I help sensitive healers & creators live with purpose, magic and intention.


As the world struggles, healers, artists and creative entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly important yet emotional and spiritual overwhelm is a common obstacle we face.  We need emotional and spiritual support to thrive in our businesses, parenting and relationships. I offer services, art and beautiful, hand drawn worksheets to help you manage your sensitive gifts so you can be the parent, healer and business owner you want to be while living with more magic and intention.

You have goals and dreams and it's important you follow your heart and Spirit. Let's get rid of whatever is in the way so you can live with courage, clarity and purpose and inspire the changes we so desperately need on this planet.

Subscribe to receive two hand drawn worksheets every month:

Each worksheet is created to help you navigate your emotional and spiritual landscape so you can thrive in your business and relationships.

Subscribe to receive two hand drawn worksheets every month:

Each worksheet is created to help you navigate your emotional and spiritual landscape so yo ucan thrive in your business and relationships.


Hand drawn printable journal pages delivered to your inbox every month. Pour a cup of warm tea, print the pages and curl up to explore your heart and Spirit as you follow the instructions and embark on a mystical journey.

A 10 month program created for women who want to live with more magic by gathering in a sacred sisterhood to play with art, moon rituals and Spirit. Registration open for September 2019 circles.

Space is limited.

A complimentary one hour session where I work with Spirit and the angels to help sensitive healers and creatives address the subconscious blocks they face in their businesses, relationships and mental well-being.

I would recommend her counsel to anyone who feels they are in need of UNCONDITIONAL support- regardless of whether it's related to relationships, emotional challenges, deep-seeded fears, etc.


She helped me understand where my deepest wounds were coming from and why I felt the way I did about them. Her practical tools taught me how to find that love for myself and know that it’s okay to put myself first and actually, it’s necessary.


Holiday Spell and Sell

By Dana | November 5, 2018

Join us Friday, November 30th from 7 pm – 10 pm for an evening of magic and holiday shopping as we raise money to support a Moon Sister who was the victim of a racist act. The Moon Sisters Studio for the Visual and Healing Arts is opening its doors on Friday, November 30th to […]

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Samhain Mandala

By Dana | October 31, 2018

Mark the end of summer and the beginning of winter by seeing what messages Spirit wants to share about the months ahead. Capture the images you receive in a beautiful mandala you can refer back to all year long. Scroll down for a version of this art activity you can print and use. I love […]

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Climate Change and Highly Sensitive People

By Dana | September 30, 2018

 Climate change is causing Mother Earth and many of her plants and animals to suffer and highly sensitive people often carry the emotional and psychological burden of these times. This spiritual art activity was created to help highly sensitive people express and release some of the grief and loss they feel. It is also created […]

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Planting Roots of Intention with the New Moon

By Dana | July 5, 2018

This is an art ritual to perform during the new moon.  It will help you set clear and specific intentions and learn how to use your energy to best reach your goals. Scroll down for printable step-by-step instructions. This month I started my training to become a certified M.A.P (Manifesting All Possibilities) instructor. As my […]

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