Services for Sensitive Healers and Creators

If you are a sensitive healer or creator, you have an important role on the planet right now! I want to help make it easy for you to step into that role.

I specialize in releasing the subconscious blocks that get in the way of sensitive healers and creators living their BIG dreams and fulfilling the important spiritual missions they came here to pursue. That includes helping you navigate your relationship with your body and food, healing the mother wound, developing your intuition and clearing beliefs that hold you back.

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The world is hurting. There are so many changes that need to happen but the very souls who have the gifts the world most needs are the same souls whose sensitive natures cause them to become easily overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or lost.

You may have found this page because you have healing and creative gifts but you may also be like so many sensitive souls who struggle with sharing those gifts with the world.

I'm tired of seeing amazing healers, artists and creators struggle because they've never been taught how to manage their sensitive natures and nurture their precious hearts. Our sensitive natures are an extremely important gift to the world right now but the conditions we were raised in and the culture we live in doesn't teach us how to thrive without depleting ourselves. We have to learn how to release the subconscious blocks we carry so we can fully step into our light and nurture ourselves while we finally make our dreams a reality.

We don't dream about collecting things and power. We dream about equality, peace and  the well-being of Mother Earth. We deserve to have the energy, motivation and confidence to make our dreams a reality. We deserve to be clear of the subconscious and emotional blocks that get in our way.

If you are a healer, a creator or a wild and magical dreamer, you are welcome here.

My services include:

  • Intuitive Therapy Introductory Sessiona 90 minute session where we treat a belief, phobia, anxiety or subconscious block that is standing in your way
  • Intuitive Reading - a one hour session where I connect with your angels and/or Spirit Guides and receive the messages you are most meant to hear at this time in your life
  • Intuitive Therapy Programa 3 month program where we dig deep and clear as many subconscious and emotional blocks as we can so you can bust through whatever is holding you back

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