The Moon Mapping Year

Awaken your inner witch!

Whoever said being a witch is scary…LIED!

When you think of the word witch, you might imagine an old hag with long, gray scraggly hair. You might associate the word witch with a feminist aunt or your psychic cousin or the green-thumbed neighbor who makes medicine with plants or you might just imagine a pissed off gothic looking teenager. Whatever comes to mind for you, two things are sure to follow; magic and power.

Magic and power are hard to find when you’ve lived in a culture that has punished and silenced women for thousands of years. It’s especially hard to find when you’re a highly sensitive person who’s had difficult childhood experiences. No one was there to help you see your magic and you were overpowered and controlled so much that you never got to see who you really are or how you truly feel.

If you’re like me and despite these setbacks you refuse to live you life without knowing your power and magic, I’m happy you are here.

This isn’t a school for witches. I am not here to tell you how to be a witch. You don’t even have to call yourself a witch or have a desire to be a witch. Instead, I want you to think of your inner witch as the part of yourself who has not been broken by this world. Despite everything, she is as strong and clear as ever. She is deeply connected to nature and the forces of Love and creation. She believes she can reach her goals and she has the energy and motivation to get there. She has all the answers you need and knows exactly who you really are and what you truly are capable of. You just need to remove the blocks that keep her hidden.

That’s what this program is all about. I want help you remove all the blocks that stand in your way from wielding your magic and standing in your power.

Doing the kind of deep inner work you need to do to clear those blocks can feel daunting, especially if you don’t have the support or time you need to move the heavy energies and emotions out of your system.


You’re not flawed or weak or missing some secret strength other people seem to have.

Let’s approach this with some compassion and understanding, shall we?

  • YOU CAN lighten your load by understanding how deeply you are affected by energy and emotions  (because the hidden world of energy and feelings doesn’t need to rob you of your goals and dreams)
  • YOU CAN feel clear and focused even when you absorb a lot of the emotions and energy of the people around you (because who wants to be weighed down by other people’s baggage)
  • YOU CAN learn to surrender the work to your subconscious mind (because it no longer needs to take years to manage overwhelm and anxiety)


When you sign up to The Moon Mapping Year, you will be given access to a new Moon Mapping recording every week. In these recordings, I use the MAP Method to instruct your subconscious mind to release the memories, energy and beliefs you DO NOT NEED TO CARRY anymore.

My goal is to lighten your energetic and emotional load so you can let your inner witch help you reach your goals.

It’s like a bath for your soul.

Every week, we wash away a little more of the old memories and beliefs that were blocking you so you feel lighter and are better able to take action on your dreams.

It’s the kind of support I wish I had years ago.

It’s a weekly energy release

It’s deep and nurturing self-care

It’s over 50 hours of healing

Yes! I’m ready to unlock my self-healing potential

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Why we work with the moon

The moon influences how you react to certain problems.

You have an ancient relationship with the moon. It pulls on your heart and spirit as much as it pulls on the sea. You are partially made of water after all. By listening to your Moon Mapping recordings, you will be influenced by the moon in a way that works for you not against you.

Why we work with the subconscious mind

We have tremendous self-healing potential

If your conscious mind were the size of a library, your subconscious mind would be the size of the galaxy!

It controls your breathing, heart rate, digestion, body temperature and all the functions of the billions of cells that make up your body. It also absorbs sensory information from your environment.

It stores all that information plus it stores all the information you have ever taken in including emotions and energy you pick up from others. It knows the helpful or unhelpful ways you interpreted your experiences, the hidden beliefs you hold about yourself and the world and the memories that are working for you as well as the ones that are working against you.

Your subconscious mind not only stores all this information, it can sort and manage it for you as well. We didn’t always know the subconscious mind could do this for us but we know it now!

We no longer have to sort things out memory by memory. We just ask the subconscious mind to do the healing work for us.

It’s a little like magic!


A little about me…

My name is Dana da Ponte and I consider myself a highly sensitive person. I’ve used my sensitive nature to work with the world of Spirit for many years. I also value the creative gifts that come with my sensitivity – as my boutique and Moon Pages can attest to.

Unfortunately, I didn’t always know how to manage my highly sensitive nervous system. I developed chronic anxiety and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (or MCAS). I wasn’t able to find lasting relief from my anxiety until I found the MAP Method. The MAP Method is a system that teaches your subconscious mind to treat and neutralize memories. It is extremely effective and unlike anything I tried before.

My anxious feelings used to disrupt my life and intensified my MCAS symptoms. I haven’t had a panic attack in years, I no longer experience social anxiety and my emotions no longer feel out of my control. I am now a certified MAP practitioner and it is the method I use during my Intuitive Therapy sessions, my Moon Mapping recordings and my Moon Chart Mapping sessions.

I am not an astrologer but I’ve been working with the natural cycles of the moon for many years – in my business, in my magic rituals and in my art. I’ve held Moon Sister circles for several years and led Moon Magic retreats for mothers and daughters and entrepreneurs. I love the way the moon calls me back to myself.

I created these weekly Moon Mapping Group Sessions because I’ve learned from my own experience and from my clients that highly sensitive people need regular energetic and emotional ‘tune ups’. We thrive when we consistently make time to care for our overloaded systems.

What others have said about working with me…

Here’s a recent conversation I captured from my social media page. These clients were referring to the MAP treatments I offer in my private sessions but as you can see, surrendering to your subconscious mind works!

Yes! I’m ready to unlock my self-healing potential.

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a one time payment of $720

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or make monthly payments


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