I created a beautiful printable image to remind all mothers what their daughters want to experience more of in their relationship with their mamas. These answers were written by adult women about their relationship with their own mothers but I love how much the answers capture the fact that daughters never stop aching for the same things they did as little girls.
If you are lucky enough to be the mom of a darling daughter, download this printable and post it up to remind you of the qualities daughters ache for from their mothers. Hopefully, your future daughter(s) will look back on this list later in life and say, “Yeah, mom did a really good job of giving me these things.”
Here’s a preview of what the printable looks like:
What My Daughter Wants From Me
Click on the link below to download the printable:

With love,

Dana da Ponte

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