Hi. I’m Dana.


I'm an artist and professional intuitive that has a knack for bringing Spirit and art together. I offer Intuitive Readings where I channel messages from the angels and lead a year-long women's circle where we blend art and ritual to connect to Spirit, heal and align with the magic of the moon. My Moon Sister Art and Ceremony Circles take place online or, for those who live nearby, in my home studio near Bragg Creek, AB. 

I have a special passion for healing the mother wound and growing healthy, happy mother/daughter relationships so there's always fun new retreats popping up. I also blend spirit and art in my do-it-yourself art rituals which you can find on my blog or in my free magazine.

Subscribe to my "Moon Sisters Art & Ritual Magazine":

Subscribe to my "Moon Sisters Art & Ritual Magazine":


Join me in Redwood Meadows, a storybook town located 5 minutes from Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada for a variety of full-day spiritual art retreats.

A year-long program created for women who want to heal themselves, their relationships and their families by playing with art, ritual and Spirit. Meet online or in person!

A complimentary 1-hour session where I help you create a personalized healing plan and art rituals to meet your most pressing emotional and spiritual needs.

I would recommend her counsel to anyone who feels they are in need of UNCONDITIONAL support- regardless of whether it's related to relationships, emotional challenges, deep-seeded fears, etc.


She helped me understand where my deepest wounds were coming from and why I felt the way I did about them. Her practical tools taught me how to find that love for myself and know that it’s okay to put myself first and actually, it’s necessary.


Planting Roots of Intention with the New Moon

By Dana | July 5, 2018

This is an art ritual to perform during the new moon.  It will help you set clear and specific intentions and learn how to use your energy to best reach your goals. Scroll down for printable step-by-step instructions. This month I started my training to become a certified M.A.P (Manifesting All Possibilities) instructor. As my […]

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How Spirit Soothes My Sensitive Soul

By Dana | February 25, 2018

A Discussion about Anxiety and the Way Spirit Helps Me Care for My Sensitive Nature Most people who join my Moon Sister Art and Ceremony Circles are what I suspect to be sensitive souls. Sensitive people are proven to be neurologically wired differently than everyone else.  They are wired in ways that make them more […]

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Blue Moon Watercolor Scrying

By Dana | February 25, 2018

This is an art ritual to perform during the full moon, particularly a blue moon, to receive messages from Spirit.  I created it to offer a simple method of using common watercolors in a sacred way and to help visual thinkers communicate with their angels and/or spirit guides.  Scroll down for printable step-by-step instructions. As […]

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Shed Your Conditioning and Trust Your Intuition

By Dana | February 18, 2018

This art ritual was created to help you explore where your past conditioning stands in the way of listening to and trusting your own intuition and/or your parenting instincts. When done in it’s entirety, it requires a full moon cycle to complete but it can also be effective completed in one sitting with the intentions […]

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