Focus on Your Goal

$55.00 CAD

Focus on Your Goal

High Quality Print

Personally signed

8 x 8

A written description of the magical symbolism of the painting will be included.

Prints are signed, sealed in bag and shipped in sturdy mailer with DO NOT BEND shipping sticker.

The large signature logo will not appear on the print you receive.

“Focus on Your Goal” was created in the energy of a summer new moon. It holds intention of focusing your energy and magic on a dream and goal that is most important to you.  When you receive it, hold it in your hands and focus on your dream or goal while you look at the spider to infuse the painting with intention. You might even want to whisper your dream or goal to the spider.

This painting represents a call to the Universe to help you focus on the goal or dream that is most important to you right now. If you are like me and are a creative or intuitive spirit, you know how hard this can be. We get easily distracted. We make choices that work against our spirit’s calling and we often carry inner parts that are not ready or afraid to go in the direction our spirit wants to go so we self-sabotage or procrastinate or lose motivation. Every time you look at this painting, it will speak to your subconscious of focus, commitment and determination.

The sacred imagery includes the magic of basil. Basil is ruled by the zodiac sign of Cancer so it has affinity to the moon. It’s magical properties include love, prosperity and protection. Basil clears mental fog, improves focus and settles anxiety – all things that help you stay centered on what is truly important to you.

The sacred imagery in this art spell painting also includes thyme weaved in among the basil. Thyme brings the blessings of courage and energy – a couple qualities your precious dream or goal deserves. Thyme is associated with the planet Venus so brings in all that planet’s lovely beauty, lovely and goodness to your journey of reaching your goals and dreams.

The final sacred imagery in this art spell is the spider and her web. Spider reminds you that every little step you take today towards your dream or goal is weaving itself into your future. It’s also a reminder that you have the power to take what you’ve learned from the past to create the changes you want to see in your life. You are a creator.

In the painting, the spider’s web is built upon the leaves of the basil and thyme which weaves the magic all together. All points of the web converge at the center to remind you that instead of being scattered or moving in multiple directions, focus your creative energy on that one goal or dream that is most important to you right now and as you focus, the magic of spider will help protect your dream or goal.