She Wields Her Magic

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She Wields Her Magic and the angels celebrate her. Scroll down for more description of this painting’s symbolism.

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This is a print of an acrylic painting capturing the intention of believing in your own magic. The woman in the painting is holding the book of her destiny as the magic she has written on its pages spills out into the Universe. Her Spirit Guides and angels fly beside her celebrating her courage and wisdom. Our angels and Spirit Guides want to see us own our magic and this painting reminds us they are there every step of the way to celebrate and guide us.

I created this painting at a time in my life when I was ready to own and celebrate the unique magic I bring into this world. My Spirit came here to share her magic and the more I trust myself, believe in my abilities and surrender, the more powerful my magic becomes. This painting would be beautiful sitting on the altar of any other woman who is also ready to believe in herself and step into her magic.