Dana’s Creative Moon Cycle Guide

Learn how to use an entire moon cycle – from new moon to balsamic moon – to heal your emotional wounds or practice magic in your art journal and create the changes you want to see in your life.

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Don’t worry! If you don’t have an art journal yet, pull out some paper and pencil crayons and you’ll do just fine or, if you prefer writing, pull out your notebook and follow along that way. There are no rules here.

This magical guide helps you create the changes you want to see in your life and deepens your connection to nature, your spirit guides and angels and your own intuitive and creative gifts. It uses your art journal to align you with the magic of the moon and helps you navigate your emotional and spiritual landscape so you can be the kind of healer, witch, artist, parent or entrepreneur you want to be.

There’s no better way to use your art journal to align with the magic of the moon and navigate your emotional and spiritual landscape.

Hi. My name is Dana da Ponte and I created these pages because, in my Intuitive Therapy practice, I see how our busy lives and responsibilities often rob us of important opportunities to tune into nature, each other and our own hearts and spirits.

Without a regular practice, such as the ones provided in this Creative Moon Cycle Guide, emotional needs are neglected, energy becomes depleted, tension in relationships rise and it becomes difficult knowing what you need or how to fix the problems that arise in your life, business or relationships.

As you might have guessed, I call myself a witch but I wield a paintbrush instead of a wand. I grind plant medicine into my paints and pool pretty watercolors in my moon water. I use colors and symbols to invoke the directions and I paint images of crystals and animals to call their magic onto the page.

If this sounds like fun to you, I’d love for you to join me.

When you follow along with me, you receive the gift of a regular magical practice of tending to the emotional and spiritual well-being of your own heart and spirit and the precious hearts and spirits of the people you love – all while coloring, doodling and writing in your art journal.

My hope is that these pages show you how the cycles of the moon and the rhythms of nature are helpful for your nervous system and your abilities to manifest.

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When you use your Creative Moon Cycle Guide and start art journaling with the moon, you will:

  • learn how to use the energy of the new and full moon phases to help you heal and manifest
  • experience a deeper connection with Spirit
  • learn how to use all the moon phases to reach your goals
  • align with natural rhythms and celebrate nature-based holidays and seasons (especially those centered around the Wheel of the Year)
  • tune into your heart and hear what it needs
  • create harmony and success in your personal or business life
  • feel inspired and motivated to move forward with your BIG dreams

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