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Moon Mapping Collection

Here you will find recordings that work with the MAP Method to rewire your brain in rhythm with lunar cycles and natural rhythms.

Prepare for 2023

Moon Mapping Special Episode – Energetically and Emotionally Preparing for 2023

Work with the MAP Method and your subconscious mind to energetically and emotionally prepare for the challenges and open to...

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2024 Moon Magic for Entrepreneurs

Moon Magic for Entrepreneurs

Learn how to use the moon to help you achieve your business goals and receive messages from Spirit about your...


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Here you will find paintings that work with lunar magic to help you reach your goals or paintings that celebrate lunar myths and archetypes. Click on a painting to see the full image.


Focus on Your Goal with Signature

Focus on Your Goal

"Focus on Your Goal" was created in the energy of a summer new moon. It holds intention of focusing your...

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Great Mother with signature

The Great Mother

"The Great Mother" was created in the energy of a spring waxing moon. It holds intention of helping you feel...

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May 3 2022

Grow Your Audience

"Grow Your Audience" was created in the energy of a spring new moon. It holds intentions of spreading your message...

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She Weilds Her Magic with watermark

She Wields Her Magic

This is a print of an acrylic painting capturing the intention of believing in your own magic. The woman in...

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Connected with watermark

She is Connected

This is a print of a mixed media painting depicting a mother holding her baby. Their spirits are connected as...

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Rose 6 with watermark

Rose in Hands

Rose in Hands is available as an 8 x 8 print.

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Forgive Yourself with Watermark

Forgive Yourself

$55.00 CAD

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