This is a space where art and spirit come together.


Visit the blog to find spiritual art rituals that help you work with the magic of the moon.


I also help highly sensitive women manage their sensitive nature and enjoy the creative and intuitive gifts that come with it. As the world struggles, healers, artists and creative entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly important yet emotional and spiritual overwhelm is a common obstacle we face.  We need emotional and spiritual support to thrive in our businesses, parenting and relationships.

I offer intuitive services, magic women's circles and beautiful, hand drawn worksheets to help you manage your sensitive nature so you can be the parent, healer and business owner you want to be while enhancing the spiritual gifts and powers that naturally come with your sensitivities.

You have goals and dreams and it's important you follow your heart and Spirit. Let's get rid of whatever is in the way so you can live with courage, clarity and purpose and inspire the changes we so desperately need on this planet.

Subscribe to receive two hand drawn worksheets every month:

Each worksheet is created to help you navigate your emotional and spiritual landscape so you can thrive in your business and relationships.

Subscribe to receive two hand drawn worksheets every month:

Each worksheet is created to help you navigate your emotional and spiritual landscape so yo ucan thrive in your business and relationships.


Hand drawn printable journal pages delivered to your inbox every month. Pour a cup of warm tea, print the pages and curl up to explore your heart and Spirit as you follow the instructions and embark on a mystical journey.

A 10 month program created for women who want to live with more magic by gathering in a sacred sisterhood to play with art, moon rituals and Spirit. Registration open for September 2019 circles.

Space is limited.

A complimentary one hour session where I work with Spirit and the angels to help sensitive healers and creatives address the subconscious blocks they face in their businesses, relationships and mental well-being.

I would recommend her counsel to anyone who feels they are in need of UNCONDITIONAL support- regardless of whether it's related to relationships, emotional challenges, deep-seeded fears, etc.


She helped me understand where my deepest wounds were coming from and why I felt the way I did about them. Her practical tools taught me how to find that love for myself and know that it’s okay to put myself first and actually, it’s necessary.


A Spiritual Art Ritual for Releasing an Emotional Trigger

By Dana | May 18, 2019

This is a great ritual to enjoy during a full moon or when the moon is in Scorpio. Better yet, try it when both are happening and the full moon is in Scorpio. When the moon is in Scorpio, you can feel more easily triggered by situations or relationships. Instead of reacting in an unhelpful […]

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A Spiritual Art Ritual for Building Your Relationship with Spirit

By Dana | May 15, 2019

This is a great ritual to enjoy when the moon is in Libra. Libra is a sign that invites reflection on relationships but I like to imagine this includes my relationship with Spirit or the Divine – not just love or family and friend relationships. Reflect I consider my relationship with my angels and Spirit […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Working with Animal Magic

By Dana | March 29, 2019
Beginner's Guide to Animal Magic

How do you work with animal magic? This is a question I recently asked myself. The first step, for me, was connecting with animal spirits.  This is the story of the spirit of an animal appearing before me and how I figured out the message she wanted to share with me. If you’re like me […]

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Pisces New Moon Magic for Highly Sensitive Mothers

By Dana | March 5, 2019

A Pisces new moon activity to help highly sensitive mothers discover a memory or belief standing between them and their dreams or goals Mermaids and Dark Waters There’s something tantalizing about mermaid myths. I especially enjoy stories that describe mermaids singing a spell over fishermen and luring them into deep waters. In these myths the […]

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