About the MAP Method

A little about MAP…

What is the MAP Method?

MAP stands for Make Anything Possible.

It is a scientifically based method that uses the brain's capacity for neuroplasticity to reconsolidate and rewire long-term memories that are not advantageous to your success.

The MAP Method allows you to dissolve limiting beliefs, neutralize fears, overcome stress and anxiety, and stop self-sabotaging behaviors in their tracks. And it does all of this in a way that is fast, easy, and gentle while producing results that are long-term and often permanent, due to the rewiring of the brain.

With the MAP Method we train the brain to heal itself.

How does the MAP Method work?

The MAP Method clears subconscious blocks by training the brain to find and neutralize negative unconscious memories.

This means you don’t have to know, remember, or understand why you have a block.

Using the MAP Method the brain is able to replace the old negative connection with a new one that's positive or neutral, which leads to immediate changes and transformation in the way you think and behave.

The outcomes of the MAP Method have been meticulously documented with neuroscientists assessing and measuring brain activity during MAP sessions.

The results show that three important structures of the brain, necessary to create change, are positively activated and altered. The memory system is stimulated, as the memories are processed in a new way. The pain center's activity decreases as it regulates the emotion that is experienced with the old memory. And the limbic system, which is activated in response to fear, decreases in activity as the center calms.

That means you get to neutralize the fear, dissolve limiting beliefs and stop self-sabotage any time you want with a simple and gentle technique that puts the power of transformation in your hands.

With MAP we can find and neutralize unconscious negative, sabotaging patterns within minutes.

What does a MAP session look like?

Your experience with the MAP Method can happen during a private session with Dana or during a recording you listen to when you join the Moon Mapping Year.

Before your first session, you will watch a short video to begin teaching your brain.

Then, Dana will send you a short recording by email which you will listen to before your session to receive another few minutes of training for your brain.

It is all done using metaphors as the brain understands pictures the best. This allows all parts of you to agree and work together.

What is my role during a session?

During a private session, Dana will ask you to bring up the issue in your mind, and feel how it makes you feel. Then you relax and while bringing up the thoughts and feelings and simply observe any changes that happen as Dana gives an instruction to your brain to find and heal the memory.

After a few minutes, you will report the progress of what has changed in both your body, mind, and emotions. Dana will then simply find the next instruction to give to your brain.

Very simple, easy, and you don’t have to explain or give any details to Dana if you don't feel comfortable with that. You can keep your experience completely private if you prefer.

Why use the MAP Method?

MAP is gentle and relaxing. It doesn't require to remember or relive traumatic memories. You simply close your eyes and observe your experience!  Dana will not require you to share your memories or tell your stories if you don't want to, making it very safe and non-invasive. It’s fast, you can measure the progress every few minutes

You and your subconscious mind are the ones in control, not Dana or your conscious mind. Your higher mind is directing the healing.

The results do not depend on Dana's experience. The process works by itself. It can be done from the comfort of your home or over the internet.

It can be done in groups where you don’t have to share again, you can keep your privacy and still get great results. The processing is often short.

You don’t have to remember any of the traumatic experiences for they can be healed without revisiting it all in great detail. You simply observe your mind and body shift. It feels magical and empowering to know that you can heal yourself.

The results are long-lasting. Once cleared the memories are rewired and it is permanent.

Is it like hypnosis?

It is not hypnosis, as there is no hypnotic state inducement. You remain totally awake and aware… and you are totally in control of the entire session. Dana is simply working in alignment with your inner wisdom.

Also, Dana's role is not to influence the healing one way or another. MAP simply unleashes the brain’s ability to rewire and upgrade itself. It is a very respectful process. There is not insertion of any kind.

How does it compare to other modalities?

Is it like NLP? The MAP Method doesn't require you to follow instructions, visualize or imagine anything or take any actions to get the results. Dana simply gives an instruction and you observe the changes. For this reason, the MAP Method is usually much faster and easier on you and the practitioner.

Is it like EFT? When you work with the MAP Method, you don't have to tap, or talk about the details of a traumatic event, or even remember the event. You can see it as your subconscious mind doing the tapping. In MAP we ask the brain/mind to remember the origin of the event in any timeline.

Is it like EMDR? While EMDR is focused more specifically on trauma and often brings strong emotional reactions, MAP is usually very gentle. An emotion might last 3-5 minutes but is followed by a great sense of peace. The MAP Method does not require eye movement to rewire the brain.

Is it like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? Unlike many modalities, you don't have to be actively participating and making conscious choices. The unconscious mind is many times faster than the conscious mind. The MAP Method leverages that ability of the unconscious mind to create change more quickly than you or I can on our own.

What other skills does Dana bring to the session?

Dana is a trained and certified MAP practitioner but she is also a professional intuitive. She brings her many years as a messenger for spirit guides, ancestors and angels to every session. Your spirit guides, angels or ancestors might not show up during a session but if they do, don't be surprised if they step in and give you a message or ask you to MAP something you hadn't even realized needed your attention. They see things we don't always see.

Dana is also trauma-informed. She has taken Somatic Mentoring with Patti Elledge and explored secure attachment in Carmen Spagnola's "Secure: The Magical Art and Subtle Science of Attachment in Adult Relationships".

The modalities she loves blending with the MAP Method the most are the Internal Family Systems model and ancient astrology. She is currently studying ancient astrology with Kelly Surtees and is a member of the IFS Online Circle: Foundations of the IFS Model.

If you would like to try the MAP Method for yourself, I’d love for you to explore the services I created for you. You can try the MAP Method by booking an Intuitive Support session here.

Dana has also created a series of recordings that rewire your brain with the MAP Method in rhythm with the seasons and lunar cycles. That collection is called The Moon Mapping Year and you can learn more about that here.

Dana also works with the MAP Method when you Reach Your Goals with the Moon and Your Art Journal. You can read more about that program here.