Conversations with Dana

Enjoy these podcast episodes where Dana sits with fellow witches and discusses all things moon, art, healing and magic.

The Numinous Podcast

The Numinous Podcast is a show about intuition, spirituality and the mystery of life. The host, Carmen Spagnola, is an intersectional witch and clinical hypnotherapist who has smart, soulful conversations with interesting people. The lineup is diverse, the topics are eclectic, and the people are down-to-earth (mostly).

Dana sits with Carmen and shares more about the intersection of creativity, the moon, the subconscious mind, the body, disability (Dana has Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and POTS), and art.

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The Secret Witch Show

This show, hosted by Nicole Barton, provides a safe and alchemical altar space of conversations which help powerful women escape half-hearted, mundane lives and rediscover the freedom of becoming their unapologetically magical selves.

In today’s episode we explore the role of trauma and shadow in highly sensitive magical women, and how we can heal and fully express who we are. We dived into how deep shadow work is the way to self-healing, and how magic can help us to heal and discover our gifts.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Being Highly Sensitive as a Witch is a gift - which isn’t how most people hold it - it gives you access to invisible realms, and fine attunement to parts of our experience that not everyone can sense

  • And, it doesn’t always feel like a gift - and it’s important to be with that, as part of the journey - as part of healing - to feel what wants to be felt

  • Our shadow is the young parts of us that want to get into the driver’s seat, when spirit should be driving - they are the parts looking for whatever is dangerous and unsafe, and which try and stop us from shining

  • Being in a trauma response can feel frustrating but the more we deal with our trauma and work with these parts to learn why they are scared, and let them know it is safe, the more we can actually feel and live in our bodies - and be with our spirit and embody what we are actually here for

  • When we love and accept ourselves as we are, alternative solutions pop up - creative ways of getting to the same destination, but maybe not in the way we saw

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About Dana...

Dana da Ponte is a professional intuitive and certified MAP practitioner who helps highly sensitive people manage their sensitivities and enjoy the superpowers that come with them. She believes healing trauma is important if you want to work your magic from a clear place.

She’s also an art witch who believes you can cast spells with your paintbrush, and you don’t have to be serious to work your magic. You’re allowed to play because YOUR IMAGINATION IS MAGIC! It’s okay if you secretly feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re allowed to make believe then watch what happens.

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