Oriana’s Moonside Companion

Every month I share beautiful, hand drawn worksheets that help you work with the energy of the full and new moons.

These creative pages help you influence the changes you want to see in your life and help you deepen your connection to nature, Spirit and your own feminine mysteries. They help you align with the magic of the moon and navigate your emotional and spiritual landscape so you can be the kind of healer, witch, artist or parent you want to be.

When you subscribe to receive your free creative journal pages every month, it gives you the gift of a regular magical practice of tending to the emotional and spiritual well-being of your own heart and Spirit and the precious hearts of the people you love – all while coloring, doodling and writing.

My hope is that these pages teach you what the different cycles of the moon and nature are helpful for while giving you simple, easy to follow pages that lead you on a magical journey. They can become part of the rituals you already enjoy or stand alone and be enjoyed on their own.

Another reason I created these pages is because, in my Intuitive Therapy practice, I see how our busy lives and responsibilities often rob us of very important opportunities to tune into to each other and our own hearts and Spirits. Without a regular practice, such as the ones provided in the creative worksheets I share every month, emotional needs are neglected, energy becomes depleted, tension in relationships rise and it becomes difficult knowing what you need or how to fix the problems that arise in your life, business or relationships.

If you enjoy the hand-drawn new and full moon journal pages, then you may also enjoy the weekly group Moon Mapping sessions where I help empaths and highly sensitive people align to the energy of this week’s moon and allow Spirit and our subconscious minds to emotionally and energetically prepare us for the week ahead. You can learn more about those here.

As the year progresses, you will enjoy creative pages that:

  • help you use the energy of the new and full moon phases
  • take you on a journey to experience a deeper connection with Spirit
  • teach you how to use all the moon phases to reach your goals
  • help you celebrate witchy holidays and seasons (especially those centered around the wheel of the year)
  • invite you to tune into your heart and what it needs
  • support you in creating family harmony or business success
  • inspire and motivate you to move forward with your BIG dreams

Each moon page is hand drawn in black ink which makes it easy and convenient to print and enjoy! Subscribe now to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the beautiful pages I want to share with you.

If I haven’t covered your particular question, don’t hesitate to email me.



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