Reach Your Goals with the Moon


Do you dream of publishing a book, running your own business, standing up for the social changes you want to see in the world, being a better parent, earning money doing what you love, living with more adventure, experiencing deep and meaningful love or finally emerging in the world as your full self?

We all have BIG dreams and important changes we want to make in our lives.

If those changes happened, how would you feel?

Perhaps you’d feel like you finally did it and BIG changes in your life are possible!

You might even celebrate with a glass of champagne, or in my case, a new journal and a set of handmade watercolors (yum yum). You’d know that its okay to want what you want, there are no rules because you make the rules and you already are everything you need to be.

But maybe right now you feel stuck.

You want to move forward and see results but it seems like you only ever get so far or reach so high. You allow other things to get in the way and your goals never seem to come first or you’re scattered and the results you want to see just aren’t happening. You wonder if maybe what you want isn’t meant for you because when you try to step towards it there’s some sort of pushback or like there’s an invisible wall you can’t move past.

Hi. I’m Dana.

I know what it’s like to have BIG goals and dreams (I’m definitely a dreamer) but feel so far removed from them. I had money goals and health goals I couldn’t seem to achieve no matter what I did. I watched people around me reach their goals so much more quickly than I did. It was hard to believe in myself because my way of doing things was so different. I wondered if maybe I was too sensitive. Why couldn’t I just plough through my obstacles like other people? Maybe I was cursed. Why weren’t things going my way? I judged myself. I should be a lot further ahead than I was and I felt like I could never get beyond a certain point. All the same stuff kept blocking me and I couldn’t get past it.

It has taken me years to reach my goals because I judged myself for what I wanted and I didn’t know what MY WAY of reaching my goals looked like. Plus, I was riddled with inner parts who did not trust me and felt way too scared to allow me to lead the way.

It wasn’t until I started working with moon magic and the power of my subconscious mind that I finally started to reach my goals. My life began to reflect who I really am, what I truly want and all the wonderful things I’m actually capable of achieving.

Would you like to work with moon magic and the power of your subconscious mind too?

Book a free MAP Your Birth Moon Session

We’ll clarify your goal, consult your birth moon and understand how it helps or hinder you and your goals and work with the MAP Method to rewire your brain and tend to an inner part that is not yet aligned with your goal.

After the MAP Your Birth Moon Session, you’ll learn there are two ways you can work with me further.

  1. Work with me privately one-on-one where I lead you through the steps of my Moon Magic Method until you reach your goal.
  2. Join the Moon Mapping Year where you listen to recordings that work with the MAP Method in alignment with natural and lunar cycles to reach your goal.

You might like both options or just one or find neither are right for you.

Either way, after your complimentary MAP Your Birth Moon Session, you’ll feel clearer about your goal, understand how your birth moon might help or hinder you and experience how simple and effective the MAP Method is.

A couple things you should know about me…

But not the kind of magic that says your dreams will come true when you stay positive or you must live in a state of perpetual gratitude or you must learn the correct magical steps to take and the accurate time to take them or you’re doing it wrong.

My kind of moon magic is a lot messier than that. It’s personal, unique to YOU and colorfully creative. It is also attuned to and respectful of your wounded inner parts.

That’s because I believe BIG magic happens when you are honest with yourself and you don’t judge yourself for wanting what you want. I also believe you reach your goals when you trust YOUR way of doing things and you honor your body’s timing and pacing. Deep feelers often don’t go at the same pace as the people around them and things start to fall into place when you trust YOUR path and YOUR pace.

I also believe BIG magic happens when your wounded inner parts finally feel safe enough to let you lead the way. We all have wounded inner parts. They are living memories inside us that were not cared for in the way they needed to be cared for at the time they were created. They can be ancestral parts that have been carried through generations. They can be parts that carry memories from another lifetime or they can be childhood parts that are still hurt, afraid or lost in some way.

Most magical systems or paths to manifesting ignore your inner parts which I think is cruel and dangerous. It causes more damage to your body when you ignore or try to bypass your inner parts – plus it doesn’t work. Until your inner parts feel seen or heard, they will be afraid of the goals you are trying to reach and they will not trust you to lead them.

When your inner parts don’t trust you to lead them, they take over and it can look like overthinking, spinning your wheels, mindset blocks, escaping into destructive behaviors, procrastinating, anxiety, a loss of motivation, fear, self-sabotage, a harsh and relentless inner critic or simply living with the feeling that, try as hard as you might, no matter what you do, you bump up against a brick wall.

When you trust your path, believe in your way of doing things AND your inner parts have been lovingly tended to they so feel safe enough to let you lead the way, there’s nothing left to hold you back. You are clear and ready to reach your goals.

You become unstoppable!

That’s why I support you to reach your goals with Dana’s Moon Magic Method. (I know. My name should start with an “M” so I can take my cheesy alliteration all the way.)

When you work with me, I guide you step-by-step to reach your goals with the same magical steps I use to reach my goals.

Set a clear goal

It all starts with an intention that is aligned with your true self. I help you refine your goal and make sure it is as clear and specific as possible and we ensure it is aligned with your authentic self.

Consult your birth moon

We look at your personal astrology and in particular the condition the moon was in at the moment of your birth and what it says about you, your goals, the barriers and obstacles you might face, the inner parts that need to be tended to before they can get on board with your goal and the natural gifts and strengths you can draw on to reach your goal.

Tend to Your Inner Parts

The fastest, most gentle and efficient way I know how to do this is to work with the MAP Method. The MAP Method teaches your subconscious mind how to gently and lovingly tend to your inner parts for you. This way you don’t have to painstakingly tend to each and every one of your scared or wounded inner parts individually. Your subconscious mind is much more efficient at doing this for you but it needs to be shown how to do it. You need to give it proper instructions. Once you do, your subconscious mind is able to do so much of the inner work for you. It’s truly groundbreaking neuroscience but I like to think of it as magnificent mind magic.

Perform a Moon Ritual

Don’t worry. If you’ve never performed a moon ritual before, I teach you the way I use simple moon rituals to reach my goals. Every new and full moon, you’ll be assigned a simple moon ritual to perform that is centered around the goal you want to reach. Each moon ritual will help you move and shift your energy so you’re more aligned with the goal you’re trying to reach and it will call in support from the realms of spirit to help you reach your goal. Trying to reach your goal without the support from your spirit guides and angels is like carrying a big boulder up a mountain on your own. Why go it alone when you have a divine team wanting to support you?

Assess the Results

During the waning moon phases, we assess your results. What changes have you noticed? How are you feeling about your goal? Which inner parts still need to be tended to? Does your goal need to be tweaked or changed?

Repeat the Cycle

Based on your assessment, I help you realign with your goal then we consult the moon once again, tend to the inner parts that have now surfaced and create the next moon ritual for you to perform.

We cycle through these steps until you reach your goal or until you feel you are ready to go it on your own.

It doesn’t matter what kind of goal you’re trying to reach.

I’ve helped people grow their business, live in more flow, find their calling, parent their children in a more peaceful way, strengthen their marriage, manage chronic illness, trust their intuition, set healthy boundaries, live with less anxiety, earn more money, advance in their careers, write their book, love their body and feel more confident to name a few. You bring the goal and I’ll bring the moon magic.

I think you’ll love working with me if…

  • you enjoy working with someone who allows the spirit guides and angels to chime in and guide us along the way. I open each session with an invitation to your spirit guides and angels and I will sometimes hear, sense of feel a spirit guide or angel who wants to share some guidance with us. I like to hand things over to spirit when this happens then return to our agenda once we’ve listened to what they had to say or followed their guidance.
  • you’re open to performing simple moon rituals even if you’ve never done so before. Don’t worry, I will guide you through every step and make it as simple as possible.
  • you’re looking for creative, magical, intuitive and spiritual ways to reach your goals.

I don’t think we’re a great fit if…

  • you’re feeling desperate and you want a quick solution. Reaching your big important goals takes time, especially when you’re like me and you have a lot of inner parts that need tending to. I work best with people who trust that even though their path to reaching their goals might take longer than they want it to in the end, it will be worth it because not only will they reach their goal, but the path they walked to get there helped them be in a much healthier relationship with themselves.
  • you believe someone else has the answers you’re looking for. I believe YOU have the answers you’re looking for. My job, as I see it, is to help you find and trust your way of reaching your goals.

Wondering if reaching your goals with the moon is for you?

Book a free Consult Your Birth Moon Session

We’ll go through the first three steps together.

We’ll clarify your goal, consult your birth moon and work with the MAP Method to rewire your brain and tend to an inner part that is not yet aligned with your goal.

Let’s Get Started


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