Unstuck and Unstoppable Full Day Intensive

Are you struggling to take consistent action towards your creative dreams?

Maybe you even feel stuck.

You can feel your potential, the possibilities and the version of your business or creative life that resonates deeply with your heart. Yet, there's this invisible barrier, a disconnect, preventing you from getting there. Despite having all the maps, tools, and resources - all those courses and books you've accumulated! yup, I relate! - you feel like you're treading water, not making the headway you deeply yearn for.

Your heart, bursting with passion and dreams, knows the vast potential within you, yet the daily reality of your business or creative life doesn't reflect that vision. It's frustrating, isn't it? To feel like you're never truly harnessing the momentum that could propel you forward. Instead of feeling aligned and in the flow, it's like you're caught in a cycle of stop-starts, with your actions and desires seemingly marching to different beats. Procrastination sneaks in, making it even harder to stay focused and on track.

I sense that this isn't just about strategy or action steps for you; it's about a deeper alignment, a merging of your intuition, heart's desires with your entrepreneurial or creative journey. You want, no, need, to feel unstuck, aligned, and ready to embrace the vast potential within you.

Hi. I'm Dana.

I know what it's like to have BIG dreams but feel so far removed from them. I had business goals, creative goals and health goals that I couldn't seem to achieve no matter what I did. I watched people around me reach their goals so much more quickly than I did (and still do sometimes). It was hard to believe in myself because my way of doing things was so different. I wondered if maybe I was too sensitive. Why couldn't I just plough through my obstacles like other people? Maybe I was cursed. Why weren't things going my way? I judged myself. I should be a lot further ahead than I was and I felt like I could never get beyond a certain point. All the same stuff kept blocking me and I couldn't get past it.

It has taken me years to reach my goals because I judged myself for what I wanted and I didn't know what MY WAY of reaching my goals looked like. Plus, I was riddled with limiting beliefs, fears of visibility and younger inner child parts who did not trust me and felt way too scared to let me lead the way (your younger inner child parts NEED to trust you as a leader or they will constantly work against your goals and you won't be able to move forward no matter how much you want to).

It wasn't until I started working with art, moon magic and the power of my subconscious mind that I finally started reaching my goals. My life and business began to reflect who I really am, what I truly want and all the wonderful things I'm actually capable of achieving.

I'm still stretching and growing and my initial goals were modest so there's still a lot I want to accomplish but what I've come to learn is I LOVE helping creative and intuitive dreamers and entrepreneurs like me do the inner work and magic so they can finally take clear, confident, consistent steps towards their dreams.

Let's Propel You Forward

I'd love to introduce you to something I've tailored specifically for souls like yours: The Unstuck and Unstoppable Full Day Intensive.

This is a specially designed day for you and me to dive deep into both the spiritual and practical aspects of your business or creative dreams. We start our journey with an intention setting ritual, invoking support from your spirit allies. This process is vital because, in the journey of growth, having a clear intention acts as the North Star, guiding every step and decision we make for the rest of the day.

From there, we move into an Intuitive Reading. Imagine having the opportunity to ask profound questions about your business or personal life and receiving insights not just from me, but directly from my guardian angel, Cassandra, or perhaps even your spirit guides and angels or ancestors. This session aims to tap into the higher wisdom and spiritual insight that often eludes everyday thinking.

Following our reading, we'll transition into a clarifying conversation. It's a dedicated space for us to dissect what's truly important for you to focus on and identify any barriers that might be in your path. Our goal? To ensure by lunch, you have a clear action plan.

Post lunch, we delve into a transformative MAP session. If you're unfamiliar with the MAP Method, it's a potent way to address and clear subconscious blocks. Think of it as aligning all the 'inner child parts' of you, so they are in harmony with your goals. This alignment is crucial to ensuring that after our day together, you can continue with clear, confident, and consistent action.

As the day winds down, we'll engage in a special art ritual. This isn't just art for art's sake; it's invoking elements and your spirit allies to cast a little magic around your intentions. The benefit? It amplifies your efforts, often helping you achieve results much faster than traditional means.

Before we bid adieu, we'll wrap with a final MAP session. This acts as a soothing balm, addressing any emotional facets that might have been stirred up during our full day intensive.

The Unstuck and Unstoppable Full Day Intensive isn't just another course or session. It's a transformative experience, marrying intuitive insights with practical actions. It's designed to shift energies, unblock barriers, and realign you with your truest aspirations.

If this speaks to you, I'd be honored to accompany you on this journey.

Together, let's bridge the gap as much as we can between where you are and where your heart wants to be.

The Unstuck and Unstoppable Full Day Intensive is regularly $1500 but I'm currently offering it at a special rate for 2 days only



Only available until Monday, July 15, 2024 at midnight

Ready to join me on a full day of magic to move forward in your business or take steps toward your creative dreams?

Yes! I'm in.

Here's What You Can Expect

Intention Setting Ritual 

We start your day of magic and healing with a powerful intention-setting ritual, ensuring a guided and purpose-driven day. By calling upon your spirit allies, we align with energies that will amplify the day's work.

Intuitive Reading (1 hour):

Have burning questions? Let's harness higher wisdom for more enlightened solutions. In this part of the day you get to pose queries about your business or personal life and receive insights channelled from my guardian angel, Cassandra, or maybe even your own spirit guides and angels will show up.

Clarifying Conversation:

After receiving spiritual guidance, we'll sit down for a heart-to-heart. Together, we'll determine the most crucial next steps, and spotlight any barriers blocking your path, formulating a game plan for surmounting them.

Lunch Break:

Recharge your energy before diving deeper into transformative practices.

MAP Session:

Using the renowned MAP Method, we'll address the barriers identified earlier. This powerful technique taps into the subconscious, aligning all your inner parts with your external goals. We'll be able to directly address deep-seated subconscious block to ensure that all facets of you - conscious and unconscious - work in harmony. This promotes lasting change that keeps you consistently on track, long after our day concludes.

Art Ritual:

We'll dive into a sacred, artistic process, invoking the elemental forces and your spirit allies. We’re not just making art; we’re crafting magic together for you and your business! By invoking magic, you fast-track your journey to success, aligning the universe with your desires.

Don't worry. If you've never performed an art ritual before, I teach a simple moon art ritual to help you reach my goals and we'll be doing it together so I'll guide you through it one step at a time.

Wrapping up with MAP:

As we wind down, we revisit the MAP method. Our deep work together might stir emotions and unblock barriers. We'll ensure these are addressed, hopefully leaving you clear-headed and radiant.

I think you'll love working with me if...

  • you enjoy working with someone who allows the spirit guides and angels to chime in and guide us along the way. I will sometimes hear, sense of feel a spirit guide or angel who wants to share some guidance with us. I like to hand things over to spirit when this happens then return to our agenda once we've listened to what they had to say or followed their guidance.
  • you have the emotional and physical capacity to handle a full day of deep inner work
  • you can be in a quiet, uninterrupted space and meet me online
  • you're looking for creative, magical, intuitive and spiritual ways to reach your goals.

I don't think we're a great fit if...

  • you're feeling desperate and you want a quick solution. Reaching your big important goals takes time, especially when you're like me and you have a lot of inner parts that need tending to. I work best with people who trust that even though their path to reaching their goals might take longer than they want it to in the end, it will be worth it because not only will they reach their goal, but the path they walked to get there helped them be in a much healthier relationship with themselves.
  • you believe someone else has the answers you're looking for. I believe YOU have the answers you're looking for. My job, as I see it, is to help you find and trust your way of reaching your goals.
  • you expect your issues to be fully resolved in a day. I am always open to magic and miracles and I see A LOT of them in my work but I cannot say what your path to success will be. I promise to give you my full care and attention because I truly want to help you get unstuck and feel unstoppable. We may make massive strides and we may only peel back a lot of important layers. Regardless, it will be a big step in the right direction.
  • you're in a delicate place emotionally or physically. This kind of deep inner work and magical intention setting demands a lot on your body and nervous system. It is not the kind of experience you want to commit to when you are in a state of depletion or recovery. Wait until you are in a place where you can handle the emotional and energetic ups and downs that come with a full day of healing and magic.

Excited to get started?

The Unstuck and Unstoppable Full Day Intensive is regularly $1500 CAD but I'm currently offering it at a special rate for 2 days only


$500 OFF

Only available until Monday, July 15, 2024 at midnight

Ready to join me on a full day of magic to move forward in your business or take steps toward your creative dreams?

Yes! I'm in.

Answers to Important Questions About the Full Day Intensive

How long does the "full day" intensive last?

The Unstuck and Unstoppable Full Day Intensive spans the course of a single day, typically from 11 or noon MT until 6 pm MT, with breaks integrated for meals and rest.

Do I need any prior experience with art, intention setting, intuitive readings, or the MAP Method to participate?

No prior experience is required. You don't need to be an artist. We can just play. The day is designed to accommodate both those who are new to art and all the other practices I bring with me and those who may have some familiarity. Each session will be tailored to your level of experience and comfort.

What should I bring with me for the day?

Come with an open mind and heart of course. Other than that, make sure you have a quiet, uninterrupted space to meet me online. You'll probably also want some basic art and ritual supplies, like a candle, something to cleanse energy with like moon water or a bell or herbs for a smoke cleanse, some pencil crayons or watercolor paints (whatever paint and paper supplies you have handy should work). If you have a personal journal or any items that hold spiritual significance for you, feel free to set them up alongside you.

I will record the sessions for you so you don't have to write everything down or try to retain all the insights you receive. A lot happens in one hour with me never mind a full day so you'll be happy you have those recordings to refer to later.

Is there any pre-work or preparation required before the intensive?

Yes, I'll send you a questionnaire to fill out so we can show up ready to work some magic. It also might be helpful to spend some time reflecting on your current business challenges or creative goals, and any specific questions or areas you'd like to explore during our time together.

How is this different from other coaching, healing or strategy sessions?

The Unstuck and Unstoppable Full Day Intensive is a unique blend of spiritual and practical steps forward. It's not just about strategies; it's about aligning your inner energies, understanding messages from the spiritual realm, and integrating those insights into tangible actions. I hope this creative approach addresses both the root causes and brings a depth and magic that's not easy to find in business focused sessions.

Will there be any follow-up or support after the day is over?

Yes, after our intensive, you'll receive a follow-up email summarizing the key insights and action steps from our day and a link to the recordings. Additionally, there will be a 30-minute follow-up call two weeks later to address any questions or challenges that might arise as you implement what you've learned.

What if I feel overwhelmed during the day?

The day is designed to be both enlightening and nurturing. If at any point you feel overwhelmed, please communicate this. We can adjust the pace, take a break, or modify the activities to ensure you're comfortable and getting the most out of our time together. I am a big advocate of trusting your body's pace and limitations so don't worry, I'll be checking in with you regularly throughout the day and ensuring we do our best to move at a pace that honors and respects all parts of you.

Can this intensive be done in-person?

The Unstuck and Unstoppable Full Day Intensive is designed to be effective virtually. Our virtual sessions are structured to ensure deep connection, clarity, and transformation from the comfort of your home. If, however, you prefer the idea of heading out to Bragg Creek, Alberta, email me and we can discuss this.

How do I book my spot and what's the investment?

You can book your spot below. The investment details for the intensive are also outlined there.

Book Your Spot Here

The Unstuck and Unstoppable Full Day Intensive is regularly $1500 CAD but I'm currently offering it at a special rate for 2 days only


$500 OFF

Only available until Monday, July 15, 2024 at midnight

Ready to join me on a full day of magic to move forward in your business or take steps toward your creative dreams?

Yes! I'm in.