Moon Mapping Virgo Collection

Moon Mapping Virgo Collection

Powerful audio journeys that work with your subconscious mind to neutralize memories around food, eating and the digestive system

This special collection of recordings was carefully curated from the larger body of work found in the Moon Mapping Year. Each recording works with the MAP Method to neutralize emotional triggers from your past.

In the northern hemisphere, summer is winding down and fall is drawing near. The constellation of stars known as Virgo will soon disappear and won’t be seen again until the spring. It's the perfect time to rekindle our relationship with our body, to understand its needs and to nourish it.

The sign of Virgo has a natural affinity with health, particularly the stomach and digestive system. It's as if the universe is whispering to us, reminding us to pause and ask: “Is what I’m consuming nourishing me? Are there any trapped emotions here that need release?”

This special collection of recordings neutralizes memories around both those important topics: food and eating AND your digestive system

Memories of Food and Eating

Our experiences around food are multilayered, engaging various senses like touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. These memories aren't just fleeting moments; they shape our relationship with food and our self-perception.

Many of us carry memories and emotions tied to food and eating, even if we're not always sure why.

  • It can be because our world often presents certain ideals about body image, and over time you might have buried a lot of memories where you felt the weight of these expectations.
  • It might be because you experienced uncomfortable moments where you were force-fed as a child or you were expected to eat under stressful conditions or you endured derogatory comments about your body which caused you to create painful memories associated with food.
  • Family gatherings might be a source of stress. Sometimes, past arguments or dynamics can overshadow the joy of food and eating or cause you to use food and eating to block out the stressful feelings.
  • Memories of not having enough to eat can induce feelings of guilt when consuming food in abundance later in life or lead to compulsive eating habits out of fear of scarcity – and this doesn’t even have to be your food issues. These can be memories of food and eating that were passed down to you through the generations.
  • Sometimes, we use food to cope, whether it's by eating too little, too much, or in a pattern that doesn't feel right. You might carry memories where your eating felt out of control.
  • You might have lived through a time in your life where you experienced an eating disorder and food became the enemy or a tool for self-punishment. Memories from the throes of these disorders can be particularly traumatic, filled with self-loathing, despair, and pain.
  • For people like me with health conditions affected by food, like diabetes or food allergies and sensitivities, every meal can be a potential hazard. It causes you to associate food with pain, discomfort, or danger.

It doesn't help that our modern culture overloads us with contradictory information about food. This overwhelming influx of information has complicated our relationship with food, transforming a basic need into an ordeal.

Add to that any eating disorders or illnesses where food can harm you that you might be dealing with and your relationship with food and eating might be more complicated than you want it to be.

Virgo season is a great time to unburden yourself of harmful memories around food and eating. The depth of our food memories makes them powerful triggers. They're not just mere recollections but rich, layered experiences. This multi-sensory nature is especially beneficial when using tools like the MAP Method. Such memories are easily triggered, allowing your subconscious mind to access and shift them.

Let’s delve into neutralizing some of the negative beliefs and memories related to food and eating. We'll then build new, nurturing beliefs.

Maybe you’ll recognize some of these memories or beliefs, while others might not resonate. Either way, trust that your subconscious will sift through and find what's relevant. All you have to do is lean back, listen to the instructions I give your subconscious mind, and let the process do its work.

Memories Affecting Your Digestive System

Your digestive system is inextricably linked to your emotions. The gut is often dubbed our "second brain" because it's home to millions of neurons. These neurons communicate and react to your emotions. Stress, anxiety, joy, or sadness—each emotion sends ripples through your digestive system. Intense emotions can lead to digestive disturbances.

Nurturing your digestive health means nurturing your entire being.

This is because your body is an incredible archive. It doesn't just store physical experiences; it also hold onto emotional ones. Every time you undergo a significant event, especially traumatic ones, your body stores it as a memory. These memories don't reside just in your brain—they're also imprinted in your tissues, muscles, and yes, even your digestive system.

An emotional trauma from the past, when triggered, can cause a visceral reaction, leading to digestive stress.

Your digestive system is sensitive to emotions and stress.

The MAP Method is a transformative tool that focuses on the power of neuroplasticity, teaching the subconscious mind how to neutralize those emotional memory imprints stored in your body. By addressing the root – the emotional charge associated with a memory – MAP works to disentangle your physiological reactions from these memories.

When you neutralize a memory, especially those that have taken up residence in your digestive system, you're essentially telling your body: "It's safe now. There's no need to react." The result? A digestive system that's less bogged down by emotional baggage, more relaxed, and functioning efficiently. 

These are just some of the benefits of neutralizing memories around food and eating and around the digestive system:

  • Without the constant emotional triggers causing stress, the digestive system can operate smoothly, ensuring better nutrient absorption and less discomfort.
  • Neutralizing memories means fewer triggers. Fewer triggers lead to a calmer mind and a reduction in anxiety, stress, and mood swings.
  • With a harmonious mind-gut connection, your overall health improves. A balanced digestive system plays a role in better immunity, energy levels, and even hormonal balance.
  • Neutralized memories provide a platform to grow, learn, and move forward without being chained to the past. You'll find yourself more in tune with the present, experiencing life with a newfound clarity and vibrancy.

As you can see, it's a great time to tend to your digestive system and your relationship with food!

Which is why, for a limited time, I'm offering access to a private podcast with a library of 8 powerful audio journeys that each focus on a specific healing topic.

When you join this adventure, you will have access to all the recordings in this special collection until December 1, 2023.

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Let's work with the MAP Method to neutralize memories around food, eating and your digestive system

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For those of you who prefer lifetime access to this series of recordings and over 70 more recordings that work with lunar cycles, natural rhythms and the MAP Method to reduce stress and anxiety, manage trauma response, neutralize emotional triggers and increase your confidence and ability to manifest, consider joining the Moon Mapping Year instead.

The collection includes the following episodes:

  • An Introduction to the MAP Method

  • Neutralizing Emotional Triggers Around Food and Eating: In this episode, we explore the memories around food and eating that have been passed down to you from your ancestors. We then move methodically through different times in your life, from womb to present day, where your relationship with food and eating was impacted. Whether or not your needs for food were met as a baby and child can affect your attachment needs in relationships as an adult. We tend to those memories where your needs were not met in way that communicated safety, comfort or connection. We also address the times in your life when you may have used food to comfort and soothe you and instruct your subconscious mind to lovingly tend to those memories. Finally, we magnetize the positive emotions your carry around food and eating to really anchor them into your present day life.

  • Clearing Harmful Beliefs About Food and Eating: In this episode, we focus on neutralizing some common negative beliefs around food and eating. We will then reinforce some kinder more compassionate beliefs about food and eating. Many of our negative beliefs around food are not even our own. They're absorbed from media, social pressures, or past traumas. Transforming these beliefs allows us to shed layers that aren't truly ours and align more closely with our genuine selves. Our beliefs also shape our emotional landscape. When we harbor negative beliefs about food and eating, we're often consumed by guilt, shame, or fear. These emotions can create stress, which, over time, can have tangible consequences on our overall well-being. In this episode we transform these harmful beliefs and replace negative emotions with feelings of peace, acceptance, and joy. By choosing nurturing, positive thoughts, we not only heal our relationship with food but also with ourselves and the world around us.

  • Releasing Trapped Emotions from the Stomach and Digestive System: In this episode, we focus on releasing trapped emotions from the stomach and digestive system. Digestion functions best when you are calm and relaxed. Unfortunately, most of us can relate to eating when we are nervous, stressed or anxious or stuck in a frozen trauma response. We never learned to care for our nervous, anxious or depressed stomachs. Instead, we were told to just eat or we ate to try to find comfort through the pain.  Most of us also haven’t been taught how to regulate our nervous systems before we eat. Luckily for us, your subconscious mind is in communication with all your systems including your digestive brain and your thinking brain. In this episode, we ask your subconscious mind to clear and neutralize emotional memories that are stored in your digestive system or that have affected your digestive system in the past. We nurture your digestive system by first going through the steps and body parts and organ involved in the digestive process. We then reinforce positive beliefs about your digestive system.

  • Visualizing Your Future with the New Moon in Virgo: In the spirit of celebrating your magnificence, in this episode we use the new moon in Virgo to visualize details about the future. Virgo loves details and spending time imagining as many details as you can about what you want the different areas of your future to look or feel like is a great way to spend your magical moon time. We’ll also be using your magical imagination to visualize a kinder future for your community, the earth and the world while we are at it.

  • Calming Anxiety by Activating the Ventral Branch of the Vagus Nerve: In this episode, we work specifically on activating the ventral branch of the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is a seemingly never-ending nerve that connects most of our major organs, including our digestive system, to our brain. We activate the ventral branch of your vagus nerve to improve mood, calm anxiety, lift depression, balance your emotions and ease physical symptoms like digestive problems, headaches and back pain.

  • Living Peacefully with a Chronic Health Condition : Many chronic health conditions have roots or connections with the digestive system. This session may not be for everyone since not everyone is living with a chronic health condition, however, many of the experiences I address in this session are experiences most of us have when we don’t feel well or when we’re faced with a limitation our body has. This session would be helpful in those instances as well. If you don’t live with a chronic health condition, listen to this session when you are unwell or when you are faced with a limitation in your body and you are feeling anxious about it or are finding it hard to accept your limitations. Ultimately, this session was created to help those of us who live with a chronic health condition to support us in accepting our experience when we’re faced with our body’s limitations

  • Releasing an Unhealthy Habit: In this episode, we support your desire to break a bad, unhealthy or destructive habit. This session cannot replace professional support nor does it attempt to do so. It is strictly meant to enhance or support your spiritual journey of releasing an unhelpful habit or repetitive pattern. Every day can be broken up in tiny moments where important decisions are made – sometimes consciously and sometimes out of habit. Hopefully, listening to this Moon Mapping session as many times as you need until you notice change will help you make more empowering decisions in all those tiny decisive moments that present themselves in your day.

  • Calming and Soothing Your Digestive System: This is another in-depth journey through your digestive system. We go through the organs, cells and neurons of your digestive system. In this episode, we venture into the profound connection between your memories, emotions, and the wellness of your digestive system. Your body is an incredible archive. It doesn’t just store physical experiences; it also holds onto emotional ones. Every time you undergo a significant event, especially traumatic ones, your body stores it as a memory. These memories don't reside just in your brain—they're also imprinted in your tissues, muscles, and yes, even your digestive system. Neutralizing memories means fewer triggers. Fewer triggers lead to a calmer mind and a reduction in anxiety, stress, and mood swings. Without the constant emotional triggers causing stress, the digestive system can operate smoothly, ensuring better nutrient absorption and less discomfort.

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The Moon Mapping Virgo Collection and its associated recordings are intended for personal growth, insight, and relaxation purposes only. They are not a replacement for medical treatment, therapy, or any other type of professional advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.

Engaging in emotional healing work, including using these recordings, can potentially trigger a trauma response. If you are unfamiliar with navigating such responses, lack the confidence in or resources to manage intense emotional reactions, or if your body exhibits acute sensitivity to trauma or heightened emotions, we strongly urge you to postpone using these recordings. Wait for a time when you feel more equipped or when you have professional support available. Your well-being is paramount, and it is essential to approach emotional healing in a manner that is both safe and supportive for you.

Remember, it's always crucial to prioritize your safety and well-being. If you're ever in doubt, seeking professional advice or assistance is the best course of action.